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Muhammad L.


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Question by an Affiliate in Bangladesh

11 minutes ago

Question by an Affiliate .
This Plat Form is for what kind of Job ??

MY Answer to your Question :
It is difficult to explain What Plat form is SFI. You are to read few pages to get a little idea, because it is so vast you need years to grab every thing of SFI. However I am giving you few links for your understanding.
Keep it mind that SFI is not like other free Launching JOB.

Read HERE : www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=22668&referrer=search

2. What is SFI's most important tool to use for building a successful business??
Read HERE : www.sfimg.com/Training/AskSCQuestion?id=10007740

3. What Is Success In SFI?
Read HERE : www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=215994&referrer=search

4. Here you can Play & earn.
Go HERE : www.sfimg.com/Home/EagerZebra
5. Finally I would like to say that FOR EARNING ; You are to Learn.

Thanks to my all new friends joining SFI from Bangladesh.
Muhammad Luqman

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Earning is Easy. in Bangladesh

9 hours ago

Hi dear shamsul Alam
You are to study to understand. SFI is not like other free launching job. It is much
above those free launching Job. I have given many links above for your learning to earn
a good income. Now I give you only one link if can learn and can take action on every requirements
there. I am sure you will make 5 figure income in Dollar.
Please go to this link & take action in every line.
Go Here = www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=18240&referrer=search
May I request you to let us know could you learn any thing for earning & are you making earning.
Waiting to see your success.

Muhammad Luqman

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How can i reach to 1500 VP in a month easily? in Southern Asia #VersaPoints

1 day ago

Not only 1500 VP if you wish you can earn 15000 or more.
It is up to you.
You follow this link and work accordingly You will earn very good amount every Month.
Please read in detail & work on this link. Your success is there Insha Allah.
Muhammad Luqman

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Earning is Easy. in Bangladesh

2 days ago

Hi Mr. Mizanur Rahman,
Please follow the following and try to Learn which is Free here. First learn how to Earn. How can you think to get money when you have no knowledge where is the money . SFI kept money inside a big Building Which is written in many web links. We all are trying to follow the route to reach the store. You please try the following

1. First go here & Fill up all. GO HERE.

2. To get started, simply log in at the SFI Affiliate Center start working on the personalized www.sfimg.com/Home?
3. Make your all Red TABs Green by reviewing and confirming at the bottom of the page.
4. Very important Link for you to EARN VP (VERSA POINT).
5. TAB TO-DO in homepage is very Important. Try to follow as instructed there.

6. Go to this link, You will find almost all details how to earn VP (Versa Point).
7. Study Launch Pad, there are 61 Lessons. Try to learn these Lessons. www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/
8. Review all Lessons & for each review you will get 5 VP
9. Remember VPs (Versa Points) are your share in SFI & you will get Commission on the Basis of your VP.
10. Up Load your Photo & get 35 VP
Go Here = www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/MyPhoto
11. Get avatar & get 10 VP.
Go Here = www.tripleclicks.com/myaccount/avatar
Read very seriously and take action. May I request you to tell us did you get some VP which gives you Dollar.
Thanks & waiting to see your success.

Muhammad Luqman.

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Earning is Easy. in Bangladesh

2 days ago

Earning is very easy in SFI. How ?? Go to your SCOREBOARD Tab in your Home page.
Go through every line with link pages you will get an idea how to earn. Take actions as per
directions. You will be successful. Make a team & be a team Leader.
Wish every body Good Luck.
If you can not understand & like to get any clearifications just write here.

Muhammad Luqman

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My deep apology on Forum in Miscellaneous #Compensation

9 days ago

It seems you are very nice soul.
Such people like you gets help from God in every steps.
Whatever Good thing has happened in your life all are done by God.
All bad if any in your life has done by you.
I respect you. Be happy.
Muhammad Luqman,

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ECommerce in Bangladesh

12 days ago

What could be the Mistake ?
Madam Farzana said I did not close the E Commerce or some other directional words
which I could not follow. May I request our Forum Guru to guide me.
Let me clearify my position. Like every month I went to this Link www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=212474
& I Buy 125 TC to get BCQ. After the purchase when get thanks for your order then I go to home page & check my VP & MRP. I saw my VP changed to 2297 & got TC & MRP. All was correct. I slept around 11 - 30 PM our time by giving the last
T-Time entry. All were ok. But in the morning after the prayer I opened the laptop & found the Miracle happened. Now you tell me what was my mistake. What I can think, for easy remembrance I made my pass word of face book & SFI same. Some intelligent thief (Hacker) who may be my FB friend got my pass words. His guess did work & entered to my SFI profile. This could me my mistake.
Now you please tell me & guide me.
With Regards
Muhammad Luqman

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Fraud action in my account. in Ask Gery

12 days ago

Thanks for the reminder. I did cancelled the Auto Delivery of the group purchases
made by some body else.
Thanks with regards.

