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My birthday!!Einstein... in Recognition #Marketing #Rewardical #TripleClicks

14 days ago

Happy Birthday Nouta. May you have a bright future!

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Have you noticed in Miscellaneous #Rewardical

19 days ago

Hi John

Yes! Isn't that awesome and got easier for all of us, as we do not have to go back pages to see those vital information.

Thank you SFI once more for new innovations.

Have a blessed day everyone and get inspired and become active and stay active.


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We are Told this all the time! in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

25 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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New innovation in Miscellaneous

25 days ago

When I logged in this morning and I saw it.
I started investigated each topic on the drop box.
Wow it is a great innovation and it is now easy to get access to information in ones areas.

And specific banner ads....did some advertising from there.

Hope we will catch some fish biting those baits

Happy day to all of you and a very happy 2019.

Thank you SFI.


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IMPORTANT MEMO FOR ALL SFI SPONSORS in SFI News #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

I thought I would just put in my thought today.
I am from a very small island nation in the Pacific called Fiji. And struggle to make ends meet.
I joined SFI in 2013 and then left for personal reasons...I did learn a lot at SFI about online business. I did try many other online business but all have affiliate program but found that it was not as good as SFI as SFI is very transparent and allows and makes possible lot of communication between Sponsors, Co-Sponsors, PSA's and CSA's and even forum is here to help. There is no other business like SFI online. And members should appreciate it.

One way of showing appreciation is doing your part of work that needs to be done.
I advertise my SFI Business and Tripleclicks and it's products offline and online and I believe some of us do that but many do not.
I am in the Diamond Plan and have builder bundle in my delivery order and have ...512 PSA's and 761 CSA's in my downline and very few of them are active and have 261 PRM's. But very few are active...this I believe is same story for every active affiliate.

Here President Gery is asking how can we improve SFI.

Personally I think SFI has done everything possible and much plenty for it's affiliates.
The only change that is needed is a heart and attitude changes in the affiliates.
* Firstly if you have joined SFI. There is a commitment associated with it. An Honest commitment.
That would mean that every Affiliate must learn SFI. SFI has made that easy very easy!
* Log in Daily and do all the Daily task ...turn those Red Tabs green.
* Invest a little dollar in Builder Bundle or S-Builder Co-op or even in purchasing TCredits if in nothing else of course living in the same country is an added advantage in purchasing...again shipment is no problem and other money exchanges are no problems even that has been sorted out by SFI. However money transfer from one country to another maybe a problem to some. But few dollars will not affect. $60-$100 [looking at minimum expenses]
* Play a little game.
* Part take in auction.
* Advertise your SFI Business and Tripleclick Store and products.

If everyone does these and a little more and do their expected part of their task then we will all earn money through commissions from our downline and them from their downline and so on.

And we all must remember this that in an Affiliate Program no one works alone it is a TEAM work.

SFI may ask for ways of improvements until the cows come home but if the Affiliates...ALL affiliates do not do their part and do not change their heart and attitude towards building their own SFI business it becomes rather impossible.

We must all realize SFI Business is not a lone business it has a lot of charity involved...a charitable heart will do more, to help others and in turn help themselves in excelling as a Business Owner.

This is a business where we grow our downline and if downline do not work the work stops...or extra work becomes a necessary.

It is not all about working hard but working smart!

The less letters from Sponsor's to downline may help as SFI is sending mails to them and that should be enough for anyone who is honest in their commitment.
However I am ready to help those who ask for assistance when they have needs and I am here to help.

Have a great day everyone.


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SFI Marketing Aids ~ Banners we need more! in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

2 months ago

Yes Anita I agree with you just a little pointers helps.



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New Rewardical Gateway is here! in SFI News #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

2 months ago

Awesome, wonderful and so attractive I am now going to get this rolling in all my advertising site...oops no scamming must remember.

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SFI Marketing Aids ~ Banners we need more! in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

2 months ago

Hi President Mr Gery Carson

Just want to discuss this in the forum.

If I am right there is only three 125x125 banners provided by SFI to it's affiliates.

I like advertising banners in advertising websites and most advertising websites allow 468 x 60 banners and also 125 x 125 banners.
For 468x60 banners SFI has almost for every link; however we have only access to three 125x125 banners doesn't cover all the areas of the advertising. If eager zebra games, auctions, tripleclick banners, even NGRO ads could have 125x125 banners would be grateful.
I use advertising sites to advertise my business and I came across one very good advertising site where I advertise my business, however this site only has provision for 125x125 banners.

Thank you for changes in NGRQ link it is awesome and just this request if it could be looked into also.

Have a great and a blessed day.


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Blocked from mailings in Miscellaneous #CSA #PSA #Team Building

3 months ago

Hi Sheila

Sometimes we have to expect the unexpected. Maybe they do need their 'privacy'.

If they do not want you to mail them then maybe they want to learn for themselves.

