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Terry L. B.

United States

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Christmas Goal in ECA Program #Compensation #ECA #Sales

22 hours ago

I think that this is a Great idea! If we do not support our Business,why do we think that anyone else should. Just one item would make a huge difference in everybody's bottom line. Let's show our Gratitude and be Thankful for what we have been given! Merry Christmas to each of us!

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First Month induction in Ask Gery #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

1 day ago

Thank you James;
I also agree with you that the system for a New Affiliate very badly needs to be far less complicated. Your story is mine, as I also looked at this several years ago, and just within a month have returned. I feel that I should be smart enough after running several businesses that exceeded a million dollar operation to be able to figure this out. Well I am still struggling and have a very hard time both answering and explaining Questions of my New Affiliates. I also have been told that all I need is in the Launch Pad and the Daily to-do's, but this is not enough of an answer. I really liked your suggestion and would welcome some consideration of this type of Training for New Affiliates that is understandable. I sincerely hope that somehow we raise enough like thoughts to get this considered.
Giver our request to make the Training easier to understand, we also need to say that we are "Thankful" for this opportunity to create a business where we also are able to build people. I once heard a statement that I feel more of us should pursue, and that is "Build your people to the level that they desire for themselves, and the Business will take Care of it's self!" Let's Build People!

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Competition E365 is very difficult in Miscellaneous #E365

2 days ago

I understand your feelings about winning the E365 Championship Country as being difficult, and I agree that it is difficult. However, would you really like to win if it were not difficult? What would a Win mean if you were the only person in the contest? I really to feel that the direction that you should pursue is GROWTH and Understanding of the process that it takes to be able to Win the E365 Championship! This is also one of my goals! But, the reality that I need to increase my personal business in all ways that I can, help as many other people to grow their personal business in their chosen manner, and to be Thankful for whatever success that may come my way will make both yourself as well as myself Champions! Our main Goal should be to Grow! Be Thankful. and to Help as many others as we can obtain their Goals! That will be SUCCESS! Championship....WON!

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Congratulations E365 Champion Vishwas Panke! in Recognition

4 days ago

CONGRATULATIONS for ALL of your Hard Work!

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No Auction available... at least not for me in Pricebenders

5 days ago

I understand your feelings. This is the first time that I have seen this situation! Have Patience it will soon change and Gladly take your bids! Enjoy!

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WOW!!! I just won... in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TCredits

8 days ago

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Feel Great to Win! Keep up the Winning Streak!

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Congratulations E365 Champion Sachin Gholap! in Recognition

8 days ago

Congratulations Sachin! I hope to follow in your footsteps a yer from now! You are a Great Role model! Again Congratulations!

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Every day Opportunity(ies) in Miscellaneous

9 days ago

Thank you Kingsley;
What you have written is so true of both SFI and life. Without taking the first baby step, we all would either b e laying on our backs or still crawling. We must all take that first step, fall down and get back to our feet and try again. I love your quote, "At the end of the tunnel you shall smile and the sun shall shine over you." How very beautiful and true! Have a Blessed day working SFI!

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Motivating New PSAs in Team Building

11 days ago

As I am new to SFI (two weeks+) I had not thought of this. I think that it is a Great idea as I am trying to learn how to motivate people to get started. Will add this idea to my communications! Thank you and have a Blessed and Successful Week!

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Why is it so important to be online to receive your PSA? in Getting Started #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

12 days ago

Thank you so very much for this post. I truly believe that your story is like almost every new PSA that begins with SFI. I know that I felt this way and even though I have been through many programs, this one is very hard for me to understand. My Sponsor reached out to me and asked me to do several things to get started and it began to open up for me. I am only into SFI for a little over two weeks and I am now starting to get moving. I try to talk to my new Affiliates as quickly as I can, either by email or chat. I wish that those new Affiliates would respond back so that I would know that they are alive and interested. I look forward to making the business a Success and want as many as possible to join me and become Successful as Well. Thank you again for you Honesty and Courage to Speak out. This is the first step in becoming a Leader, and you are on your way! You will be a Great Sponsor!

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Congratulations E365 Champion Trinity Heffernan! in Recognition

15 days ago

Congratulations! I an so very Happy for you.