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Tatjana M.


E365 Champion
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Are You Surprised That I’m Still A GTL Using Free Advertising? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

14 hours ago

Your right to behave as you wish
but my point is that you will never have any cooperation when you hide behind a mask and a false name and you will never be a motivator or a person who would listen to your advice.
I miss the reason why you hide behind the mask and the idle name if you are so successful as you claim.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Samir Hasanspahic! in Recognition

1 day ago

Only persistent and worthwhile and desiring success know the goal.
I congratulate you on the heart of the first anniversary of the SFI and the E365 wonders of the competition.
I wish you many more successful years in SFI.

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Why are you in the SFI? in Inspiration/Testimonials

2 days ago

I support
communication is important in this business
learning and advertising our Tripleclick products


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To start working in Getting Started

7 days ago

Bravo Aiste
Of course the team is with you. and I, as your sponsor, will provide you with every support and help work in SFI. work, training and advertising bring success. praise what you are a part of my team. you have been excited about work and progress in SFI. Congratulations.

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A Question that Needs Answering in Team Building #Team Building

9 days ago

Eugene W.
simply explained
without the EA Statute 1500 VP is unable to make a profit. each SFI member if he or she wants a profit must achieve a minimum EA statute. and there are ways to make it without investment but without the need to work should be advertised to bring PSA CSA PRM members and customers. Let a member read the launc drop lesson

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Any guesses for 10th of July? in Miscellaneous #Eager Zebra

10 days ago

I'm confident that the word is a new product for building our business and that product or package will launch us into the universe.
I have much curiosity and expect news.

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Removal of Co-sponsor. in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

10 days ago

you just worried about rating your CO sponsor or you were left without a CO sponsor check under my upli
www.sfimg.com/MyAccount/upline here you can see who your sponsor is and who the CO sponsor and my Upline the evaluated CO sponsors were announced to be abolished for the new program news.sfimg.com/2018/06/01/new-comp-plan-improvements/

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Contest- Prize in $ as an incentive in Suggestion Box

15 days ago

Thanks for the reply, Mr. Gery.
I'm in the SFI company for 17 months and I participate in all the prize games. In spin winu I've never recovered more than 10 VPs, in E365 MRP and now I'm always 25 RST and Sampionm class and 13 months first in the class of DG 40 RST I have the highest card-to-spin I ever won for you today. DCrown 50 RSt. Should I say if I look at what I have the incentive to work for? Everyone's talking needs us a boost. I do not have it and I still work, advertise members, etc. and I will continue to work to build my associates line. thank you I love SFI. ❤

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Badge in Southern Europe

17 days ago

bravooo congratulations. go on . much success I want Jasmina S.

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Question spin&win in Southern Europe

20 days ago

Boze dragi covjek pita zasto nije bilo spin wina ovaj mjesec i dali itko zna zašo ga nije bilo? Dali je ukinut jer nigdje nije bilo obavjesti?

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What's a good strategy to attain Team Leader status every month? in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Team Building

21 days ago

Business Plan
Tripleclicksa internet market
announce Auctions
advertise Tripleclick Games
Advertise ECA Store
And work and team building

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Moj PSA prijatno iznenadjen in Southern Europe #PSA

26 days ago

I congratulate Stanojevic Vesna congratulations and your sponsor Suzani Radić.
just brave girls. many other work members I want.

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Izgradnja tima - oglasavanje in Southern Europe #Team Building

about 1 month ago

You just have to be motivated to succeed in this business.
there is no need to invest here
no bet
you for $ 2 get 1Tcredit and 102 VP and 10 RST
and in what you have invested in yourself, you have not given money to anyone.
this is a problem you need to invest $ 50
maybe even less. $ 2 $ 5
but we always advise the best. package of 100 TC and package of 125 TC brings EA statute brings progress in marks brings progress in RST we have 100 or 125 TCredita which we can again invest in auction
we win an auction we can sell it or replace it again in RST
I play Auctions and sell them.
some replacement for Tcredite and convert to a Gift Certificate.
Again with the money and with a gift certificate I add to you and I buy a 125 Tcredita package
so I do not waste anything and earn

