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Rexford A.


E365 Champion
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How to Win in Biz Quiz? in Miscellaneous #Contests

3 days ago

Dear Kumar,
I share your feelings as I have been through the same lane. However, I was made to understand that getting the right answer every day is never a guarantee of winning because it is solely a game of chance. Just keep up the good job, who knows, one day it will be your turn just as I had the opportunity . There is no formula or strategy for winning. Good luck.

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How to get the link of product that we want to sell on our website? in Sales #Marketing #Sales

4 days ago

Dear Lavina,
Your post shows that you are a serious minded individual who really wants to go all out in SFI. Well done. I wish you success. For an answer to your question, I will like to advise that you search for the products you want to market from Triple Clicks. There is a wide range of products under various categories. Just click on Triple Clicks under the zing sign and get the product displayed on your website. From you home page, you can click on marketing and look for banners to display. There are also your gateways to display under you account. Above all, I suggest you read the available lessons on marketing in the launch pads.
Once again, success is yours.

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Earning report coming soon in Suggestion Box #Compensation #Sales

4 days ago

Dear Melvin,
Thanks for the truth you have exposed that Stephen's post was not in the best taste as it could easily discourage others. You have hit the nail on the hammer. SFI is never a get rich quick scheme hat one should expect dividends immediately. The name itself, Strong Future Investment is self explanatory in that we are planning for tomorrow.

With all due respect Stephen, this post will surely bring negative effect to your own Team member's . If I am in your Team and I read this post I will definitely think twice about continuing my SFI business . The sad part is that not only your Team member's will be affected but all the Affiliates who will read your post especially those who are just starting in building their SFI business . Let us be very careful with the statement that we post here in the Forum, this statement " I don't see any financial incentives here." will bring negative effect and will destroy the effort of other Team Leaders in motivating their own Team member's . I am not saying that SFI is perfect, our business has ups and down , but it is our responsibility as Team Leader's to maintain the positive mind set of our Team member's especially during the times like this when the company is making major improvements in the system . . . . . . . no offense meant .

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You need to motivate yourself. in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Sponsor

7 days ago

Dear George,
You are right. Some members look up to their up-lines for even financial help. Honestly, that in itself is not bad as I am a beneficiary of the generosity of my Sponsor and Co-sponsor. However, it should be noted that all fingers are not equal so as some up-lines are willing to help , others may not. It is therefore up to the individual to make a decision on what he or she wants to make out of SFI based on what attracts or motivates him or her. I was also attracted by the E365 contest and the Triple Clicks marketing strategies. Moreover, I found the setting of daily goals and the daily tasks as actions in line with my schedule thus my zeal . The literature available is of so much relevance that I am just addicted to being online every day to read. I can consequently confirm that there are many things to inspire members in SFI so also assistance from those with the spirit of team work.
Wishing you all the best in your efforts.

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Business in Team Building #Leadership

7 days ago

Dear Hasib,
I quite agree with you that we need to work together. That is exactly what SFI stands for. You need to form your team of active Affiliates who will be willing and ready to duplicate your efforts. Co-operation is needed for success in SFI. We believe strongly in the fact the Together Each Achieves More. I consequently urge you to strive hard in building a formidable team of five or more from your PSAs and CSAs. Remember that there are helping hands to give you all the assistance you need in making a strong future investment in business. All the best.

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About the 4 CSAs. in Compensation

9 days ago

Dear Mihai, I do understand how it feels when your team mates decide to pull out but then do not allow that worry you as there is hope of getting more active members. For your co-sponsor the person is your upline so do not expect to earn from him or her rather you will definitely earn from your downlines. Remember that your co-sponsor is also under another person. To me, every innovation by President Gery is for our good thus I agree with your assertion that the new comp plan will prove to be rewarding soon. Just keep up the good job.

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bitcoin reedem in Getting Started #Rewardical

9 days ago

Do you have the minimum $25.00 in bitcoins?

