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Dayna R.

United States

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Could you add E-card to a Team mail? in Suggestion Box #CSA #PSA #Team Building

25 days ago

Hello John,

I really appreciate your opinion Mr.John..

We all have different views just in the way we read our words..

Best Regards,
Dayna Rodriguez

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Could you add E-card to a Team mail? in Suggestion Box #CSA #PSA #Team Building

26 days ago

Hello Mr Gary,

I had seen a good experience in the result of the personal Ecard when I sent out to my Teammates "downline and up line Team" but only you have the access to send it to one time a day of that person in particular and IT IS OK... My question is if we can have the same access or add it to send to a Team mail so you can choose a motivational picture that comes in each E-card, it motivates and it is likely to have a response back to that email than regular emails.. so that way you catch the attention of them in group and sending just one email to that group... Some of my Teams love the way it seen the Scarfs and asked where to go and use it...

It is a good option to improve the mail response back.. just an idea...
Dayna Rodriguez

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MRP Redemption Specials & New Badge in SFI News #CSA #TCredits

3 months ago

Thank you Gary for the greatest News ones I opened my Alert Tab today... Awesome!!
I redeem for VPs and T credits the amount of MRP I had left...
Thanks again,

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Why EA rank is needed to register Localvantia merchants? in Miscellaneous #Localvantia

4 months ago

Hi John,

I really get your point of view.. In my opinion... I say.. that many people sign up because it's free but giving the
Limited option as been an EA.. it gives you more security for someone that really want to create something big and not only grow up with SFI.. is growing as a business mentality with future prospect and more focus in what you really want to do in life.. it's giving you the option that if you are really serious about SFI then you should attain the rank of EA and keep up.. it's not only about Localvantia.. so free members can take this business serious and Start taking this to another level.. don't you think?..

Best Regards,

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CSA Exchange question in Team Building #CSA #Team Building

5 months ago

Hi Robert,

Ones you put the Members( CSAs) that you will like to exchange and the Exchange was made as "done" you will receive the new member to your affiliate genealogy but sometimes "works" sometimes "doesn't" so just continue to keep working with your team as you regular do the rest is exempt to them to wake up to your CALL OF ACTION BACK or NOT DOING NOTHING AT ALL TO ANSWER YOUR EMAIL... so that said work hard with the ones that want it for real, it is also your options how you want to work with or whim.. good luck with that.

Dayna Rodriguez

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Many of you may have noticed that I have in Miscellaneous

5 months ago

Hi Tall,

I can't image how difficult it is this situation.. but I remembered when my coach was diagnosed with cancer. I just cant stop crying.. at the moment was a helpless feeling that I can't do anything to help her.. she is like my 2nd mom.. thanks to God she did some treatment and she came clean.. she is still in this world to tell the story... so be positive even if the pain is around you.. the HOPE is the best friend of your now and you will see that she will be better sooner than you think... I pray and hope that she will be ok too..

Merry Christmas and best Regards,

Dayna Rodriguez

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Adding more value to CSAs through PSA reassignment in Suggestion Box #CSA

5 months ago

Hi Mishack.. I understand your point of helping others but there's other ways to help your CSA... I couldn't agree more with the other members of SFI ... but SFI is working the way it is right now and change one thing will affect everyone including yourself.. .

Jacque I agree with Julius if you reassigned to your Psas the best ones of yours still it is in your team and if they get inactive after 45 days you still with them back.. so it is not bad option.. it is a win win for your team and yourself...

Best Regards,

Dayna Rodriguez

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Benefits of being SFI Affiliate and ECA in Getting Started #Compensation #ECA #TripleClicks

6 months ago

Hi Johan... thank you for the clarification of the CV having a EA... this is powerful way to earn a great income for life...
Hi Olawoyin.. the benefits to have an EA or been one is limitless.. you have a big start because you are an SFI affiliate and the rest uf all you...

Best Regards,


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knockout trivia freezing? in United States #Eager Zebra

6 months ago

Hi Thomas,

It happened to me ones...

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I think my EA will be lose this month. in Miscellaneous

7 months ago

Hi Maricris,

Don't put your head down just yet, keep working in advancing your rank, will catch out the way to reach the minimum level requirement of 1500 VP.... Dont try to figure this out just look for other ways or better ways to maintain your rank or SIMPLE an automatic monthly payment... If you have enough MRP you can use as way of payment buying with it 1 Tcredit cost 150 MRP and gives you 102 VP... at the same time you can use those Tcredits to get MRP with pricenbender auctions or bidding on a particular item you like..

Best Regards,


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Congratulations E365 Champion Debra Badeaux! in Recognition

7 months ago

Congratulations on your awesome year... keep it the great job... much success in your career...


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I'm not sure which is more disappointing! in ECA Program #ECA #Team Building #TripleClicks

7 months ago

Hi Evelyn,

You are not doing nothing wrong, just look another ways to attract your "clients" and keep in mind that to grow up a business you need to be patient and in positive mind to keep motivating others that will be interested in what u are doimg... keep persisting and trying..

