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This is incredible! in Miscellaneous #Leadership #VersaPoints

11 days ago

Hi Ofuonyebi,
That's true, I see great and motivating changes at Affiliate center.
This makes one stick to the business.
Business needs to constantly innovate to succeed.
Innovation is about making things better, faster, or cheaper.
It drives ongoing improvements and can help unleash a new idea that changes the rules...
Best regards

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Happy 2019 ! in Recognition #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

22 days ago

From me, I wish you a happy and healthy 2019,
with treasured memories and all the blessings a heart can know.
Happy New Year all!
Stay and remain blessed!

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Recruit 5 motivated affiliates. in Team Building #Team Building

27 days ago

Hi Irfan,
Thanks for sharing useful tips of team building.
An adage says, "People don’t leave companies, they leave managers"
Have a clear and common goal. Commitment to and from each other
You've got to talk to each other, teach them to teach others.
Work as a Team, play as a Team.
best regards

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How Good Are You At Taking Criticism??? in Inspiration/Testimonials #Marketing

29 days ago

Hi Bruce,
Interesting write up.
Criticism can be hard to hear, especially if it's about something you worked hard on.
The first response most of us have when it comes to even the best
intended criticism is to become defensive. However these points might help
to deal with it: Make sure you fully understand the person criticizing you
and get the positive from it.
best regards

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Learning Is Dependent Upon Your Listening Skills!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Hi Bruce,
Thanks for sharing this!
This I believe is a two way thing.
Ability to communicate properly and ability to listen effectively
to discern what is being communicated.
Without the ability to listen effectively, messages are easily misunderstood.
As a result, communication breaks down and the sender of the message can easily become frustrated or irritated.
If there is one communication skill you should aim to master, then listening is it.
best regards

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Welcome Baack Randi I. in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

I tell you!
best regards

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Welcome Baack Randi I. in Miscellaneous

about 1 month ago

Welcome back Randi!
I was actually looking forward to this day.
I miss your nice jokes, your have a good sense
of humor
best regards

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My Letter to my inactive affiliates in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Hi Matthew,
This is a nice letter, quite motivating.
I hope this works and brings back inactive CSA's
and PSA's. Keep up the good works
best regards

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It Can't Be Done!!! in Getting Started #Marketing

2 months ago

Hi Bruce,
You are right on this. However I believe some do not ask
because of not getting the right answer or do not
even know who to ask. Well if one means to know they can surely
find a way or means to get the right answers.
Thanks for sharing.
best regards

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Is The Exchange Rate For Rewardicals-VP Fixed? in VersaPoints #Rewardical #VersaPoints

2 months ago

Hi Gomer,
Congratulations on your Rewardical large collections!
I believe for now the exchange is fixed no matter the amount
or size. Is already programed based on what you want to exchange it for.
My take is for you to exchange at a point and not keep waiting.
It all depends on what you want or looking at.
wish you more collections.
best regards

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Don't let yourself down in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

2 months ago

Hi Motto,
Nice inspirational message.
Everyday I try to keep moving to surpass what I have done
the previous day, keep telling myself is not over until I win!
Build your life! It requires your continuous input and creativity,
it does not happen by chance, it happens because of your choices and actions!
best regards

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Can SFI time be put on the sfimg.com log in page? in Suggestion Box #Sponsor #Team Building

2 months ago

Hi Antony,
Nice suggestion. This can help Affiliates. Although I have not really used
SFI timing. I have master the correlation between SFI time
zone and out local time zone here.
best regards

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I Admire TripleClick in ECA Program #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

2 months ago

Hi Eric,
So nice to see your enthusiasm on the online store.
Is really a good way for marketing and making money,
and also earning some VP's etc.
Keeping promoting product cos there are lots of fancy products to be
promoted to make sales.
Keep up the good work and wish you more success and sales.
best regards

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Starting today with 3 WINS! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Astro Auctions #Team Building

3 months ago

Wow David,
Congratulations on your 3 wins!
This is really quiet some good news!
I can imagine your excitement on your combo wins.
More wins to you.
best regards

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TripleClicks e-mail notifications in Suggestion Box #TripleClicks

3 months ago

Hi Tanja,
Yes you are right!
I agree with you.
best regards

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TripleClicks e-mail notifications in Suggestion Box #TripleClicks

3 months ago

Hi Tanja,
Thanks for the suggestion, I was wondering that too.
However for that of confirmation, as I believe That for ready to go
is important and if no mail send possibility of missing the flight
might occur. My Take. Thanks.
Best regards

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Hello SFI ROCKS!!! in Miscellaneous

3 months ago

Hi Mirjana,
Quite an interesting write up.
Filled with humor.
best regards

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The possibility to reach the DTL Level every month. in Compensation #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

3 months ago

Hi Sead,
That is true!
Thanks for making it simpler and easier too!
With this approach one can make DTL monthly
if one is determined to. Along with other explanations,
and definitions, this is useful and important info.
Thanks for post.
Best regards

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Team Building in Team Building #Team Building

3 months ago

Hi Cain,
I believe you need to keep pushing forward and continue to
learn and master the business. Make your own development so
that you will be armed to grow and nurture your team. It can be challenging
I know but you need to press forward.
Wish you more success!
best regards

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Genealogy Issue in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

3 months ago

Hi Robert,
Perhaps is still same tech issue, as am also experiencing some inconsistency
both in mail and scoreboard today. However some things are falling into place
and coming back to normal. Maybe some maintenance is going on or others.
I still believe it will all be sorted out. You can try refreshing.
best regards

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Webinar attended by hundreds of our leaders in Team Building

3 months ago

Hi Mirjana,
I believe so too.
Though I have not had the opportunity to organize one.
And have attended many.
Is indeed a power tool. I look forward to organize one soon.
Thanks for sharing.
best regards

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Hidden clues could be pictures! in Suggestion Box #Contests #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

4 months ago

Hi Nouta,
Not bad idea but is it the hidden word or clue to be in pictures?
Or both? This might make the game more interesting but streamline
as we have to deal only with objects.
best regards

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Fully observe about SFI Compensation Plan in Compensation #Leadership #Marketing #Sales

4 months ago

Hi P K R,
Great post you did!
Very informative. One needs to really read and get all details
as it is essential for motivation for growth and success.
I like to share this with my members.
Best regards

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Getting a replacement Payoneer MasterCard in Miscellaneous

4 months ago

Hi Chris,
Congratulations on the arrival and receiving of your Payoneer card
I had the same issue with our local post office delivering.
I exhausted patience as getting to the postal service was even more
stressful from my location. I had to use fast delivery - DHL
and got it within 4 working days. I have even use the card to make withdrawals
at out local ATM it worked! without any hassle. I was like wow!
best regards

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Advertising does not produce sales. in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

4 months ago

Hi George,
Your post topic caught my attention and I decided to read.
Am glad I did as this is very informative and useful info for advertising, marketing and sales.
Thanks for sharing these!
best regards