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bitcoin reedem in Getting Started #Rewardical

9 days ago

Brother Smart, please do you know that you need a minimum of $25 worth of bitcoins in Rewardicals to redeem. If you have earned up to that, then try to have an account with bitpay. Wishing you success all the way.

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Keeping in touch with E365 class members. in Suggestion Box #E365 #Leadership #Team Building

15 days ago

I beg to disagree with you that as competitors, we should not communicate. I believe sportsmanship is part of what is needed in SFI and not enmity. We are all one big family and I know many who could not compete because they didn't know what to do as they didn't understand. Such are those I want to target. On the other hand, I cherish those nice contributions made including that of our amiable President Gery Carson. Thanks to you all.

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Keeping in touch with E365 class members. in Suggestion Box #E365 #Leadership #Team Building

16 days ago

Since I joined SFI, I have been wondering how good it will be if I could have been in touch with all those who registered on that same day. I feel that class members can easily influence one another by sharing experiences and helping one another. I consequently suggest that there should be a way to send group or team mails just as is available under genealogy. I believe that by so doing those inactive members in class can be motivated and encouraged. I am very much concerned about them in class 05/23/2017. I believe that the lack of understanding is what keeps many inactive so establishing contacts with them will not definitely help. Congratulations to all active members.

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I lost my E A status -- I am so sad in Miscellaneous

19 days ago

Dear Afsheen,
I do share your sadness and disappointment. Take heart and consolation from the fact that there is hope. Such is life. Nevertheless, I want to advise that you seize the opportunity offered in SFI to keep in touch with your uplines, your sponsor and Co-sponsor together with your a2a friends. As far as I am concerned, there many extremely good people out there ready to extend a helping hand. If you had asked, definitely you would have received. After all, you were having the funds to make the purchase. I hope you get you Mastercard and start all over. Keep up the spirit and don't be downcast.

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SFI badges in Getting Started #Team Building #TripleClicks

23 days ago

Dear Nouta,
You need to study the Launch pad lessons to understand SFI. You should also try to keep in touch with your Sponsor and Co-sponsor. Always ask questions to enable you to be on the right track.Now for the badges, know that there are many ways to earn them. By clicking on BADGES on your homepage, you can see various badges. There are those for SFI and those for Triple Clicks. The ones you have won are displayed and by clicking on each of those that you have not won, you will see what to do to win it. I can say that many of the badges come from the games and pricebenders. Just keep on striving hard and you will rejoice as success will load at your doorstep. For every action or task carried out in SFI, there is a reward.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Rexford Ajeigbe! in Recognition

28 days ago

"Awesome! You are an officially-qualified contestant and are entered in today's E365 Daily Drawing for a share of over $3,000 in cash and prizes. See SCOREBOARD for your current contest position and list of prizes won to date."
The above statement was what triggered me to strive to win. How good it feels to be a Champion. In fact, the idea of winning the E365 Championship of my class was among the main factors that motivated me right from the first day, a year ago. On reading the above, I vowed to win the prize at all costs. To achieve my set goal, I had to ensure that I had enough data in my android phone and laptop. That enabled me to be on the platform every day even when there was power outage.
My daily goal was to earn the maximum available versapoints by carrying out the daily tasks and playing games. I also participated in some auctions bids which I won on some occasions. I should also want new Affiliates to know that there were times I had to invest my money in buying TCredits and some Triple Clicks products. The joy in all these is my emergency as the Champion, a feat borne out of sheer hard work,, zeal, persistence, patience and the seeking of help from my up lines. Worthy of mention are these persons the Mr. and Mrs. Victor Achomhi who introduced me to SFI, Mrs. Marijana Petrovic, my Co-sponsor Mr. Fabian Osuji, Mr. Paul Okparaji , Mrs. Emilija Miodragovic. I must say that The Serbians and Macedonians have been good mates likewise one or two Filipinos and Americans. SFI has really been a great platform that has enable me to meet and make friends with people all over the world.
My next target is to enter into real marketing of products during my second year. I am proud of SFI. My gratitude goes to the entire family under President Gery Carson for offering me such an opportunity.

