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Sophie M.

United States

Posts: 112 | Followers: 84 | Joined SFI: Jun 14, 2017

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Great PSA in Recognition #Leadership #Sponsor #VersaPoints

2 days ago

Thank you very much my Co-Sponsor


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Great PSA in Recognition #Leadership #Sponsor #VersaPoints

3 days ago

Good news! One of your personally sponsored Affliates ANA B. Just made BTL.

This a wonderful email I just received. First off, Anna B. is my first BTL. This lady has what it takes to make a success with SFI. Wow ! Y’all, she joined SFI. November 16th and here on November 20 she is a BTL. She really has to share her success story with The Forum sometimes. But now I want her to bask in her glory and maybe rest for a few hours. So great to have you Ana, and looking forward to our working hard as Teammates.
Sophie Morgan
SFI Sponsor

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Prime Games every day? in Eager Zebra #TCredits #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

5 days ago

CONGRATULATIONS, Sophie, your terrific score(s) yesterday has earned you one or more shares of the Card King Zackpot for November 16, 2017!
You won 35 TCredits.

This is why I play all Prime Games everyday!!!

Good Luck to you
Sophie Morgan

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My selling items are not displayed in ECA Program #ECA #Sales #TripleClicks

12 days ago

I would submit a support ticket.
Good luck! Sophie Morgan

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TCards...are you overlooking this opportunity? in Miscellaneous #Marketing #TCredits #TripleClicks

13 days ago

TCards are great. I try to give them out to solid leads, use them in online promotions and stress the TCredits to them to bid with at Pricebenders Auctions and Eager Zebra Games. Best marketing tool ever. Thank you SFI.

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Has your sponsor changed your life? How so? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

13 days ago

My Co-Sponsor has. He is connected with me on all Social Media. He sends uplifting messages, he recognizes me on our teams Stream Post. I might add he’s the only one that does. He sends me links to important things I should do which I then send to my Team. He has taught me patience but also daring. SEBI you are the best. Thanks For all you do.
Sophie Morgan

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I'm In Love! in Miscellaneous

14 days ago

As well as I. I love SFI/Tripleclicks. Cup of coffee straight to my desk and turn on SFI. Love to start my day this way. I wish everyone could learn the joys of SFI and what it can bring you. Thanks Victoria,
Success to you all

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TripleClicks Custom Banner Widget for WordPress in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

20 days ago

Hello Richard,
My husband is IT and had to do it for me and he even said this should be easier for affliates. For some who don't know Key Coding it's complicated. I still can't do it

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What is the most important thing you've learned as an SFI affiliate...that ALL affiliates should know? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started

21 days ago

That Duplication is the way to Earnings with SFI. SFI is very easy but some make it more complicated than it really is. That SFI is my job, my business. Missing a day on SFI is liking missing a day from work. Good Luck and let’s all strive to be the best.

Sophie Morgan

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Introducing...Rewardical! in SFI News #Localvantia #Sales

23 days ago

Very exciting. SFI always provides. Thank you !
Amazing company to be associated with.

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Tripleclicks TCredit cards in Compensation #Compensation #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

25 days ago

I always go to my Win It Tab and scroll down to the bottom. There is the information you need to start using this powerful tool.

Good Luck
Always, Sophie

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Tripleclicks TCredit cards in Compensation #Compensation #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

26 days ago

I love the Tripleclicks TCredit Cards for online promotions. They work getting folks in the door of Tripleclicks and becoming PRM’s for you, they also allow you to earn 10VP’s whenever you give them away, getting the customers to use them is all up to you. I always tout the Pricebenders Auctions to use their credits on. A great benefit of these are also if they sign up as PRM’s and become customers I receive 45% commission on whatever they buy at Tripleclicks, For Life...Residual Income Baby.

Building a business and a brand is exciting and fun. Thank you SFI/Tripleclicks for the guidance and tools. I learn something new daily and mostly at the Forum. Thank you!

Good news--your name was chosen in today's TripleClicks Gift Card DistribuSTAR Drawing!

You won: 50 VersaPoints

Sophie Morgan

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Aiming for badge quest grand master. in Eager Zebra #Contests #Eager Zebra #Leadership

26 days ago

I’m right there with you sir. Let’s go for it. I bought me some TCredits and this weekend on the road to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida I am gonna do it. Best of luck to you, and everyone else that is working on this goal.

Sophie Morgan

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“Bad Rabbit” Warning! in Miscellaneous

28 days ago

Thank you very much for this information. I am sharing to my downline

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What problem in CARD KING ? in Eager Zebra

29 days ago

I have had issues with all the Card games and just figure it’s a computer glitch. I usually go away from them for a bit and they come back up working great.

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possability to upload a picture of the products in Suggestion Box #ECA #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

I see your point. But not sure if SFI/ Tripleclicks would do it. I like the part about earning VP's. That's when my eyes light up.

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Why are we not informed about wrong email address? in Ask Gery #CSA #PSA #Sponsor

about 1 month ago

Thank you bringing this up . I to have undeliverable emails on my downline. I have learned something new today.

Thanks all,
Sophie Morgan

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Team building task in Team Building #Team Building

about 1 month ago

First you need your Profile picture up. Your team will take you more serious if you do..

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Where can you play games and earn valuable resources in Getting Started #Contests #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Great post. I tell all my new PSA’s about the games and how you can earn points. They are valuable to all of us and it took me about a week into SFI to realize how the circle worked. I am going to share your post to all my downtime. Thanks again

Sophie Morgan

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Why have I not received payoneer MasterCard yet? in Compensation #Compensation

about 1 month ago

Sometimes these things take awhile. Does it show on your reports where the funds are? If it's being processed didn't they have to remove funds? If the funds are gone and Payoneer shows as the withdrawal..Stay on Payoneer..Good luck..Hope it all works out my friend..

Sophie Morgan