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fabian e.


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The stand out quality in Miscellaneous

8 months ago

Dear affiliates,

Why has SFI been around for 20years?

Why are more and more people across nations buying into the SFI idea?

What is the real secret, that has kept this company afloat?

It's this. Transparency and honesty, coupled with the fact that, the system has a proven record of results.You can actually earn money on the system.

The only catch is that SFI is not for everyone. Three things, you must have the means, be willing to invest and work hard. To do this you need to see the bigger picture.

So the system is one that will work for you, if you work. Your destiny is actually in your hand.

So it's all up to you.

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Best ways to earn rewardicals in Miscellaneous

9 months ago

With the introduction of the Rewardicals and realizing how valuable they are. What are the best ways to earn rewardicals?

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What are some new ways to motivate your PSAs? in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

9 months ago

Dear Emmanuel,

Best motivational method for your PSAs is "YOU"

Nothing is as powerful as a Testimonial, a proof, an example.

As you go on to become a testimony of what SFI can do in one's life, your PSAs can not but become interested in the business.

Chart the way to success, and you have lit the burning fire in others.

Best regards.

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What attracted you to start building a business with SFI? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started

9 months ago

Buddy it's simple. To earn extra income.

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Making top ten playing more interesting. in Suggestion Box

9 months ago

It seems my post, was completely misunderstood by most of my audience, maybe due to the fact that many may not have known that apart from the Leaderboard, there is an additional special monthly EZ T-shirt awarded to top ten players with the highest score for only Zackjack and Poker games.

I was only suggesting for an extension of this top ten award to other games and possibly an upgrade to the rewards, as a way of increasing patronage to EZ games and also encouraging more competitive participation.

The Zackjack and the Poker games are represented in Leaderboard as well as other games, why limiting the monthly top ten to only Zackjack and Poker, excluding other games.

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Making top ten playing more interesting. in Suggestion Box

9 months ago

Hi Shelley,

My post concerns, the regular monthly top ten players award of EZ t- shirts for Zackjack and Poker games.

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Making top ten playing more interesting. in Suggestion Box

9 months ago

I've been mulling and asking myself this questions about the EZ games recently.

Why is the monthly top ten players limited to only the Zackjack and Porker card games?

If the top ten is extended to other EZ games and the incentive is raised or improved from what it is,( maybe with rewardicals) will more members participate aggressively and competitively aiming for a top ten finish ?

This will ultimately improving TC profits, as more members will be playing with Tcredits gunning for a top ten finish.

After analyzing past top ten score for the Poker and Zackjack, I realized that this can only be possible playing with Tcredits, buying moves, and matches. Imagine the impact if the top ten is expanded.

Thanks for the privilege.

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Industry in Western Africa #Contests

9 months ago

Welcome aboard. Stay focused and make money, have fun while doing so.

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REFUND in Nigeria #Auto-Delivery #TCredits #TripleClicks

10 months ago

Please will you mind sharing with us you ended up having such an enormous Tcredits. Thanks

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REFUND in Nigeria #Auto-Delivery #TCredits #TripleClicks

10 months ago

It is amazing to find someone who is complaining of enough Tcredits,what most SFI members would crave for, maybe it is likely you don't know how to use your Tcredits.

Play pricebender and bully youropponents with them. Play games with them.

At most buy products with your Tcredits if you have more than enough.

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I won 32 TCredits. in Nigeria #Contests #TCredits

10 months ago

A big thumbs up, Congratulations!

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Rewarded at last in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #VersaPoints

10 months ago

Hello Morgan, Congratulations. Win more rewardicals in the Badge quest. Graduate to the next Badge quest level and earn fantastic rewardicals.

Good luck.

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Badge Quest Rewardicals ("Tokens" or "RT") awarded in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Contests #Rewardical

10 months ago

Hi Stephen,

Congratulations and thanks for the valuable reminder.

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what is the target of the sponsor for his afiliate? in Western Africa #Sponsor

10 months ago

Hi Kader,

Your post is not so clear to me. Are you asking what your sponsor should be doing to help you?
If this is your question. Then the answer is:

Your sponsor is your guide and tutor, in the SFI program
He is someone to put you through in this business.
His responsibility is to assist you to become successful in your SFI business.
He is someone you should look up to to answer all your questions about SFI.

But you need to connect with him and show him that you are passionate about the business.
There are however cases where a sponsor may be lagging behind in his responsibility, in such case you need to be self motivated, and draw inspiration from fellow affiliates on forum.

Wishing you all the best.

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This Newbie just going from grass to grace in Nigeria

10 months ago

Keep it up, you are made for the top.

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I just hit Executive Affiliate! in Western Africa #Leadership

10 months ago

Congratulations Owen keep up the good work

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Daily Grand Winner! in Nigeria #Compensation #Contests #Rewardical

10 months ago

Gloria, Congratulations!

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Top 5 Tips How to Manage Your First Sign-up as a Sponsor in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Sponsor

10 months ago

Dear James,

Five key areas for New affiliate. Here you go.

1) Daily tasks: Reviewing your actions tabs, review of launchpad lessons and getting started/intermediate actions at " To do" tab.

2) Maintaining the minimum EA qualification monthly.

3) Teach him about team building and duplication.

4) Marketing. Show him how sale TC products.

5) Teach him how to earn, through Price bender auction, Badge quest and the "win it" action tab.

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How to generate TripleClicks Sales? in Western Africa #Sales

10 months ago

Ahmed, you don't need copy your gateway alongside product link while advertising on social media. Every product link you copy from your TC already carries your ID as the seller, and you will earn commission once it is bought.

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How to generate TripleClicks Sales? in Western Africa #Sales

10 months ago

To Generate TC sales, you need to:

Open your online shop, by Creating your website or blog.
Fill your shop with products, by placing TC product banners or links on your website.
Then find a way to generate traffic to your online shop, through advertising.

But if you want to be an online hawker.
Then copy product links and advertise on social media, send to friend and relations, you feel the product will appeal to.

Another way is to, buy the product yourself and showcase, directing people through your Tripleclicks gateway.

Best regards.

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Knockout Trivia winner in Western Africa #Eager Zebra

10 months ago

Congratulations, it always feels great to win the knock out trivia.

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I have 350 MRPs can I transfer to TCredits or VPs? in Miscellaneous #TCredits #VersaPoints

10 months ago

Yes Aicha,
150 MRP equals 1TCREDIT equals 102VP.

Simply go to Tripleclicks.
Imput Tcredits on the search menu
Select to buy the 1 Tcredit
Add to Cart, Check out.
Fill in the billing and shipping info.
And choose the option to pay with MRP.
Then place your order.

Your 350MRP should buy you 2 Tcredits earning you 204VP, with a balance of 50MRP

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The big picture in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing

10 months ago

Dear Che,

What you said is another perspective, which many fail to realize.
The training in SFI are massive, and valuable
To become outstanding, you need to understand first of all.

Thanks Che for the post.