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Muhammad L.


E365 Champion
Posts: 668 | Followers: 247 | Joined SFI: Dec 22, 2016

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Why I don't see a full list in Miscellaneous

2 days ago

Hi sweet Madam,
Congratulation for your achievement by becoming EA.
You earned 1500 VP to become EA. In SFI every month one must
become EA otherwise you will loose many Benefits given to you. One must
ensure that for every month.
You should know how easily you can become EA.
I must thank you again.
Muhammad Luqman

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No tcredits received for EA qualifications in Getting Started #Compensation #Leadership #TCredits

3 days ago

I was also worried about Free TCredits.
I thought may be some thing wrong with website ,
for this I sent a Ticket to the support. I did receive the mail of
support that they have received my Ticket & will reply soon. Two days
passed received no reply.
Actually I did not take the week end for any consideration . Idea behind this is that who
work on holidays will get overtime or will enjoy next day as holiday. Because SFI should b e like a
Factory where the Machines are not stopping including the man behind the Machine.
Though I suggested for holidays on weekends.
Thanks to all.
Muhammad Luqman

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Aprize me in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

3 days ago

Astro Auction VIP badge!
Would you Please apprize me regarding Astro Auction VIP.
1. Location of badge.
2. Benefits of this badge.
3. How long it will be (Duration of badge)
4. I did fulfill the required bidding to get VIP Badge.
But I could not see my badge rather it is notified that
“Bid in 7 more auctions to qualify as an Astro Auction VIP and earn your VIP badge!”
Did any body experienced it ?
Thanking you before hand for making me wise.
Muhammad Luqman

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Team Leader rank qualifications simplified in SFI News #Compensation #Leadership

5 days ago

Hi The President,
Thanks for making things easier.
You are developing sfi day by day.
Improvements are rewarding for all & surely
will benefit many.
Thanks .
Muhammad Luqman

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Brain Sprint frustration in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

8 days ago

You are correct in the way you feel it But
I am frustrated for different reason. When I see
one letter given to fill for 14 letter word then I should
be correct if I can give word which is meaningful having the letter
in the same position. I should be correct .
Am I thinking some thing wrong ??
Muhammad Luqman

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To all who didn't know or to future E365Champions in Miscellaneous #Contests #E365 #VersaPoints

11 days ago

Hi Madam,
I did try before & Now.
It does not process until I agree
that the tax & shipping cost will be on me.
Now you mean I should click the two places of
shipping & Tax. I shall be charged. Are you sure ??
Muhammad Luqman

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To all who didn't know or to future E365Champions in Miscellaneous #Contests #E365 #VersaPoints

11 days ago

Hi Madam,
I was waiting for your posting because
I can get some knowledge from your postings.
I have seen throughout the journey in SFI your
postings carry remarkable directions. I did not collect my
Flag. Shipping charge may be higher than the cost of the flag.
However I saved the link.
Muhammad Luqman

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A2A in Miscellaneous

11 days ago

Hi Madam,
You are correct undoubtedly & I understand that
there are many types of man with numerous character
and habits. I may like some one & may not like who is of different
mentality whom to be avoided. I have one friend who makes discussion
with me. We are good friend. To me love is life. Have friend and enjoy life .
Muhammad Luqman

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A2A in Miscellaneous

12 days ago

What is this ? I would like to say 'Friend need , Friend indeed " . I want to know
some thing & I want you as my friend. Should you deny ?
or if you feel to have a friend who can guide you to do many essentials to grow SFI Business.
For this purpose you wanted a2a with me. For many reason I shall accept your a2a request . 1. We all
are SFI Friend and we should help each other. 2. I shall consider that you are you and need help to know some thing.
3. Since you are Muslim , generally there would be feeling for you to have friend. To tell you frankly I prefer a2a friends from Pakistan because I was there for more than 10 years there irrespective of sex and age & I have many friends.
So have more friend.
Live with friends & enjoy life.
Muhammad Luqman

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Im new here! in Getting Started

20 days ago

Learn to Earn
What is the best way to inspire a sense of TEAM participation?
Does having a co-op for your downline help get them active and stay active?
How can I get my downline members to understand SFI and what to do?
Why are badges so important?
The Ask SC archive includes 52,387 answers to 842 business-boosting questions about nearly all aspects of the SFI program. To search the entire Ask SC database, see:

Muhammad Luqman

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My HIDDEN Techniques! :) in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

22 days ago

Hello Madam,
Very astonished news that you being such
an intelligent lady could not climb the top by clearing
the horns which can never be hindrance for a genius like you
who has very sharp and photographic memory in over coming the worst
situations of life.
My technique and the working methods are a little different from you and which is very
1. I do spend 1 or 2 clues initially the I write down the probable works which may be the word wanted
2. With next trial I hit the BULL.
Muhammad Luqman

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Congratulations E365 Champion Zorica Pejak! in Recognition

24 days ago

Hi Zorica P ,
You Did It!! Great Job!! Some is proud of you.
Keep up the Great Work, for the best is yet to come to become DTL.
Enjoy the excitement for achieving this goal with your Family & friends.
All will be excited for you and will be singing & dancing along with you, hehehe
Have a Wonderful Journey in SFI and earn name & fame .

