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Yusuf O.


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I’m thankful for ALL my inactive PSAs and inactive CSAs... in Recognition #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

17 hours ago

Hello Captkirk,

I am thankful too for my inactive PSAs and CSAs because their inactivity keeps me active trying to awake them from dormancy!
Every response l get assures me that there is something great in them that needs attention which l am always ready to give them.
Yes,l agree they will be my next Team Leaders when they are ready!!

Best regards!!!

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Here I go thinking again. in Marketing #E365 #Marketing #Team Building

17 hours ago

Hello Eugene,

Nice concept you have there and l always believe that there is no harm in trying, not trying at all is the harm.

However l strongly believe also that leading the horse to the river is never a problem, the horse being thirsty enough to need to drink water is the problem.

Every effort of every active affiliate to get more active and productive members counts a lot too while the S-Builder, Builder Bundle and other team building products are also very helpful.

The more the competition, the merrier the journey.

Best wishes!

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I'm trying so hard to build my team in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

2 days ago

Hello Petar,

Your observation is universal. Every affiliate is trying so much to build their individual team and l have not really come across anyone saying it is easy. The only difference is probably some may have financial resources to buy PSAs but they cannot buy active participation of such affiliates because nobody guarantees active PSAs.

Yes it will be, with a focused approach, consistency and persistent activities under all circumstances, you can be sure that it will be. That is my personal belief and my pursuit in SFI.

Best wishes!

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fate of afflliates who can not purchase tripleclicks products in Nigeria #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

2 days ago

Hello Tolulope,

Congratulations on achieving SFI EA status. It shows you have the drive and whatever it takes to reach the top of the ladder in SFI business. I was pretty well in your state of mind when l started with SFI a few months ago. Along the line, l began participating actively in the SFI Forum where l really got to know many things about SFI that keeps me going up till now.
I am privileged to be able to invest some amount monthly in my SFI business but out of curiosity to know what happens to affiliates who are not able to do so, l discovered through the SFI Forum that if you are able to get to level 5 of Eager Zebra games, you will be receiving 5,000 RT every month as a benefit among others. This means if you work your way up to that level, you can maintain your EA status with just 4,500 RT monthly!

The crux of the matter however is that can you have the patience to build gradually for the long period this might take to manifest? Generally, everyone wants to get to the top within the shortest time possible even where the resources are lacking.

When you don't have resources to pursue a cause, you are lucky if alternatives are provided like we have in SFI. Do you know that if you consistently and diligently play just your daily free games and also complete your daily tasks of turning the affiliate center red tabs to green (except EZ and PB), in a period ranging from 3 years upwards you can make level 5.

SFI is not a get rich quick scheme. You learn and earn, work to achieve.

Regards and God bless.

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All You Need Is 1. in Sales #Sales #VersaPoints

3 days ago

Hello Stacey,

Sometimes when you feel you've seen them all, a new sheriff arrives in town!
That's a nice one you posted there and l congratulate you for your good fortune.

Not everyone can be as lucky as you. That is why we must keep on working it out till we achieve our goals.
I can assure you that while you feel secure with just one PRM, others have more that are not active but it is encouraging to know that even just one PRM can make all the difference!!

Best wishes!!!

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Just How Great Are You??? in Inspiration/Testimonials #Marketing

4 days ago

Hello Bruce,

Every great person in history was conceived and born with no greatness inscribed on any part of their body. God created every person with unique qualities that are latent until such time the individual starts awakening the latent traits.

Greatness is always recorded like footsteps in the sands of time. You cannot be great and hide it. The greatness in us extends to others, it is infectious and visible as many are blessed when we exhibit the deposits of greatness in us.

As always l am greatly blessed, inspired and motivated by another great post from your wealth of knowledge.

Regards always!

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Despite many efforts..I cant built a good downline in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

4 days ago

Hello Hina,

I will advice you not to see it as a problem but as a challenge and you must stay motivated by your own activities doing the right things your SFI business requires. If you can afford to buy a team building product like S-Builder or Builder-Bundle, do so to ensure you have a good inflow of PSAs.

Make regular contacts with your PSAs and CSAs either active or not. Let them know you are available to assist them in making a success of their SFI business.

Do not relent in your efforts. Be consistent and persistent. As you do so patiently, the situation will gradually turn positive.

Best wishes!