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Izgradnja tima - oglasavanje in Southern Europe #Team Building

about 1 month ago

I fully agree with you, Mr. Samir
Internet Marketing the very word to speak no Marketing No Nike.
TripleClicks store is the same as E-Bay, Anazo etc ... why not advertise for each product that buys someone we get Zarada. for each purchased product we get we get VPoene
for advertising the ECA store
for advertising games as well
for Auction Auctions
(each participant needs TCredite means user auction buys TCredite your earnings etc ... etc. Listing for members.
not just Eto I posted 20 ads and nothing. and when you get a member with a member you should work them into a job not only that SFI refers to daily tasks. this is the first day training and you just need to ask where the earnings give you guidelines example be a worker and be a successful sponsor.
If you think It will be a miracle without work and if you think that without work here you will come up with an inch or two to ask where my earnings are. What profit, what are you doing, ask yourself?
no one member, no customer, some 300/400 VP and you think about making a profit.
what is the SFI social institution that for uninhabited money? Not your gentlemen's work is your earnings. Just Work.

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Do you think SFI company is change my and my family life with in economical growth? in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

Below is a new program that I will be offering in a Press Release later this morning. Use this if you like it, tweaking it to suit the message that you want to emphasize.


Many people have seen the name SFI (Strong Future International), but they have not really explored what SFI offers them in terms of long-term residual income and sales commissions.

I am issuing a 30 Day Challenge to anyone that is interested in building a new income stream. This Challenge is for 30 Days, and NO MONEY is required.

What I get from you:
*A Potential Team Leader, making money because YOU are making money.
*A potential friend for life.
What you get:
*Full personal support from me in answering any questions.
*Articles and tips for generating sales at TripleClicks.com.
*Tutorials and follow-up advice to attract new affiliates and mentor your team.
*Getting Started Training
*General in-depth tips and how-to's for getting started with your SFI business.
*The ABSOLUTE most vital tenets of your SFI business that when followed, bring success.
*Articles and reports from around the Internet you should be reading.
*A great tutorial for referring ECAs, including example letters, scripts, and more.
*How to start and run a profitable online business. (Professional Instruction)
*Valuable insights, tips, shortcuts, and more from fellow SFI affiliates.
*SFI President and Founder, Gery Carson, answers your "big picture" questions.
*Support Desk from SFI.
*Leadership Page Manager
*The latest SFI news, announcements, and special alerts
*SFI's international superstore, TripleClicks, features 80,000+ products and services, with hundreds more being added weekly to buy and sell, including collectables, closeouts, hard-to-find items, daily "deal of the day" bargains, and much more.
*Benefits Chart
*Compensation Plan
*Earnings Optimization Report
*Earnings Calculator
*Commissions Report
*Commissions/Getting Paid FAQs
*SFI offers several ways to receive your commissions. Choose or modify the way you wish to receive your commissions
*Free Marketing Aids
*92 Marketing Methods
*Hit Tracking

To recap, You pay NO MONEY to join. There are NO HIDDEN FEE'S or AUTO-SHIPS. Work the LaunchPad, the To-Do daily tasks (Takes very short time), and at the end of 30 days you make a well-informed decision to stay, or opt out. (If you opt out you will not be contacted. SFI takes SPAM very seriously, and respects your privacy.)

As a bonus, if you complete 1500 VP (Very easy the first 30 days)


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Clarification on new Comp Plan Improvement. in Compensation #Localvantia #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

Earnings SE counts on ALL purchases - the whole TE team sold

While the earlier earnings from Localvantia PROGRAM AND RW ECA PROGRAM went uncertain
Executive Pool, Now Direct Commissions, Co-Sponsorships, and Forbids
pay direct addressees.
? After:
WHEN Some Localvantia Vendor OR RW ECA Store Pay SFI Token ZA
its customers, Dion who had previously been in the Executive Pool Now pay off directly
sponsor, co-sponsor and 12 topline EA / Team Leaders

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Clarification on new Comp Plan Improvement. in Compensation #Localvantia #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

