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Dave E.

United States

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Blocked from mailings in Miscellaneous #CSA #PSA #Team Building

8 days ago

Well, all I can say is at least you have some people reading your emails. I'm afraid mine fall on deaf ears.
Besides the Block List, is there any stats on how many times group emails are actually opened/read?

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50 PSA Astro Auction Stuck up in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

15 days ago

Hi Ishita,
This could be due to a technical issue and therefore SFI support would need to be involved. However, just as an FYI... I was in an auction a while back and it ran for 4 weeks!! I was getting concerned but it finally went to boarding and completed. I had no idea Auctions could last that long but I supposed until they get enough people, it could last a while.

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Who wins the auction?. in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

19 days ago

Hi Lucky. There are three tie breakers.
1. whomever gives the most TCredits for conselation prizes
2. Whomever enter the drawing first
3. Whomever has not won an auction in a while (i.e. if 1 and 2 were "tied" then it comes down to the person who DID NOT win an auction last)
For complete breakdown on this, refer to Tie Breaker section here: www.tripleclicks.com/Astro/Rules


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Activity of PSAs and PRMs in Marketing #TripleClicks

about 1 month ago

Yes, it seems that the majority (meaning 99.99%) of PSA's who join SFI are inactive and remain inactive. So, the question is... why would you join a program and never do anything? My 'guess' is that the advertising used is PPC and/or some type of reward system for signing up. Once the person signs up and collects his/her reward (i.e. $.02), they abandon SFI never to return.

I have to keep reminding myself that this is a numbers game and a 1% activity rate is fairly decent. So, that means, for every 1000 PSAs, I can expect 1 PSA to actually want to be part of the SFI family and build a business. I am not at 1000 PSA's yet. There are ways to better the odds and increase the percentage. For example, making it known that we are REAL and there is an actual person behind this helps build trust and confidence. We need to eliminate the idea that SFI is some type of fly-by-night SCAM or "get rich quick" scheme. Prove to our PSA's that we are here to help them become successful and keep the lines of communication open (via email, chat, leader page blog). Even if you feel your emails are falling on deaf ears, keep sending them. There is at least one person reading them.

I also think that since SFI is completely FREE, that can work for us or against us. FREE is Great however, when people see something for FREE, they join to get whatever they wanted out of it and that's it! There is no commitment. So, it's very easy to get people to sign up but getting them to actually work the system is something entirely different. Most people are looking for a FREE and EASY way to make money. When they find out that SFI takes some time and effort, they move onto the next thing looking for that "golden nugget" opportunity where they can just sit back and watch the money fill up their bank accounts. Some people do that for YEARS before they finally realize there is NO SUCH THING as a get rich quick program. Our job is to convince people of just that and how SFI is legit and does have potential. If it did not have potential, it would not have been around for 20+ years! So, keep recruiting and once you hit the 2000 PSA mark, see if then you start to get a few PSA's that become active.

All the Best!

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Be The First Rewardicals Millionaire... - Any Challengers? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

3 months ago

Interesting concept Tommy and, I get the subtle humor in your post as well. But, in all honesty I thought Rewardicals were meant to be used fairly regularly (or, at least in place of spending $$$). So, to build up a stash of 1+million would kind of defeat the purpose of earning rewardicals, wouldn't it? I mean, is there some type of extra benefit to building up such a large amount? Just not sure what this would do for us, other than giving us Bragging Rights to be the first "Rewardical Millionaire". In my opinion, Rewardicals are better off turned into PSAs and PRMs to build the team. That's more valuable to me anyway than trying to build up a large sum of Rewardicals over a period of time (and for some, that period of time could be YEARS!). Thanks though for bringing this up. Again, interesting concept :)

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Where's the Badge gone? in Miscellaneous

3 months ago

Hi All… I’m sure this was probably addressed elsewhere but wanted to ask it here anyway. The PRMs for sale at Tripleclicks, where do they come from? How are they signed up as PRMs? My guess is they are gathered via “Pay Per Click” advertisements where they get paid just for signing up and nothing else! Other than that, the question always remains… why would someone signup at an online store and not purchase something? For instance, when I find something I want to buy online, I'll then signup on the site (or at least sign in as Guest) just to purchase that item. But, here it seems as if 99% of the PRMs we buy from ECA's never purchase anything! My only conclusion for this is they are offered some incentive to signup but not obligated to buy. So, to collect their $.02, they signup and never actually login.

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Years Of Services Badges in Suggestion Box

4 months ago

Hey Tommy! That's a good idea. The company I work for does that as kind of achieving a milestone. Every 5 years, we get a certificate along with an extra PTO day for every 5 years we've worked for the company. A little recognition never hurts :)

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What are the MAIN problems you face growing your business on Social Media? in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

4 months ago

Hi Zhumagul,

You are SOOO Right on this! However, it's not just on Social Media, it's the whole concept of trying to get everything for nothing! People are always searching for ways to get rich quick but, even the "Experts" in online marketing will tell you, there is No Such Thing! Yet, people still search for that "golden nugget". This would actually make a great Thesis :)

The way I overcome that is by stating it up front... "this is a REAL business and if you are looking to build an online business and are willing to follow direction and put in some time and effort, you too can be successful!" In any case, people who are searching for the get rich quick scheme will ALWAYS be disappointed because they will never find it! They will spend their entire life jumping from one program to another, spending their hard-earned money (and time) for nothing! My biggest challenge is convincing people that SFI is a great opportunity and the only one that literally costs NOTHING to join or remain a member of. What's better than that!? Still, people are skeptical and if they don't see results overnight, they leave. Then again, we really don't want Affiliates like that anyway because they will most likely quite after a couple months. We just need to focus on REAL Entrepreneurs and avoid the "get rich quick" crowd, the "wantrepreneurs" who will spend their lives wanting but never reaching their goals.

