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Isabelle L.


E365 Champion
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Why are there no tcredits in 30-40 quantity size. in Suggestion Box #TCredits

20 days ago

I like some of the explanations given above you may use any of those methods.

But when it comes down to saying that you are wasting versa points that can not be true because no versa points are wasted it is just added to the sum total.

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Another Redeem Rewardical Tokens Option in Suggestion Box #Compensation #Rewardical

24 days ago

Hi Manuel

So what do you recon how much will Rewardical be worth . 1 Rewardical maybe worth $0.000001 [just an assumption] somewhere round there.
Bitcoin option is also there but not many people are going for it. As it is still in it's testing phase.
And not many countries accept Bitcoin.

Good suggestion anyway.

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A question from my PSA in Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago


It seems we are still not aware of the Stores on the Rewardical website . If you have not visited Your Rewardical websites...do so.

Click on the Category Box and from the drop box check out the list there are many items to choose from....visit the stores there.

And also Tripleclicks store as I mentioned on my last post here.... interesting to navigate around the shops to see what they offer.
I saw some quality shirts there....

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A question from my PSA in Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Hello Ethel

Branded clothing I may think you mean clothes of value.

Definitely they do. Check the TripleClicks store under man's apparel or women's apparel.

I did purchase a beautiful dress recently you may like to look it up here this is just an example and there are many products they sell like washing machines, refrigerators, household cleaners and many more just go to the search box and type what you want to find...if it is there it will show up.

Also opportunities are open for further sales of Branded clothing and items either sell from TripleClicks or through Localvantia stores. That is where we all can work from become a merchant..... nothing bad about dreaming big! Who knows one day!

Hope I have been of help get shopping at Tripleclicks and earn VP's and commissions.

All the best

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Can one complete get to EA within a week? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

Hello Faith

Yes you can.
You can earn it even in a day. However your 1500 VP's you must maintain every month so it would mean you may have to put that in your Delivery Order so that you can maintain your EA every month.
Business whether it is stone and mortar or may it be Online it all requires your investment in time and a little money to become successful.

Following is my suggestion.

Purchase Builder Bundle here :


You will earn 1500 VP, 100 TC, 8 PSA's and 2 CSA's, 350 Rewardicals,
You can exchange 350 Rewardicals to 116 VP's
And you can use your 100 TC wisely to earn more rewardicals which you can exchange for VP's, or for any other tokens as listed at Rewardical exchange.

Or Purchase 125 pack TCredits here:


You will get 125 TCredits. You will earn 1500 VP's and 32 Rewardicals when exchanged can give you 10 VP's and when you use 125 TCredits wisely you will further earn VP's and rewardicals which can be exchanged for further VP's or TCredits or other tokens check your Rewardical website.

And when your downline grows teach them to do the same.

And there are many other products or several you can purchase besides to get your VP's that you require.

But the two above is the fastest way to get your 1500 VP's but never neglect your Daily, weekly, monthly, Getting Started actions. Read your Launchpads and turn those RED TABS green every day.
Log in daily.

Hope I have been of some help.


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I got my E365 Champion Plaque in Recognition #Contests #E365

about 1 month ago

Hi Everyone

Today I received the beautiful E365 Champion Plaque. It is beautiful and awesome memory that will remain with me for life.

It was delivered through my mailbox .

Indeed hard work and commitment does pay off well. I want to encourage all New PSA's who are in the first year of joining SFI, to go for it, earn as many Versa points to be above your class ... it is fun and rewarding!
Go for this E365 Champion Plaque!
Shipment as always from SFI is superb.

Thank you SFI.


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Transfer Buying in Sales

about 1 month ago

Transfer buying is a wonderful opportunity.
I mostly purchase TCredits and other SFI Business growing products to grow my business.
However I have been browsing through TripleClicks and they do have some wonderful items that I may wish to purchase and I would if I have money but the price is very high compared to my country dollar value. I almost pay double the price if I purchase any products from TripleClicks.... but I do it to remain active at SFI.... and there are things even if I wish to purchase I may not be at this present times.
In my country our dollar value compared to US is only $0.47 meaning US$1.00 = F $0.47
I almost pay double the price.
I am not complaining just saying and if I had a bit more money nothing will stop me from purchasing some stuff that I see to interest me.
But money is all we need to carry on, nevertheless I do not lose hope. and when we start earning with our downline working as hard nothing will be impossible.
Just a thought.