G. Muhamed
read post G. Gerya
everything is beautifully explained
as well as comments from all colleagues.

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New Comp Plan Improvements in SFI News #Compensation #CSA

about 1 month ago

Full quality management is a prerequisite
development, it is an incentive for a successful world struggle
stage successful. International competition
strengthens every day, we are witnessing the stimulating environment
where every day becomes a day of improvement, and competition has a growing mark. Structure of business is an efficient way of survival. business
program and system excellence
complete quality management, and this program is very high quality. are
Are all of the above terms of the elements of the same system? They are,
with business excellence at the top. model implementation and in combination
with this new model will give us excellent results. It seems to be the key to success in business excellence
self-assessment models. has always been tied up
sales while the models of business excellence had
for the purpose of building a team and building our business,
as well as develop a systematic approach to understanding and building our business
as the excellence of all the business opportunities so far Mr. Gery has made great progress in our business Considering
the number of companies implementing it can be inferred that it has succeeded. There is a question of attractiveness
terminates "business excellence" that is positive
I thank Mr. Gery for an excellent new program for building our business.

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Veće in Croatia #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

KAKO SE MOGU DOBITI Nagradne nagrade

1. AUKCIJE (Pricebenders) - Svaki put kada sudjelujete na aukcijama, zaradite 10 RT
2. EAGER ZEBRA - Svaki put kad potrošite TC na bilo koju igru ​​zaradite 10 RT
3. BIZ QUIZ - Svaki dan 50 sudionika osvojit će 50 RT
4. DAILY GRAND - 410 sudionika imat će 18.000 RT. Za svakih 10 RT-ova koje su vaši članovi PSA osvojili dobivate 1 RT
5. BADGE QUEST - Postoji 5 razina natjecanja. Za prve tri razine, broj značaka je važan i kada dostignete tu razinu dobit ćete određeni broj žetona (150 ... 500 ... 1000). Četvrta i peta razina primaju žetone svaki mjesec (2000 ... 5000).
6. BADGE QUEST BOUNTY ... nagradna igra svaki mjesec ... Izvučeno je 40 pobjednika ... najmanje 100.000 žetona
7. Kada kupite SUPER DEAL Deal na TripleClicks, automatski ćete zaraditi 1000 RT
8. SFI BUILDER BUNDLE, tko god kupi ovaj paket, dobiva 100 TCredits + PSA, CSA i 350 RT. Ako paket stavite na automatsku isporuku, svakog mjeseca dobivate 10 dodatnih CSA i 350 RT
9. NOVA ČLANICA - Ovaj paket je dostupan samo novim članovima u prvih 10 dana članstva. Kupnjom ovog paketa dobivate 750 RT, kao i 50 TC, 30 slobodnih ulaznih ulazaka u Daily Crown, 3 CSA i 500 VP
10. Kupnjom na TripleClicks, kao iu nagradnoj ECA, RT-ovi su zaradeni.
11. DNEVNI KRUN - 285 sudionika dnevno će dobiti 35.000 RT.
12. REWARDICAL REFERRAL PROGRAM - na svakom 10 RT-a koje ste stekli članovi PSA i PRM, zaradit ćete 1 RT
13. LOCALVANTIA - kupnjom u trgovinama koje su dio Localvantia programa, možete zaraditi RT-ove

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Veće in Croatia #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

Igrati igre i uci u svakodnevno izvlačenje Daily Crown
Zatim odraditi svaki dan dnevne zadatke ulaz u Daily Grand
Igrati biz quiz ulaz za izvlacenje
Dizati značke pa ostvarivati RST sa svakim visim rangom
Igrati t-tim dobit tcredite i onda igrat card king pa i tu ostvariti dodatne nagrade. Svaki pozrošeni tctedit donosi 10 RST.

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Don't Understand Program as Opt-Outs Reason in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

I do not think it's a problem in learning how to build an SFI
but many want to earn fast, without work
when they see that they have to learn much and advertise too much.
just trust yourself
lots of advertising and you will get those PSA who want to learn and work.
only those who give up can not succeed.

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One big thank you SFI in Croatia #Contests

about 1 month ago

It's great to cooperate with such a colleague
which is extremely devoted to learning, working and advancing in the SFI
Much success I want from ♥ ️

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Reward in Recognition #TCredits

about 1 month ago

Great Danica
Congratulations to you ♥ ️
This is proof that SFI games need to be played.
I want you many more such awards.

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SFI Biz Kviz in Croatia #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Ranka did you know that responses to SFI games are not publicly announced
please read the SFI contract.