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Team building ultimate solutions in Team Building

5 days ago

Hello Eugene,

It is very true that inactive affiliates are a major source of concern for all. I actually read a forum thread where a team leader said she is the E365 Champion of her class and the only remaining active affiliate in a class that probably started with not less than at least 300 affiliates! Not a good news.

The good news is that SFI is real and for every active affiliate with the larger picture in view, there are prospects who will join the business and make a success of it. No matter what method or "special ways" anyone says they are using to gear their affiliates into action, you must identify the method that will work for you because we are not equally endowed with resources to make our plans work out as others have done. This is what l have discovered from my personal experiences so far.

While it is good to share experiences and learn from them, it is more important that we identify what works in our own sphere, circumstance and available resources.

Regards and best wishes!!

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Class inactivity. in Getting Started #CSA

7 days ago

Hello Elkanah,

That is a good one for you. Just go ahead and be your class champion!
There is nothing to be done, it is just your lucky chance to be in that class and almost effortlessly be the champ.

Best wishes!!

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Can I Share A Simple Secret With You??? in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started

9 days ago

Hello Bruce,

Totally in agreement with you, yes l am! Truly, it was our personal decision starting with SFI and we shouldn't in any way feel like others should propel us to our desired place in life......a place of SUCCESS!!

Self motivation is the answer. We must speak good things about ourselves, business, family and everything that concerns us.

We must have a positive outlook even when things seems to look otherwise. We must stay strong and focused always.

It shall be well.

Always regards!!!

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Have you noticed ? in Compensation #Compensation

11 days ago

Hello Melvin,

That's quite a good news especially to affiliates like me that haven't noticed.

It is clearly true then that nothing in life is as constant as change!
Change is always beneficial if we learn to adapt and seize its rewards for our advancement.

Best wishes!!

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There Can Be An Easier Road To The Top!!! in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started

12 days ago

Hello Bruce,

What readily came to my mind while reading your post was late President Nelson Mandela's quote "there is no easy road to freedom"!

The road to success is always under construction, we should never expect a smooth journey. There are many bottlenecks and hurdles to come across in the journey which we must sail through. We must be prepared for them and stay strong through them all to record success.

Nothing ventured, nothing had!!

Always regards!!!

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$uccess Or Failure? It's In Your Hands. Yes You!!!Ready??? in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started

13 days ago

Hello Bruce,

Quite a touching and heartwarming post that will melt the stone cold heart of any sceptic!

The most beautiful part of it all is that it addresses all affiliates and encourages all to stay focused no matter how bumpy the ride because the destination is bright and glorious!! I am blessed.

Always regards!!!

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Remove Fear and Doubt from Way of Thinking. in Getting Started

14 days ago

Hello Michael,

That's a succinctly motivational and inspiring post. I have discovered over time that being inactive in SFI is a great mistake on the part of every inactive affiliate. It is always heartwarming when an erstwhile inactive affiliate comes back with renewed vigour and vitality to repossess all that have passed him/her back.

It is however better for us the active affiliates to ensure we are blazing the trail and continue to be the constant stars that are beaming the light of progress for others to see the way!

Thanks for your vanguard call!!


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Transfer Buying in Sales

16 days ago

Hello Kimberly,

Transfer buying simply means, as an SFI affiliate you start buying from TripleClicks (your own store) where you get recognized with incentives rather than buying elsewhere with no added value.

I keep buying TCredits and some other business enhancing products. If there are other products l require in future, l will still patronize TripleClicks because whatever l buy uplifts my SFI business.

I hope this is good enough.


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VersaPoints Transfer in VersaPoints #Leadership #Marketing #VersaPoints

17 days ago

Hello Shedrack,

It seems strange to me that almost 10 months of your joining SFI now, you're posting about VP transfer but then it still proves that nothing is new under the sun!
VP transfer is a privilege given to affiliate who for one reason or the other is not able to accumulate up to 1500 VP in their first month, in the following month of activities, such affiliate has the opportunity to transfer the total VP accumulated in the first month into the current month. It is a one time opportunity and doesn't extend to any period after the second month of activities.

Having qualified as EA, this opportunity is no more available to you.

Best wishes!

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Wrong Correct Answer in KOT in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

17 days ago

Thanks Gery for the clarification but l wish you note also that if everyone submit ticket at support and the matter ends there, there would be no need for forum discussion about such matters.

Secondly, my kids watch me play the Eager Zebra games. They search out answers especially for the ones said to be wrong because they want to be convinced. This scenario could be happening elsewhere too. The games are educative too and as such, the need to ensure correctness of the answers. A proverb in my native lingo translates thus ' anything you do that your kids are not involved will end with you.'

