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Kelly C.

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Can one complete get to EA within a week? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #VersaPoints

1 day ago

Hello, Faith,

You joined on the 12th of May, you have until 22nd to purchase New Member Package! That has to be done with in 10 days. You can find it at tripleclicks.com Store, set up automatic delivery. That should Automatically come Rewardical Tokens, TCredits and6 I am pretty sure it's says 1500 Versa Points .. Good Luck, you too!

Kelly, BTL

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Avoid Overloading on support staff. in Miscellaneous

3 days ago

Skumar, Good Morning!

I must admit, seeing I have a sponsor that is detached from the communication area, I am guilty of sending maybe a few, I probably would have found answers to but was a bit ignorant, on the whole system.

On the other hand, I feel like that with over 8 million Affiliate's, 800 Support Tickets, should have been a drop in the bucket. That is a problem, about 1 in 10 thousand Affiliate's, might or might not!

I feel like, if we aren't communicating with the Forum or Submitting a ticket, we would not know if other's are having the same problems or if it's been reported yet! Just my opinion!

Sincerely, have a Great Day

Kelly, BTL

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Digital Marketer Strategies in Marketing #Marketing

4 days ago


Good Afternoon, Ahmad!

The diagram is a great way to show everyone, what all Affiliate's should be working towards!

Could you possibly elaborate on each step, as to what you can accomplish and what the end result should be?

Some of the goals, may be different for some Affiliate's! I have still a lot of Learning about these steps, that you have presented here!

Thank you, for your presentation!

Kelly, BTL

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Over 25 Wins, Grandmaster Poker Daily Challenge, no Bronze Trim in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

9 days ago

Yes, Stephen, I did before I posted on it, in the Thread. I am sure other's have noticed but haven't spoken up. I really appreciate your thoughts and suggestion. I'm glad that I am not the only one.

I hope you have a great evening, sir.


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Over 25 Wins, Grandmaster Poker Daily Challenge, no Bronze Trim in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

9 days ago

Robert, sorry part of my post got inside of your quote, tried to edit, it wouldn't let me, said "permission error"!

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New Zackjack & Poker Community Challenges debut in SFI News #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

10 days ago

Good Evening, Everyone,

As I was reading through the posts of many Affiliate's, I have noticed that almost all of you seem to think that the New Daily and Weekly Challenge games for Grandmaster Poker and ZackJack, are Free!

Only if, you use the 1 FREE move and 2 FREE burn Cards! After the used 3 FREE moves, each and every consecutive move, there after, will and do cost TCREDITS!

Please, be informative with correct information.

No where have I seen Published or Posted, that there is a new ability to cheat in these games. Which I also seen in this Forum!

How would that even be possible? That just boggles my mind! The fact, that anyone, associated with The Zing Network, would possibly even consider cheating, to any degree.

I pray that if anyone is cheating, in any shape or form, whether it be even possible, in the games or whatever area of The Zing Network, that whomever, is caught quickly!

Just some thoughts for the evening, have a blessed night and Tomorrow, a HAPPY Mother's Day, to all the Mother's, within The Zing Network.

Good Evening,

Kelly, BTL, Advertising & Marketing Affiliate/The Zing Network, CEO~Kelly C'S Collections

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Over 25 Wins, Grandmaster Poker Daily Challenge, no Bronze Trim in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

10 days ago

Good Day, Everyone!

My question is, Has anyone else noticed if they have won more than 25 times, in the Grandmaster Poker Daily Challenge?

I have submitted a ticket, already!

I have also noticed, there are no points associated with these badges!

So, why waste TCREDITS, if these new games have no point values and cannot help with the Badge Quest Contest? I am wondering, is this going to benefits the player's (Affiliate's) or just a ruse to spend TCREDITS and make Affiliate's have to purchase more TCredits?

Inquiring minds want to know, is it possible that the Technical TEAM, might have forgotten the Point Value's for the Daily & Weekly Challenge BADGES?

Waiting patiently for an incentive to continue playing these new games!

Kelly, BTL, Advertising and Marketing Affiliate of The Zing Network and CEO~Kelly C'S Collections

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T-time game to be change to rewardical game in Suggestion Box

10 days ago

Good morning, Chinelo,

T-TIME contest is for winning only 2 TCREDITS, for the Affiliates that enter it. It's the only Contest, that has Winner's, hourly, everyday of the week.