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Double Champion. in Miscellaneous #Contests #E365 #Leadership

29 days ago

Please, I just want to know if it is possible for one to be both the E365 and the country champion .

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problem with linking my uba debit mastercard in Nigeria

29 days ago

To be honest with you, many banks in Nigeria are not accepted by PayPal unless you open a dollar domiciliary account.
However why not try other means especially payoneer or skrill.

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How Can I Win Ez Game, Poker And Earn Rewardical in Eager Zebra #E365 #PSA #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Dear, just remember that you earn 10 rewardicals for every TCredit spent on Triple Clicks so for those games that you can play for unlimited number of times, you can buy moves and match sticks for burns. Poker and ZackJack are among those games. Why not spend more Tcredits on card King for rewardicals in addition to spin and win after the two free games.
All the best.

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$uccess Or Failure? It's In Your Hands. Yes You!!!Ready??? in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Mr. Bruce,
Thanks for the good food for thought. I quite agree with you and expect more of such from you and others. Such tips keep SFI apart. Well done.

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What and how you should work? in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Dear Tea C. I totally agree with your suggestions. We need more of such in SFI. Well done.

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about 1 month ago

Dear John,
There is that provision for every Affiliate to see the record of commissions paid. Check under INCOME and click on commission report.

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can i use my money to buy on pricebender? in Western Africa #Pricebenders #PSA #TCredits

about 1 month ago

Dear Isaac,
Surely, you can make good purchases with your money. I advise you open an account with GTBank and then you can link the ATM Mastercard to your SFI account.

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Rating your Sponsor and Co-Sponsor in Miscellaneous #PSA #Team Building

about 1 month ago

Congratulations on your good and timely reminder. I used to wonder why many are unwilling to take this monthly exercise of rating their Sponsor, Co-sponsor and the entire SFI organization. Is it not a disservice that one cannot carry out this simple task. For the first ten days of every month, Affiliates are to carry out the task and it is such an easy way to earn versapoints. Let us do the needful.

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Does transferring VersaPoints remove you from Class Cash draw? in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

That's normal in SFI. You need no fear. All versapoints earned in the [previous] month of registration [can be] rolled over to the second month [if you have not yet attained EA]. This makes it easier for you to qualify as an EA if you are serious and hardworking. You still in contention for the E365 contest which runs for a year. That is to say on the day of your first anniversary, a champion will emerge from all of you who registered on the same day 365 days earlier. The champion is always the person who has the highest number of versapoints. You can not lose them once they are rightly earned. Isn't SFI magnanimous to roll over vps just to encourage newcomers?

(Corrected VP roll over conditions - moderator)

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Should I Change my PW? in Getting Started

about 1 month ago

Hello Manuel,
It is a formality in SFI. For the past one year since I joined have gone through the process thrice or more. We must always thank the President and his cabinet for their ingenuity and concern to offer the best of virtually everything, security inclusive. We are really blessed to be in SFI.

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did I just lost my VP in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

Dear Sandra,
Be patient and take time to read along the lines. Being new usually sparks anxiety and great expectations but I do assure you that you are in the best of places. SFI ticks if only you are ready to learn and patient enough to persevere. Once you do the right thing , expect good result and nothing less. If you clicked on the transfer my last month vps, then you will get it down. All the vps you earned in your first month are rolled over to the second month.

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Need help in Nigeria #Getting Started #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

Congratulations and welcome on board the SFI flagship enroute to the land of success for a better future. Cruising under the Captain, Presido Gery Carson and his hardworking crew, we will weather the storms. Feel free to contact your sponsor and co-sponsor for immediate assistance. You also need to consult the Launchpad lessons to complete them and gain knowledge. Furthermore there are millions of helping hands ready to guide you including my humble self. Search for our contacts. All these are geared towards making every new Affiliate feel at home for we are all a team. You can never be alone in SFI.