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Step-It-Up September Contest! in Miscellaneous #Contests #CSA #Team Building

8 days ago

Hi Julius,

Indeed it would be good twice a year so that it retains all its credibility. If I remember correctly we lose all csa if we do not become EA. This is good and we must remind our affiliates.

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I think I should stop sending Team mails n E-cards! in Miscellaneous

10 days ago

Hello perchav

It is necessary to persevere continue to send teamail they can decide to take the step, and as soon as you will have an answer concentrate on him while continuing to send e-card to the others from time to time

Good luck.

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Astro Auctions: What happened to Junior Astro Auctions? in Astro Auctions #Rewardical #TCredits #TripleClicks

16 days ago


That's what I thought. But I think it's useless for the moment as the winners are often the same and therefore there are many more juniors. We must wait in time and it will be more credible.

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Conversion rate for "workers" in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

20 days ago

Hi George

You go in movers, you choose your best affiliate (the one who is the closest to qualify) then you offer him gift certificates that you have purchased beforehand.


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How to quit playing in the Hidden game? in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

23 days ago

Hello Susan
normally if you click continue you will resume the game or you will stop. That's what happened to me.

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I´m BTL and would Like to go STL but misses me a sponsored BTL in Team Building #PSA #Team Building

29 days ago

Hello Rui Daniel,
You offer gifts to the one you see who really wants to work. You choose a unique credit by going into your genealogy and choosing a gift. Attention, if you do it must complete completely otherwise it will be useless.

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CHAMPION E365 in Miscellaneous #E365

about 1 month ago

I thank you all. Of course I will fight until the deadline if I get there it will be good if not too bad.

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CHAMPION E365 in Miscellaneous #E365

about 1 month ago

Hello colleagues SFIers
I registered, but I started much later and did not understand for the E365 ranking much later. Now I have 7000 vp of delay do you think that we can fill this gap in 41 days? If you have ideas I take.
Thank you

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I feel losing hope. in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Sales

about 1 month ago

Hello Clarisse,
Why lose hope?
Start by confirming your registration and you will see that little by little you will begin to believe it especially by learning your lessons from the launching pad and especially the games I like the challenges and by that I started and you will see that it will go from better and better and do not be afraid to contact your sponsor if you have difficulty understanding.

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gift certificate in Miscellaneous #TCredits

about 1 month ago

Hello colleagues
I have some difficulties with the gift certificate I would like to send credits to one of my affiliates. I buy them through genealogy but I receive them on my account I had to make a mistake somewhere. Can you help me please? Thank you

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Astro Auction what seems to be an excessive bid in Getting Started #Astro Auctions #Getting Started #Rewardical

about 1 month ago

As soon as I realized the level of the auction I just bet 1 tcredit and I have already won three rocket box and lots of vp and other awards I know I will never win an auction so it does not bother me not on the contrary I recommend it to all my team.

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Getting frustrated with Brain Sprint - wrong "correct" answers in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Hello Helen
You're absolutely right.
Enough credit does not work you can not see the question in this case I answer randomly and it's really very frustrating but I'm happy with these disappointments. I have to restart the game very often. I'm sure he'll improve.

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Rocket Box Double Winner! in Recognition #Astro Auctions

about 1 month ago

I am one of those who have already won with a limited bet and this twice and with a double, by placing a tcredit each time so you have your chance. I like this game even though I know I could not win the auction. And I advise everyone to join.

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become STL in Team Building

2 months ago

I understood. Thank you.

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become STL in Team Building

2 months ago

Hello dear affiliates,
I have a problem of understanding. I would like to spend STL, on my dashboard it is written that I need 1 BTL but on the plan he told me 3 BTL so which to follow? On the other hand, should the BTL be only in my team or in my descendant generation?

Thank you for your answers

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Croatia in finals!!!! in Just For Fun #Contests

3 months ago

just for Laughs.
But it's France that wins.

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The acronyms in Suggestion Box

4 months ago

Thank you I put it in my favorites so I'll have it on hand.

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The acronyms in Suggestion Box

4 months ago

is there a page with all the acronyms?
If not it would be interesting to have it in order to find your way more easily, especially for newcomers.

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How do I get five more badges today? in Miscellaneous #TripleClicks

4 months ago

Hi Mercy,
Badges will arrive at the right time. Nevertheless look at the list of badges what to do to win them and see which ones are most accessible and work with those there.
Good luck: taper:

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New Look to the "Rewardical.com" Page... I like it! in Sales #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

5 months ago

I really like the new look of rewardical. It is clearer and we know through the ledger all transactions in one click.
It speaks to me

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Our Main Activity Is To Generate Traffic To Our Gateways Daily in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

5 months ago

hello Tommie
A big thank you for your valuable advice.
Indeed you bring a great clarification for a person who has never done marketing and who does not understand much in this area.

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How to earn VP by reading the must read forum? in VersaPoints

5 months ago

Exactly Michael in do-list there is a vp to win.

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Brain Sprint..2 points.. in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra #TripleClicks

5 months ago

I have the same problems sometimes I only have the answers so I hang a victory a day is already pretty good given the circumstances.
I think and I hope there will be improvements soon