Lastly, some answers especially in Gold Streak may seem right in some regions but not others taking into consideration tradocultural and geographic differences.

I must say that all the games are tremendously entertaining and educative, no doubt. Discussions at forum may sometimes make it look otherwise but then, it gives the flavors.

Regards always!

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Wrong Correct Answer in KOT in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

18 days ago

Hello Aung,

I think this is not strange anymore. Wrong/ correct answers have been coming up in Brain Sprint, KOT and Gold Streak and it seems to be endless.

SFI Corporate has observed that what may be right somewhere could be wrong elsewhere because there are different sources of information nowadays on the internet.

What matters more to me personally is knowing the truth and holding on to it.

Best wishes!

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Brain Sprint - Wrong choice of answers in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

19 days ago

Hello Helen,

I quite agree with your post and indeed, l have felt frustrated many times about such situations not only in Brain Sprint but also in Knockout Trivia and even Gold Streak. However, l feel one should not dote too much on those trivial issues while the big picture is there....... the dream of a beautiful future!

I am sure as the feedbacks are received, the shortcomings will be ameliorated where necessary.

Best wishes!!

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How to increase my Badges? in Getting Started

20 days ago

Hello Sonam,

To increase the number of badges you have, ensure you read and become conversant with your customized launchpad lessons.

Make sure you log in to your account everyday and ensure you complete every possible activity on your affiliate center task bar.

At the EZ task bar, ensure that you make use of all free access possible to each game daily.

Participate actively in the SFI Forum.

At the Win-It tab, enter for Daily Grand draw everyday, answer the biz quiz and enter for T-Time free TCredits draw as many times as possible.

If you can make all the above a daily routine and continue to improve your activities by doing others not mentioned like buying TCredits, you will go places in the badge quest because every activity you perform here in SFI and Zing network has its benefit.

Best wishes!

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Earning Commission With Criteria. in Getting Started

21 days ago

Hello Avik,

Any item sold by affiliates at all levels attracts 45% CV. Either you achieve EA status or not, the benefits chart clearly state every benefit accorded every SFI status.
To view the benefits chart, click on 'income' on the black bar above the affiliate center tasks bar.

Best wishes!

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Any feedback or upgrades from Smart Start Yet! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

22 days ago

Hello Robert,

Evaluation is an important tool in administration but it should not be too early and neither late to give the desired result. Meaning, it must be timely.
Evaluating the new Smart Start now may seem too early. We must allow it some time to evolve and generate feedbacks based on experiences of new affiliates using it.

Just my personal view and l hope this helps.

Best wishes!

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250 VersaPoints every 45 days in Miscellaneous

22 days ago

Hello Mirjana,

Truth is always a constant K!
Wherever you go north, east, west or south, if you do not plant crops, you cannot harvest!!
Nothing ventured, nothing had!!!

Best regards!

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Something I want to say about earnings in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Team Building

23 days ago

Hello Sukhpal,

It is good and easy to forgive when the offender realizes where, how and why they have gone wrong. It makes way for reorientation and restoration.
Having said that, our perspectives of SFI may be different from one person to the other purposely because of our different backgrounds, reasons for joining and our state of mind on contact with the opportunity. What will always be constant is the established and ordered system of Carson Incorporated Services and Zing Network.

The system offers all comers all its resources free of charge with stipulated rules and policies including Rules of Success among many others. If you make good use of the offer, it spells success for you and if you don't make good use of it, the result may be negative.
Having realized where you went wrong and sharing your experience here is a great testimony and lesson to be noted by all of us because nobody is infallible except God.

I will remember your post for a long time.


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How can I advertised my business on the social media to earn money? in Marketing #TCredits #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

24 days ago

Hello Carlot,

SFI has simplified advertising on social media with the recently introduced 'share button'.
Moreover your entire SFI account is customized for you and uniquely, as you share any item or product it bears your identity. Once an interested person clicks on your link and ends up buying the product, you are assured of your 45% CV (Commission Volume) and the buyer becomes your PRM (Personally Referred Member) for life. You will however need to join as many groups as possible if you use Facebook among other social media.

Start simply with this and as time goes on, you'll be getting better at it. It is better than a complicated set of links that ends up confusing you more. This simple approach has helped many affiliates in my team.

Best wishes!