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Kelly C.

United States

E365 Runner Up
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Florida storm in United States

6 days ago

Prayers for Floridians' safety, prayers that the storm will turn and not hit land!
I hope all stay safe and warm!
Keeping Prayers going up and with God's Hand, who shall guide it away from Florida!

God Bless All

Kelly, STL

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Leave of absence in Miscellaneous

14 days ago

Lesley B., and Sherry C.,

Saying Goodbye, sounds so final, how about until another day, maybe our paths will cross again! Best Wishes to you both on your unknown journey's away from SFI, hopefully, careers and health are great for you, Both!

When you set back and read this, know you are a part of a growing International Family! You will be missed, both for input and support, by each of your Teams!

Taking with you, a part of US! May you be Blessed each and every day!

Kelly C., BTL

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How is my bank account going to be credited from purchases? in Getting Started #Compensation #ECA #TripleClicks

15 days ago

Good Morning Ngbo A.,

Please no worries about payments, because you have just started, sometimes it can take a month or more to earn a small amount of money, to get paid!

It took me 4 months to earn a little cash, but I didn't give up, neither should you!

Good luck, and have a great day!

Kelly C., STL

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TripleClicks is Our Store Support it the best you can. in ECA Program #Compensation #ECA #TripleClicks

16 days ago


I understand your dilemma, if you can't make a decent living, because of shipping to the United States, costs more than the order being shipped! It really isn't worth your time, but with Tripleclicks Store, could you not send a large shipment to Tripleclicks Store? With a Large variety, of your store items, and only pay a shipping cost once, then have Tripleclicks ship out individual items ordered by customers or members alike? Could that be a possibility? Just a thought of maybe a fixable situation!

kelly, BTL

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What has happened my winning on the pricebender auction? in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #PSA

22 days ago


Have you checked your Genealogy Page for the Psa's? Check from the date you won the auction to 5 days after.

If you haven't found them blended in at the end of your Psa's, submit a support ticket!

Good luck, they will appear to you soon!

Kelly C., BTL

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How to quit playing in the Hidden game? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

24 days ago

Good Evening, Morgan U.,

Have you been penalized as in losing points for the wrong guess? That is my quandary, I have lost 50 points for wrong answers. But after 10 games the point system is a little I think, but with it still in Beta Testing; we will have to see, what comes about!

Good Luck,

Kelly, BTL

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Scam or not in Getting Started #Getting Started #PSA #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Good Evening, Norman,

I have not heard anything about this before now, surprising as that may be! LOL!

I think you are very wise, as to notBUY, into the possibilities of it being a scam!

Being a victim of a scam artist, I myself lost almost $6000.00, first of last year and it has ruined a lot of lives.

PLEASE, Everyone be cautious, you can get taken very easily and quickly!

Kudos, to you, Norman, better safe than sorry!

Kelly Cash BTL

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How to fulfill our dreams in Getting Started #Contests #Localvantia #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Good Afternoon, Tshering,

I have 2 different, but alike sayings on the ways, around my work area!

I believe it takes, Faith in yourself, to accomplish anything, you set out to do. Faith in God!

Take a leap of Faith, that you have picked the right path to success.

On my walls, it says: " Dream BIG! & Never Give Up On Your Dreams. "

Good luck,

Kelly Cash BTL

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Thank You everyone in Recognition #E365

about 1 month ago

Good Evening, AL!

I would like to say, Happy Anniversary & Congratulations!

An amazing year has flown by, to find out that you are Number 1, in your class! I believe that is a job well done! The second year, gets better and more amazing things will be happening and changing!

Good luck with your future endeavours!

Kelly Cash

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New To SFI In Ohio in United States #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Welcome, Dr. Robinson,

Hello from neighboring state of Indiana!

No, SFI, is not a get rich fast scheme! Building a team, with the idea of working together and following a plan of step by step ideas, you and your team, will come out ahead.

Good luck and much success to you!

Kelly C.

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A Friendly Warning To All Safelist Users in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Awesome Information Needed To Know, Thank You, Pete!

I haven't heard anything about this scam! But, I also know that the scammers can also get to you mobile devices, also!

So, if you are using a Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone, it is extremely important to use a virus scanner, especially if you use more then one Internet Provider Address (IP) or someone Mobile Hotspot hook-up!

It's important that you leave your Wi-Fi off of continuously scanning or searching for Network!

PLEASE be Diligent!

Thank You again,

Kelly C, BTL

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In it to WIN IT!!! in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TCredits

about 1 month ago

Awesome Job, Jackie Foster,

Really an outstanding Job!
I believe that you also won, The Stream Page Contest!
Absolutely outstanding job, there also!

By the way, my maiden name is Foster!

Have a great day~

Kelly Foster~Cash, BTL

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Tips for new EA in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Keshav S.,

My best advice is to do the Launch Pad Lessons and collect Versa Points on each page.
www.sfimg.com/Training/LaunchPad and
Do the Internet Income Courses

Have fun with it!

Kelly C., BTL

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I'm here to tell you that not everyone cuts it and why! in Getting Started #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Remarkable and Outstanding, Johnny & Christine,

Absolutely the most outlined presentation of what should be followed by all Affiliate's, in our business of Marketing!

Detailed information on how to do Advertising and promotion of products!

Awesome attention to the details.

Thanks for your time, in this informative post!

Kelly Cash BTL

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please pray for us in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

Subhash P.