Easiest Contest, I have ever entered, no answers needed to questions about The Zing Network or programs within.

Since all other Contests, have been updated to award Rewardical Tokens, I believe that the T-TIME Contest, should remain the same as it is!

Kelly, BTL, Advertising and Marketing Affiliate of The Zing Network, CEO~Kelly C'S Collections

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ECA no longer around in Ask Gery #ECA #Rewardical #Sales

13 days ago


Good morning, to you!

My own experience with ECA'S, I wasn't sure, if I was going to receive my orders! Some took over 30 days, to receive! Other's took over 60 days, to get to me. One order never arrived! It's been over a year now, and the ECA, never returned my money and is no longer an ECA!

My suggestion is to pay close attention to the reviews, of the ECA, that you are planning to order from. I was very new to the whole thing! Now, I pay extremely close attention, to what and who and where. It can be very frustrating, at the least!

Just because of one ECA, I am not going to trust them fully, until I have checked the reviews, of the one's I would like to order from. Though, I have come to realize that, not all Online Business Store's are reputable to do business with.

Be Safe and check reviews, always!

Kelly, Bronze Team Leader, Advertising and Marketing Affiliate of The Zing Network, CEO~Kelly C'S Collections

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Are You Overestmating Or Underestimating? in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started

13 days ago


Good evening! As always, you have posted information that can be used, wisely.

Your wisdom is outstanding. I believe you are wise beyond your years and everyone should listen, when you speak!

I can admit I have underestimated how much time I will need on lots of different things, I have done! Advertising for one, time I have spent in the Forum, also for example! I have also, overestimated time that I would use in writing my weekly newsletter to my Affiliate's! Something I am not good at, at all!

Working on adjusting, the time to spend on each project. I tried scheduling allowed times but I always had to adjust my schedules accordingly! Then, my schedules started looking like chicken scratches, an useless!

I really appreciate you bringing the subject of underestimating and overestimating up.

Have a great night!

Kelly, Bronze Team Leader, Advertising Marketer Affiliate of The Zing Network,

CEO~Kelly C'S Collections

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Worker Under Me in Team Building #CSA #PSA

18 days ago


Good Morning!

Be thankful that you realized all the benefit's that SFI and The Zing Network have to offer you and your business!

When your PSA's and CSA's read how well you are doing, they may awaken to the reality that The Zing Network is global and with free INTERNET Income Courses, is an excellent organization to be affiliating with.

Do like the rest of us, working for yourself and your family, will get their curiosity up and then the nonworking affiliates will begin to see the advantages and begin acting like worker Bee's!

Good luck in your business adventures!

Kelly, SFI, Bronze Team Leader

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Breaks Bring Greater $uccess!!!-YaHoo!!! in Marketing #Marketing

18 days ago

Good Evening, Everyone!

I believe Beauty Rest or the occasionally so-called napping, rests the mind and puts the idea's and thought, our minds have came up with, in an order, that makes perfect sense!

To rest your eyes, also keeps from developing, tired eye syndrome! Staring at a computer screen, uv light, can and will make your eyes water, blink alot and possibly burn your retinas.

So, resting your mind and eyes, can keep them a healthy, as resting the body can.

Happy Napping Time, Everyone,

Kelly, SFI, Bronze Team Leader, CEO~Kelly C`s Collections

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Do Our Beloved Team Members Need a New Name? in Suggestion Box #CSA #PSA

19 days ago

Good Evening, Janet,

I think your thought, is well intended and everyone's answers, so far, are well meaningful!

My thought is that our PSA's and CSA's are really just Affiliate's, until they Collect 1500 Versa Points!

After collecting the 1500 Versa Points, they become EA! Then another 1500 Versa Points, they become Bronze Team Leader's! Etc, etc...

Are Gery and tech support, supposed to change everything, even if it has been working fantastically? I would throw my money at NO!

Not everything that is broken, needs fixed! Let's just say, not worth upsetting the Apple Cart, over!

So, until the PSA's and CSA's become EA's, they are just Affiliate's and nothing more!

Good luck with All Your Business Endeavors,

Kelly, CEO~Kelly C'S Collections, SFI~Bronze Team Leader, Marketing and Advertising Affiliate

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It only took me 2 minutes of my time! in Marketing #Marketing #PSA #Team Building

22 days ago


Good Evening! I have been reading your post, feeling the enthusiasm, that you have put into writing, about your experience.