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Fraud action in my account. in Ask Gery

12 days ago

I did my previous purchased 2 days before. I used to do the same regularly. Routine purchase it do regularly.
I think, I made no mistake in my previous purchase.
With Regards.

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Fraud action in my account. in Ask Gery

12 days ago

How it can Happen ??
Last night I closed my Lap Top after giving the entry of T-Time drawing.
In the morning I become astonished when I saw my VP has become 6686, which was 2297. similarly TC & MRP also increased. Then I checked the mail & saw a group purchases has been done through my Credit Card.
Order Number: 3132953 Order Date/Time: 2017-10-10 1628 . This was not done by me. How it can happen ?? $142.19 has been taken from my Credit Card for purchases of the following items.
S-Builder Co-op Unit
Qty: 1 Price Each/Total: $22.00/$22.00
TCredits - 1
Qty: 1 Price Each/Total: $1.89/$1.89
TCredits - 50 pack
Qty: 1 Price Each/Total: $19.50/$19.50
TCredits - 100 pack
Qty: 1 Price Each/Total: $29.00/$29.00
TCredits - 10 pack
Qty: 1 Price Each/Total: $5.60/$5.60
TCredits - 20 pack
Qty: 1 Price Each/Total: $9.20/$9.20
Builder Bundle (100 TCredits + PSAs, CSAs, and more!)
Qty: 1 Price Each/Total: $55.00/$55.00
GRAND TOTAL: $142.19
Some body has done Fraud.
I requested Support to held up this purchase because I have not given this order.
Can it happen ??

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There are many PSAs & CSAs in my genealogy pages whose sponsor ID is not of mine. in Miscellaneous

17 days ago

Actually I knew all these. I raised this question for our President if he think & can do some modifications or improvement. I am sure he will modify it.
I shall not add any more words about my feelings.
Thanks to all for sharing.

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There are many PSAs & CSAs in my genealogy pages whose sponsor ID is not of mine. in Miscellaneous

18 days ago

There are many PSAs & CSAs in my genealogy pages whose sponsor ID is not of mine.
There is no CSA in my genealogy having my ID as Co Sponsor .
Would you please apprise me, how it can happen.
Thanks to all.

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Instead of blaming others, work yourself in Team Building #Leadership

21 days ago

Hi Mr Atul M,
It is a system in SFI to have Sponsor & Co Sponsor . No doubt the system I unique. I think we are one body.
So sponsor has to support the PSAs &CSAs. It is the system.
You did not try. So you can not blame any body.
Be blessed.

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EA in Bangladesh

26 days ago

Congratulation, Learn more & you will be more happy.
Knowledge is power.

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Giving up in Team Building #PSA

26 days ago

Excellent views.

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How can I earn more income from SFI? in Bangladesh #Getting Started

26 days ago

Hi Madam,
To earn income you are to work. You upload your picture you will get VP(Versa Point). VP is your share in SFI.
You will get Commission in many ways but main is your VP for earning.
In home page below your picture there are many Tabs in Black Strip. Click all these & try to get some idea. Above your picture the is a icon at the center which is Launch Pad. You click it you will find 61 lessons. Review all lessons. Each review will give you 5 VP.
Ok madam
Wish you good luck.

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SFI FORUM in Bangladesh #Auto-Delivery #Compensation #TCredits

28 days ago

Be Active , upload Photo, In home page above & below your picture Click all icon. Read all .
Learn here. If you can understand all you will make very good income.

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Free Marketing Tools for You! in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

29 days ago

Thanks for nice posting.

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For SFI affiliates serious about building a lucrative internet.. in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Thanks for sharing.
I think every body is getting Builder Bundle.
Me ? All the time.

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How can make more VesaPoints? in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

For Earning one has to invest.
So, this is your Business. Invest some. Become BCQ.
Buy TC to be BTL. Many Benefits are there.
Buy 1500 VP:
Buy TC = 125 only ($ 36) in Auto Delivery. You will get 1500 VP & 16 MRP.
This is the Link. www.tripleclicks.com/detail.php?item=212474
Easy to be BTL. I always BTL.
Maximum Affiliates Buy this.

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Win Knockout Trivia in Bangladesh #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Another Win, Feeling Happy & want to share with all.

CONGRATULATIONS, MLuqman! You won Match #132608!
You outlasted 17 opponents!
You scored 49 Trivia Leaderboard points!
You earned 50 Member Rewards Points!
Your Knockout Trivia Winner Badge was upgraded!
You won a bonus entry in the Daily Crown!
You've also earned a Friend Challenge link and an opportunity to win 300 MRP and more!
I do win in Poker 10 games & make it prime game. I also win Zackjack 10 games & make them prime game.
If I do not click prime game the points will not be counted.
Thanks to all
Thanks to all.

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My Photograph approval is still pending. in Bangladesh

about 1 month ago

It does not take more than few minutes. You have done some mistake.
You go to this link and follow step by step directions.
You are to fix the size to accommodate the space.
Lastly save it.