Sending prayers for you and your family and Community!

Glory to God

Our Lord and God!
You are worthy to receive glory,
Honour and power.
For you created all things,
And by your will they were given existence and life.

Revelations 4:11

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I Copy And Paste My SFI Ads Directly From My Gmail Account... in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

2 months ago

Dear Tommie K,

Do you have any trouble with Google kicking out your ads as SPAM?

I have noticed a few different sites do that, especially first time ads!

By the way, ad credits do add up quickly!

Thank you for posting this informative post!

Kelly C.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Kamaljitsingh Saini! in Recognition

2 months ago

Congratulations, What An Awesome Accomplishment!

Completely amazing and so unexpected. You have done great work and today, is the payoff for all the hours invested.

Have an awesome time, enjoy the Success and may Growth and advancement, follow you!

Kelly Cash BTL

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Lunar eclipse! in Just For Fun #Contests #Leadership

3 months ago

Good Morning, Nouta,

I am with you, I was looking also, for a glimpse, of the Blood Moon and the Total Lunar Eclipse, but with cloudy skies and overcast, we unfortunately couldn't view here, from the central Indiana, USA location, where I am located. It was supposed to be the longest eclipse, of the Century!

We should have another look, at this phenomenon coming, soon! I have heard, some are saying, in January 21, 2019! It will be a Total Lunar Eclipse, the Moon may have a red glow then!

I can't wait until we get to see the Partial Solar Eclipse, it's on August 11, 2018!

Happy Sky Watching, Everyone!

Kelly, BTL

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posts with links included in Getting Started

3 months ago

Good Afternoon, John,

I believe that we all know where the Address Bar is ! Where you type the link to where you want to travel via internet connection!

The address is also called a Link. If you find a link to an area that you might want to share later. You can copy and paste later or you can bookmark it or you can do it the old school way, write it in a tablet for future reference.

Example: www.sfimg.com/forum/post?thread_id=128753&reply_to=1474210
This is copy and paste link which will bring anyone straight to: my post onto your thread.

I hope this was informative and helpful in understanding posting links.

Kelly, BTL

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All Team in United States #Rewardical #TCredits #VersaPoints

3 months ago

Great Morning! Wonderful weekend!

We finally are getting some rain showers! We absolutely, had to cool down! The most hot summer days, in a row! I believe it was a New Record! From July 1- July 21, we had 20 days straight, in the 90° or higher plus heat index.

Everyone slept like babies, listening to the rain drops, as they were hitting, the hot tin roof!

It's now after noon, I had to grab a shawl, to throw over my arms! It hasn't gotten over 70° Today!

Time for an afternoon Siesta!

Best weekend, yet!

Kelly, BTL

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SFI Will Get You Talking To Yourself - Yes, You!!! in Marketing #Marketing

3 months ago

Mr. Bruce,

What a Great post! I think that having conversations, with oneself, is also a sign of very high intelligence and, it confuses others, that may walk in on you, thinking somebody else is with you.

I, myself have some of the most intelligent and knowledgeable talks with myself. Analyzing situations, with myself gets sometimes very in depth and a rewarding experience, a lot of the time.

But, have fun with it! As mentioned above, when someone walks up on me, out of nowhere. I intentionally, will be laughing and joking around, I call my other me, Cybil! I'll sometimes ask Cybil, what she thinks, if she thinks something funny and I'll even ask myself, where she went! LOL

Have fun with talking with yourself, you never know, who may be eavesdropping, also!

Analyzing and strategizing, is when I am setting things up, for the day or week, it can also be calming, and keeps me on task.

Have an awesome day everyone!

Kelly, BTL

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Deleted thread in Compensation

3 months ago

Same here, My threads or questions keep getting deleted also, no explanation just it will hurt rep

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Get your FIRST 5000 Astro Auction badge! in SFI News #Contests

3 months ago

I think reserving judgement on the Astro Auction, is best! I love the set up, and I received my First Badge,!

The Boarding, Fueling and Launching, is vqery unique! I believe this will weather great, in the long haul, again I say Kudos, for an awesome and interesting way, to view an Auction into a short and understanding platform.

Please don't take my joking or saying LOL,(stands for Laughing Out Loud) the wrong way. Mr. Gery, I really was just trying to add some extra humour and lessen tension.

May I apologize, for an early if I made it appear, as being snide. Please Mr Gery, I really didn't mean anything by it, I also want to say, if we can't joke around a little bit, life's going to be short! I really thought that you would have liked my references to the Rocket!

Good luck,

Kelly, BTL

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Everyone who Entered "10" in Yesterdays Biz Quiz should... in Suggestion Box #TCredits

3 months ago


Well, I would have to say, I had also entered 10first!

So, I read and reread the question, until I could completely understand what was being asked!

The keywords were Up To!

Once I got the keywords in my mind, and then read it again. I finally got the correct answer of 20!

The question made perfect sense, then!

Sometimes, if you read the questions, too fast, keywords pertaining to the question, can obviously be hidden, in plain sight.

So, sometimes, after reading, on My PC monitor or phone screen, I sometimes want to rest my eyes, because they are tired, anyway!

Because, if you don't see the keywords, which I sometimes have to go and step away, go put some eye drops in, I use my allergy relief or artificial tears, it really does, it helps to refresh your peepers! 🤓👀👁️👁️‍🗨️

Kelly, BTL