It has me excited about the possibilities, of everyone, being able to duplicate, these principles and learning each step, to make it happen for whomever, wants to achieve success.

Elated for you, way to go!
Much success to you!

Kelly SFI Bronze Team Leader

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Are You Missing The "EA Boat" On Earning An Income??? in Getting Started #Getting Started

24 days ago


Good Evening, your post is an absolutely wonderful, and informative.

Great job! Our PSA Affiliate's are so lucky to have members such as yourself to be able to learn from.

Again, thanks for all your wisdom and many blessings to you and yours!

Very much appreciative,

Kelly SFI Bronze Team Leader

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How long will it takes for my TC MasterCard card to arrive? in Compensation #TripleClicks

24 days ago


Good Morning, from my experience, I received mine within Twelve Days.

With you being in another country, I would check back with Payoneer, to get an ETA, (estimated time of arrival) with actual date of mailing and their expected delivery date!

Did you ordered rushed delivery or normal delivery time?

Have a great day!

Kelly SFI Bronze Team Leader

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What are some of the ways your sponsor helps you and which one do you value the most? in Miscellaneous

24 days ago

If you have a Great Sponsor, appreciate them. I have a Great Co-Sponsor! I show appreciation for!

I am not sure what my sponsor is doing, but after 16 months, My Sponsor has only been sending me the welcome new Affiliate letter.

My Co-Sponsor, recognizes my accomplishments! Every time!

I think it's time, that if you can't do the job, they should be 🔥!
They should not get and pay or Commissions!

Kelly SFI Bronze Team Leader

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Why does it goes up and down? A possible solution... in Suggestion Box #Rewardical #Team Building

25 days ago

The elevated Badge Quest Points, you will find belong to the person who is ahead of everyone else.

I, myself, questioned the validity, of this same, strange movements, in this contest.

I think, that it is doable! I have been laid up a bit, so it has been a real challenge.

Have a Great Day,

Kelly SFI Bronze Team Leader

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Keep Me in your prayers, Today in Miscellaneous

29 days ago

Good Afternoon, Everyone!

Tomorrow is the day, I get my stitches out from my surgery.

I would like to Thank you all, for the kind words and prayers! So much appreciated and I am grateful for the sweet compassion, that has been shown to me.

Have a great week.

Kelly SFI Bronze Team Leader

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Spelling in Marketing

about 1 month ago


You are so right! Great post!

I am with you, on becoming irritated, with misspelling of common words more!

I think if you practice proofreading, before posting, you can catch 95% of errors!

Become an example and with practiced proofreading, everything gets noticed!

Kelly SFI Bronze Team Leader

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Keep Me in your prayers, Today in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

Good Morning, Everyone!

Update~1 week since surgery.

Still doing great!

Feeling back in parts of my hand. Still no pain, that's not tolerable. The color has came back and my hand feels warmer.

Again I would like to thank everyone for are your prayers and good wishes!

I am so blessed to have you all in my life.

Have a wonderful day!

Kelly, SFI, Bronze Team Leader

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Smart Phone/Cell Phone Training in Suggestion Box #Getting Started #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Wow, I would say that you are going way above and beyond your call of duties.

I have been using my smart cell phone, from the day I started and never watched a YouTube video about anything and at this point, I may check them out, in the near future.

I'm just saying, nobody mentioned these videos, no where that I have looked, has there ever been a listing put on our home page.


Kelly SFI Bronze Team Leader

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Who's won Brain Sprint's Rewardical? in Getting Started #Contests #Eager Zebra #Rewardical

about 1 month ago


Good morning!

I have won this game a few times. For every TCredits, that you have used, you'll receive 10 Rewardical Tokens.

I like the Brain Sprint game! I think that the Zing Network, is really doing a great job. Because of the recently applied changes.

Be patient! Patience, I'm sure you have heard, is a virtue!

Have a Great Week,

Kelly SFI Bronze Team Leader

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Please pray for my husband in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago


I'm sending prayers for the Greatest Healing Physician, Our Lord Jesus Christ please put your hands on this family, heal the husband, give strength and continuing Faith to Our Zing Network member and her Family. In Jesus Christ name, Amen!

I am hoping that everything gets better and keep us updated.

Kelly SFI Bronze Team Leader