SFI has all tools and resources and instructions to help them. And they do receive mails from SFI.

I had a similar incident one out of the 1000+ I have, we have to be sensitive to their sensitivity...I continue to send emails but I respect the person who don't want to receive any emails from me...and hope them all the best.

It is their business they decide who to block and who to business with. As long as we all follow SFI Rules of Success. Some will and some will not...whose next?

Keep smiling!


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Triple click sales in India in Suggestion Box #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

4 months ago

You can make SFI your very own business which is as we work our way up.... There are tools and training offered which I am so grateful for.
But we all should have our own creative ideas to expand this business.
Another suggestion I am thinking about is....purchasing goods from tripleclicks and selling it in your own country. Of course you need to have sufficient finances to do that... but if you have it why not?
You can make TripleClicks as your wholesale company and you become the retailer selling products in your own country for a little profit and even introduce products to people in your country and refer them to tripleclicks so they can purchase on their own. It is a win win situation in every way....
Some of the products that would be often sold maybe those household cleaners...even electrical and digital products. That people need most times.... there are merchants at Tripleclicks that maybe contacted who would most gladly sell through Tripleclicks .

I think it is a win win situation when we expand the business in this stance.

Just getting some thoughts flowing.


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Congratulation United States of America! in Recognition

5 months ago

I just want to share this Inspiring moment today in Suva ,Fiji: It was wonderful to see part of United States of America and Canada in Fiji at the Junior Pan Pacific Swimming Championship.

USA dominating with 20 Gold Medals, Australia 2, Canada 2 and China 1... and they have taken part of Fiji tonight with their country flags hosting high and USA National Anthem being sung and the proud and smiling youth of America showing dignity and respect for their country, with smiles and their right hand on their heart singing along .... when the leader of the nation is great...greatness is shown on their youths.
God Bless America.... a great example to the world.

Congratulations United States of America!


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Feel like giving up . in Miscellaneous #Getting Started

6 months ago

Thinking of giving up? I did it once and it cost me dearly. Got involved in other Online business but never was satisfied, lost a bit of money but a lesson learnt.
I came back and rejoined SFI and this time I have my focus and have aligned myself to stay no matter what.
And do my best to get my downline working and help them to get their downline working and there is no time to even think about giving up.
Keep yourself busy in advertising your SFI Business and you will definitely see results.
And maybe a little prayer would do wonders!

Never give up! This is what I am trying to do and so can all of the team and if everyone does a little each day and take SFI as their own business seriously, surely everyone will help everyone else to get rich.

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Am missing something... I need help in Suggestion Box #CSA #PSA #Sponsor

6 months ago

Instead of switching browsers why not use Google Chrome... it is the best.

And as for emails receive and send through gmail.com.

I use these and I have no problems.

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Share Your Pick-the-Bid prediction in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions #Contests #Leadership

6 months ago

Hi everyone

Need some help here.

Does anyone have tips or ideas to share, as to how to predict the "Your pick-the-bid prediction" in the Astro Auction.


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Awesome win in Recognition #Contests #E365 #Rewardical

6 months ago

Good news--you were a winner in the latest E365 Daily Drawing*!

You won: 500 Rewardicals

Thank you SFI.


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Astro Auctions in Astro Auctions #TCredits #TripleClicks

7 months ago

I too participated in the Astro Auction it is fun and rewarding. Although I didn't win the auction but did win some Rewardicals, VP's and 10 free Poker moves.

It is fun and fast and I too predict a lot of people will love.

By the way where do we find the gateway for Astro Auction...can't wait to advertise for more prospective .

Have fun and enjoy!

Thank you SFI


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I would like to hear some success stories! in Sales #Leadership #Sales #Team Building

7 months ago

In my last post I forgot to add this very important success even the means of all our success...I have 1191 Affiliates in my team...211 PSA, 440 in my 2nd generation, 24 in my 3rd generation and 533 CSA's all for being in the Diamond Plan and having Builder Bundle in my delivery order every month.... and it continues to grow and I am even able to reasign them to my PSA's.
So investing in SFI business is fun and rewarding. >>> and if all these affiliates get active then surely there will be a blast and if you call this success then I go with you.
Positive thinking is the way to go, looking ahead with expectations!
So all the downline can move upline fast if everyone work equally as required and none will go hungry again .

Cheers to my fellow SFI'ers there is nothing impossible.
"You can get everything you want if you help enough others get what they want."
--Zig Ziglar
"It is literally true that you can succeed best and quickest by helping others to succeed."
--Napoleon Hill

Have a blessed day and stay blest.