And another possibility could be purchasing stuff and sell them in your own home town even get a business of your own by stocking those items in your own small business in your own home town...something like wholesale/retail sort of business.
Just a suggestion.

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Smart Start update in SFI News #Getting Started #Team Building

about 1 month ago

This is a great tool again at SFI and should see new affiliates growing. There is a great hope for the new affiliates. I like this innovation and do believe we will see more actions and more active affiliates at SFI.
One question will this be of any effect to the sleeping giants in our team. If only they could see their potential and get to work.

Thank you President Gery Carson for yet another boost to SFI.

And to all SFI'ers take this opportunity seriously and we can all prosper with a little more effort and maybe become happiers citizens of SFI. SFI is all about team work together we can make a difference.

Once again kudos to SFI administrators and team.


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Thankyou for my Birthday wishes! in Recognition #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Happy sweet sixteen birthday Pamela.
You are what you think you are. And I do think you are very inspirational person that can inspire many to do what they may otherwise not be able to.

May this day come for a very looong time....live long, live life, be happy.
Have a great and blessed day.


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Notifications For Rolled Up Affiliates and New PSAs on Alerts Tab in Suggestion Box

2 months ago

When any of my PSA's are rolled up to a new Sponsor that happens to be my another PSA's I get notified through SFI inbox and also copy is sent to my email box.
PSA's assigned to me are notified through SFI inbox and also a copy is sent to my email box.

CSA's assigned are sent to my email box.

It is also wise to check your Genealogy and through the filter you may find them.
This is how I recheck for my assigned CSA's and PSA's to be able to send them my welcome letter.

I always give a second check to make sure I have not missed out any of them.

Sometimes the list maybe too long. And placing them on the Alert maybe not a good idea...just my thought.

If you have whitelisted mail@sfimg.com there should not be a problem in receiving the notification.


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Any solution to Non supporting sponsors in Miscellaneous #Sponsor

2 months ago

Hi Kami

By looking at your badge it seems you are not really progressing.

Why should you even be concerned about your Sponsor. SFI has given all tools and training to help you progress on your own.
If you are looking for monetary help from your Sponsor than that may not be possible only in exceptional cases. This is your business and how you work at it, it is going to work for you.
Build your own downline and become a Sponsor and a team leader yourself.
There maybe some investment necessary for you to become successful at SFI. By way of giving your time and maybe even some money if you want to see success soon.

Have you completed your profile I believe there is a section where it says how much are you willing to spend to grow your business or something like that.
Be committed.
Do your work silently and let success make noise.

Learning is the key to success.

Your Sponsor is always looking down at you the more VP's you make indicates you are active and are serious about your business.... Your Sponsor is successful only if you are and vise versa...grow your team and feel the heat of being a Sponsor and Sponsorship even a team leader.

To your success


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Please pray for my husband in Miscellaneous

2 months ago

Hello Carolyne

Be strong and courageous! And may the Spirit of God be with you giving you strength and wisdom to do all that you need to do and may the Lord's healing hands be upon your husband.

All blessings are bestowed by Him and through Him. Some trials all have to go through just to make us strong.

Be blessed and stay blessed never loose hope for hope is what we all live upon.

My continuous prayer and best regards


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Share link at Rewardicals website. in Marketing #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

2 months ago

Thank you Marylyn you understood fully my question and thank you for the accurate answer.
My question referred to when we want to advertise the R-ECA using share tabs.

There is where we can earn more rewardicals if anyone purchase items from the R-ECA stores through our links.

Thank you all for your answers and your help.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Thierry Sanou! in Recognition

2 months ago


Hard work almost always carries a reward.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Karen Moore! in Recognition

2 months ago

Congratulations Karen, you simply the best.