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Internet Income Course Archive in Miscellaneous

25 days ago

Internet Income Course Archive
There are 90 lessons on internet through which
one can learn detail of Internet Marketing to be equipped
with vast knowledge regarding internet and related many topics
concerning Scam & other. May I know if any body is making any income through
internet by learning these 90 lessons a unique and surely a big gift from SFI for the Affiliates
& for any body interested in internet Income.
Learn to earn, Learn to educate others, Learn to feel power , Learn to see the universe visible , Learn to live an
excellent life, Learn to show path to your children, family, friends, Relatives, Society & the inhabitants of the world and
who all others in Space.
Please don't hesitate to learn

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How tom win in Astro Actions in Miscellaneous #Astro Auctions

26 days ago

I was asked how to win in Astro Actions

Hello to all.
when I was asked how to win in A A. I replied that
I did not win till now. But I explained what I do in Astro Auction.
I frankly disclosed that I am scared of loosing my TCredits. I have little
amount of TCredits. I said to win in A. A one has to make Bid of big number of TCredits.
I Bid only 1 TCredits intially. Where others Bid 100s. Though my final Bid is near or the
same as the winning Bid. Since I did not Bid big amount of TCredits I get only as usual benefits.
May I request you to correct me, which I have explained is as correct or need correction & modification
who wants to win in Astro Auction. I hope with your cooperation many can win in A . A & will show grater interest
in Astro Actions. Thanks for your valuable Reply.

Muhammad Luqman

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Card King in Eager Zebra

27 days ago

Card King Rewards
I am wandering about the Rewards
distributed among the winners in Card King . What could be
the highest & lowest winning prizes. Is there any one who
got more than 100 TCredits & is there any one who got 5 or
less than 5. How the prizes are distributed. If winner is a big leader
say GTL will he get more than a BTL ?? Is the prizes are distributed as
per winning numbers say 3005 or 3333 or 4000 & so on . Is it auto system or done manually.
I hope my asking is clear to all.
Thanks for your reply.
Muhammad Luqman

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How many years to work in SFI? in Compensation #Compensation #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

The actual answer is
you can spend your whole life if
you do not learn by going through all the
lessons of Launchpad & 92 lessons of earning
through Email. If you do not put the plant seed in the ground
how you can expect to the plant to grow which will grow big to give
most expected fruit to enjoy .

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No more junior austro auction? in Astro Auctions

about 1 month ago

Hi Madam,
why you want to be junior , be up & doing , cross the bar of
junior, Be brave & be proud. Why you want to remain as junior, no
charm in that.
Follow others who win & win all the time which gives them lot of pleasure
to boost with proud dancing movement. You are very intelligent & you can reach
above .

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Hidden: A new Learning Opportunity for all in Team Building #Eager Zebra #Marketing #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

I was thinking to get surprise regarding HIDDEN . I had many win.
But looking forward to get more clues without wasting real clues which
are very important and essentially required item to reach the goal for getting
points for Badges of honor. The real GUESS & the Correct Remark definitely gives pleasure
& tremendous feeling of victory.

Muhammad Luqman

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Oh, my HIDDEN!!! :( in Suggestion Box #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Hi Madam,
I feel your excellent suggestion will have some day light.
It will not be in the background of many other unwanted ideas.
It seems you have understood the game well to reach the top . You should
now explain for others how to go about & how to win. Many are eager to know it well.
Muhammad Luqman

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Congratulations E365 Champion Suada Ruznic! in Recognition

about 1 month ago

Congratulations E-365 Champion of the day, Suada Ruznic!
You did contribute money, Labour, Time to gain this Reward which will be with you so long you visit Forum.
All will recognize you as E 365 champion & you will be delighted like me & will laugh for nothing.
Your continuous hard work, determination and perseverance throughout the last one year have helped you to win this prestigious position!
Keep up this great work of learning , wining and earning!
I wish you all the best in SFI !

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What is needed to earn BTL status? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

How to be BTL ????
I think V P is or Rank. If you can accumulate 3000 VP
you should become BTL. Since you are not getting any
Commission you should be BTL.

Muhammad Luqman

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I achieved Country Champion! in Recognition #Contests

about 1 month ago

Hi Ishita,

Congratulation on your achievement of becoming
Country Champion . Keep it up. I am proud sponsor of yours.
I am to do my share. Actually SFI is Team work . I am alone nothing. But
with my team I am some thing. Without my BTL PSA I can not become STL.
So Team is a Must . You did great . I hope you will do much batter in coming days.

Muhammad Luqman .

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Country Champion in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

She is so annoyed that she will not write Support.
But I wrote support to - day .
Thanks GURU
Muhammad Luqman

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Country Champion in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

Hi to all
I could not answer her because She had more than 8000 VP &
She was 1st in her class in her Country.
Please Check any other point.
She was EA .
Muhammad Luqman

15 posts

Country Champion in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

Hi to all
She had much more than 5000 VP. No one was above her
in her Country of her class.

Muhammad Luqman