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I would like to hear some success stories! in Sales #Leadership #Sales #Team Building

7 months ago

For me it is all being organized. When I choose to do something I must accomplish it to the end. So when I joined SFI, well of course this was my second time around in SFI, my first attempt I was not as organized as now.
So my success is now, logging in daily and do my To-do-list and turn those red tabs green.
And I also advertise my SFI gateways on advertising sites and on social media, I also have my own website too which I advertise to get more prospects.
I send team mails and e-cards to my downline every week and hoping and praying that they will also get organized so they can also work on their SFI business daily and to be active everyday, and not neglect it. How can anyone neglect opening their office of work I can not comprehend however I do not give up. Like the saying goes some will and some won't and we continue doing what it takes there is always that light at the end of the tunnel that leads to greater light even to success.
Another success story is whenever I purchase anything from Tripleclicks it is delivered on time and most perfectly.
And yet another success story is that I have no problem with payments all kinds of payments are possible for me unlike at the beginning I had to send money order or check ...that was when I first started with SFI but now I have and can use credit/debit card payments.
And yet another success is I have learnt much about internet and online business and other skills of doing work on my computer. Thanks for internet courses and SFI training and tools.
And lastly one has to love reading and learning this is a skill that can take and as history has shown, have taken many people to their success.
Money is only the result of your success...first become successful then reap the rewards is the principle, I believe that money is not success but is the result of success. It comes in successive endeavours......it may even be the last... when you can enjoy your success. Hard work and commitment and desire of heart usually leads to such success.
And spending and investing your time and a little cash will surely see anyone through.
What business has profited without an investment? .....a little time a little money as little as $50, $55 even $100 can be less or more, a little commitment gets the profit one deserves and it does not come in a day but takes time and effort, trust and faith in the business and the people you work with.
However SFI has made it very much possible and if everyone gets active in their required task we can have a great SFI Team work.
And my greatest success is believing in myself and my SFI business and continue working until I achieve my goal.
A hard working farmer is the one who can rest only after the harvest is over! Until then work is avertable.


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Why are there no tcredits in 30-40 quantity size. in Suggestion Box #TCredits

8 months ago

I like some of the explanations given above you may use any of those methods.

But when it comes down to saying that you are wasting versa points that can not be true because no versa points are wasted it is just added to the sum total.

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Another Redeem Rewardical Tokens Option in Suggestion Box #Compensation #Rewardical

8 months ago

Hi Manuel

So what do you recon how much will Rewardical be worth . 1 Rewardical maybe worth $0.000001 [just an assumption] somewhere round there.
Bitcoin option is also there but not many people are going for it. As it is still in it's testing phase.
And not many countries accept Bitcoin.

Good suggestion anyway.

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A question from my PSA in Sales #TripleClicks

8 months ago


It seems we are still not aware of the Stores on the Rewardical website . If you have not visited Your Rewardical websites...do so.

Click on the Category Box and from the drop box check out the list there are many items to choose from....visit the stores there.

And also Tripleclicks store as I mentioned on my last post here.... interesting to navigate around the shops to see what they offer.
I saw some quality shirts there....

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A question from my PSA in Sales #TripleClicks

8 months ago

Hello Ethel

Branded clothing I may think you mean clothes of value.

Definitely they do. Check the TripleClicks store under man's apparel or women's apparel.

I did purchase a beautiful dress recently you may like to look it up here this is just an example and there are many products they sell like washing machines, refrigerators, household cleaners and many more just go to the search box and type what you want to find...if it is there it will show up.

Also opportunities are open for further sales of Branded clothing and items either sell from TripleClicks or through Localvantia stores. That is where we all can work from become a merchant..... nothing bad about dreaming big! Who knows one day!

Hope I have been of help get shopping at Tripleclicks and earn VP's and commissions.

All the best

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Can one complete get to EA within a week? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #VersaPoints

8 months ago

Hello Faith

Yes you can.
You can earn it even in a day. However your 1500 VP's you must maintain every month so it would mean you may have to put that in your Delivery Order so that you can maintain your EA every month.
Business whether it is stone and mortar or may it be Online it all requires your investment in time and a little money to become successful.

Following is my suggestion.

Purchase Builder Bundle here :


You will earn 1500 VP, 100 TC, 8 PSA's and 2 CSA's, 350 Rewardicals,
You can exchange 350 Rewardicals to 116 VP's
And you can use your 100 TC wisely to earn more rewardicals which you can exchange for VP's, or for any other tokens as listed at Rewardical exchange.

Or Purchase 125 pack TCredits here:


You will get 125 TCredits. You will earn 1500 VP's and 32 Rewardicals when exchanged can give you 10 VP's and when you use 125 TCredits wisely you will further earn VP's and rewardicals which can be exchanged for further VP's or TCredits or other tokens check your Rewardical website.

And when your downline grows teach them to do the same.

And there are many other products or several you can purchase besides to get your VP's that you require.

But the two above is the fastest way to get your 1500 VP's but never neglect your Daily, weekly, monthly, Getting Started actions. Read your Launchpads and turn those RED TABS green every day.
Log in daily.

Hope I have been of some help.