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Share link at Rewardicals website. in Marketing #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

2 months ago

Hi everyone

Can anyone tell me does the 'share' link at 'Earn Rewardical now at 272 Locations, website' embedded with affiliate ID ?

I was sharing that link on Social media and I was just wondering.



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Congratulations E365 Champion Isabelle Lata! in Recognition

3 months ago

Hi Steve

Thank you for being my Sponsor. You are great and your emails and encouragements just helped the process.

And my thanks again goes to all well wishes and hope that all of us will make a great successful future at SFI. May we all determine to be a winner and a success.

As you sow so you reap...find fine goals for yourself.

Making money is the result of your success.

Become successful!

Love and stay blessed


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garage sale stopped but tips tab says it continues in Miscellaneous #TripleClicks

3 months ago

I don't think this tips is an error. It is only that this tips are just outdated as new system has been implemented.

Yes it may confuse new comers.

So probably getting some editing done on this tips would be a good idea.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Isabelle Lata! in Recognition

3 months ago

Thank you President Gery Carson and all my fellow SFI'ers for your well wishes.

I have read each one of your post.

I am honored and feel so happy that I was able to achieve this milestone.

And it is forward and upwards nothing is impossible when we keep our focus right with commitment and determination we can all achieve our goals.

Thank you all once again and wish you all success at SFI.

SFI Rocks!!!

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Happy birthday Mr. Gery!! in Recognition

3 months ago

Happy Birthday President Gery.

Wise people are born just before the day that is not so wise.

Thank you for doing all that you do. Have a great celebration you deserve one.

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Payza to shutdown in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales

3 months ago

I received an email !
Payza services are now fully operational and available for everyone except for residents of United States. Due to circumstances beyond their control. It is now being fully European service.

Only in US you may not get access to Payza.

So as usual do not panic things will get better maybe. Just have to wait and see.
It is just fortunate that we are not using Payza at SFI.

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Payza to shutdown in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Sales

3 months ago

Thanks for the information. I just logged in to Payza to try them out and found I managed to log in. And I have just withdrawn the few dollars there. The withdrawal went through.
But yet to see whether I would receive that money in my Bank Account.

From my side that system is still working. But thanks for the warning never can be careful enough.

And this is why I love SFI forum so much.

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Sponsor not taken Opti builder in Team Building #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

4 months ago

There are other ways to maintain BTL rank not necessarily through only Opti Build even though it is the best option at SFI.
And if your Sponsor does not maintain his/her BTL maybe he/she has her reason however to progress it is really not about the Sponsor they are there to help and maybe guide but success depend solely upon you. You Sponsor may not even send you a team mail or email but does that mean you can not progress?

SFI has given us all the tools and training to become successful .

And why your Sponsor is not maintaining her/his BTL is another concern because she/he has already has you as an active member and to have a BTL in ones team that makes the Sponsor a BTL provided he/she also make another 1500 VP totaling to 3000 VP.
And I see your concern maybe you are not getting the spill over from the top. If your Sponsor did get Opti Build her downline will grow and you can even get a spill over from your upline.

It is a little sad when affiliates who have joined do not take the task seriously because if everyone works as required I believe we will all be earning and have nothing to complain about.

Remember some will and some won't so what, there is someone next in line! Be patient and do your task.
It is the hard working farmer who enjoys the harvest!


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Members black mailing me for Cash. in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

4 months ago

This kind of attitude from any downline should not be tolerated and should be reported to the Help desk.

Also I would suggest that we have to all work as a team in that when we send team mail we should mention that they can get help from their upline not only the sponsor and these criminal minded people would know that we work as a team not one on one basis. Meaning if you send a team mail write something like this " If you have any questions I am here together with any of your upline who may help you, even get to the forum and get answers to your questions"
SFI has a provision for team mail and that is an added protection I would say. But must be used with care.

It is safe to use SFI Team mail system!
Through emails they might get a little too personal so just choose to do the right thing, always send a team mail to them, and if they sound suspicious and demanding report to SFI Help Desk.

And still hoping that our downline will work hard for themselves and become successful. SFI has everything to make you successful. Be patient with yourself and do what you can do.

Have a God blessed day.