Best to you,


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Congratulations E365 Champion Dimitar Dragnev! in Recognition

7 months ago


Congrats in your awesome year... keep the enthusiasm and the hard work... soon will be my champion moment.. lol

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Just for fun, Halloween ideas in United States

7 months ago

I dont know about me but one of kids will have Spiderman and the other one a Minion...
It will be a lot of fun to see them in a small Halloween costume.. lol

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Congratulations E365 Champion Shelby Cunningham! in Recognition

7 months ago


Congrats in your win.. Great year with hard work and sacrificies.. keep the enthusiasm and motivation to your follow ups...

Have a good one,


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shock of life!!! in Miscellaneous

7 months ago

Hi Aderibigbe,

I had the same situation with my exchanged CSAs, but we have to look the positive side of this... We never know if the exchange will bring active ones we have them in our team.. depend of the communication and if they are motivated enough to keep trying to grow up as a business person.. we are the ones that have to encourage them to continue working and change their way of thinking.. much of them get dessappointed for the Sponsor/co- sponsor because they have a lot of affiliate and do not have time to answer some questions or whatever reason they have personally... the point is we have to motivated them and never giving up..
Good luck next time...


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Can I make payment with my account fora PSA in Ask Gery #PSA #Sales #Team Building

8 months ago

Hi Nkechi,

You have to follow the rules given for SFI corporation..
One of the options give Gift Certificate to that person so that way you dont have to worry about banner your account
Other options are Co- op Share..
The other that person can find an international credit card or transactions from paypal and make payments that way..

Good luck,

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What to do with your 125 TCredits? in Team Building #TCredits #Team Building

8 months ago

Thanks Mr Scott for the tips...

I personally will use the 125 Tcredit to motivate my affiliates with some Tcredits.. or use it to increase the level of the EZ games to get a higher badge/points... or buy something i will like for myself or to spend 1 Tcredit to cover the pricebender tab so can give you the option to enter in Daily Grand (with all the tabs in green)..

Warmest Regards

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Congratulations E365 Champion Slađana Stamenkovski ! in Recognition

8 months ago

Congratulations on your Win.. Being a Champion in your Class is a great complement of Persistence, dedication, consistence and putting your work in all the year long...

Keep the great job and make proud yourself of your Success but it is just the beginning of your hard work...

Warmest Regards,


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Re Joined SFI in Getting Started #Getting Started

8 months ago

Hello Muhammad,

Welcome back to SFI... Never it is to late to start a new beginning..
First, tell your Sponsor to guide you step by step where you pointing your goal to go..
But welcome to ask any other question if you desire to come to this family Forum.. we can help you for sure..

Review the Launchpad... it will give you the start point of how SFI works... then you will understand the other stuff in the way... Of course gobto to your Home tab and do all the To Do List.. it will guide you to where you will gain badge, Versa Points, Tcredits, and so on..

Good luck,
Best Regards,
Dayna Rodriguez

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Great motivation for the day in Inspiration/Testimonials

8 months ago

Hello Munachiso,

Thank you for your thoughts...


Thats all we need to get started and keep it high...

Best Regards,

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Congratulations E365 Champion Sylvia Theodora! in Recognition

8 months ago

Congratulations Champion.. I am so excited for you in your WIN... I will do my best to keep in the leap of the Champions and Leaders...

So Grateful to be in SFI too...

Warmest Regards,

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How may i benefit from Eager Zebra? in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra #Team Building

9 months ago

Hi Imoh,

Each Eager Zebra game give you a chance to get MRP, VP , entry in the Daily Grand so you could win Prices and Bagde.. also to have fun playing and instructing yourself with confusing answer to the questions provide a differents games..
Some games you will be able to play for free as Zackjack and Poker and other you will be able to play the firts two times gor free then spend 1 tc (tcredit) and more..
Enjoy the games is the first thing and have fun... it will give a little of distress in this bbusiness.. lol.

Best regards,

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I won 50 MRPs today. in Recognition

9 months ago

Congratulations for the win...

Thats a good one.. much to recive and win... lots of success in your Team...

Dayna Rodriguez

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Spin and win why have not gotten mine? in Miscellaneous

9 months ago

Hi Tari,
First, you have to make sure you have the right email and link (whitelist) to SFI Newsletter...
Second, SFI send every week what is new in SFI and tips of how to improve as a Affiliate...
Third, Read...and Read carefully...because SFI Team give information to where to go and in detail explanations...
For the Spin & Win...
SFI gives you one link for the information for where you suppost to know for the Launchpad...but lets say you don't know.... you read this information in the page(link) and you take that information to the second link....
The second link is where you have to enter what you read... so its basically like baby food in your mouth.. you just have to swallow...

Good luck next...
Best regards...
Dayna Rodriguez