All the best.

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Astro Auction in Astro Auctions #Astro Auctions

4 months ago

I have a question that, perhaps I'm missing the point here. Why would someone bid more than an auction is worth? For instance, I just witnessed someone who bid 594 TCredits on a auction for 500 TCredits and, of course, the bidder won. So, he spent 594 TCredits on a package of 500 TCredits (94 more TCredits than auction was worth). Is there some advantage to doing that or, is it that he/she was so caught up in this that they weren't thinking about value??? I'm just really curious why someone would do this. AND.. this is not the first time I've seen this. I also saw this in PB auctions. Does anyone have a viable explanation for this?

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Auctions without Bid Assist or Bid Rescue in Suggestion Box #Pricebenders

4 months ago

Just a suggestion... why don't you have occasional auctions where bid assist and bid rescue cannot be used? This would make it so bidders wouldn't be able to set their bid assist up with X number of T-Credits and then just walk away. Just have random auctions that force bidders to actually participate.

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Suggestions for members that don't have money for advertising... in Marketing #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

4 months ago

Hi Tommie and Erich,

Although it seems you are sincerely trying to help SFI Affiliates think outside the box Tommie, and it is appreciated that you are sharing your opinion of what works and has worked well for you, your approach does seem a bit “in your face” (if you will). By that I mean, mentioning ways to do free advertising but in such a way that it really doesn’t help anyone but tells everyone how great you are. Furthermore, listing a few search criteria is pretty vague. I mean, sure, you can do Google searches for Free Advertising and using some of the key words you mentioned BUT there are so many scams out there, which one(s) are the best to use? Which FREE viral mailer (for instance) is the best one? What actually works best for you? I think what people are looking for is some guidance, more so than just some mention of search words to use. People, who are generally new to online marketing have NO CLUE how to start or where to start! Telling them to simply search on “Viral Mailers”, “Safelists”, and “Traffic Exchanges” (for example) gives them nothing, really. The more experienced marketer might look at this list you provided and be thankful because you mentioned one or two things they may not have thought of but the newbie is still lost. So, I think your heart is in the right place and, please don’t take this the wrong way but, the suggestions you provide won’t help much (again, for the newbie).

To your comment Erich, I personally don’t see any self-promotion going on by listing some free advertising search criteria. If there is no “Affiliate” name/number in the URL then no one is getting credit for it. So, not sure where you are going with your accusation unless what you call “self-promotion” is how Tommie comes across in his posts. I don’t see that as self-promotion, I see it more like Tommie is proud of what he accomplished and wants to let others know online marketing using free methods does work. Although, the way he said it could have been done slightly different, not using the “authority on the subject” approach would have been more acceptable by all.

Thanks to all for your input here.

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Contest- Prize in $ as an incentive in Suggestion Box

5 months ago

Yes, I agree with you Phill. You cannot legally have a lottery of this type, at least it won't fly in the U.S. As you mentioned, having a "Free" lottery would be the best way to go. That's what most companies do. Unless you are affiliated with state governments, you cannot charge money to enter contests however, you can charge for purchasing "tickets" for an auction if it's for charitable causes. SFI doesn't fit into that category. So, the best way to do this (and what most other companies do) is to have free contests/lotteries. Although I was not around when SFI was giving money as awards, From the sound of it, I think the reason why people didn't get so excited about it is the fact that the chance of winning was so low (1 in 1xxxx is not an incentive for most people). However, if SFI were to give money as an award for winning the Daily Crown (for example), more people would be excited because the chances of winning are so much greater.
All the best.

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Problem with a Rewardicals ECA store in Miscellaneous #Rewardical

5 months ago

Hi Nico,

It does leave a bad taste in your mouth when ordering for the first time and your product does not arrive when you expected it to. At the least the ECA should have been upfront with you and clearly stated, "orders can take up to xx weeks to arrive". The ECA should have certainly responded to your email. By not doing so is just BAD BUSINESS. To give the ECA the benefit of a doubt though, perhaps your email went into his/her spam folder. You may want to shoot another Email to the ECA; you can also tell support you tried contacting the ECA multiple times to no avail, if it comes to that.

Just to let you know, I have a PSA who ordered something from an ECA and she contacted me because it was taking too long. Although I couldn't do much to help, I did go to the UPS tracking site to see where it is. So, if there was tracking on it (and there usually is), you may want to try that. At least you can see the status.

I'd give it another couple weeks and if you still don't receive it, report that ECA as a possible fraudulent business. SFI support should at least be able to contact the owner directly, I would think.

Good luck.

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What are you blogging about...to promote SFI and TripleClicks? in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

5 months ago

Hi All!
Great posts by everyone. I am really inspired by your posts and how blogging really does help build a business. I have an interest in blogging and have been thinking about it for years but, have not taken any action yet. I guess, because of the time commitment or fear of failure... I don't know-??? Anyway, it's time to give it a shot! So, wanted to find out if you have recommendations on a platform and hosting. I would appreciate your input on this. There are Sooo many out there, I just want to find one that is not too expensive and offers a lot of tools for building a good blog. Any suggestions?
Thanks so much!

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In yesterdays Biz Quiz in Suggestion Box

5 months ago

Thank you for bringing this up Svend!
I searched for the answer for 20 minutes and found NOTHING on this! Very Frustrating!! So, I took guesses until I got the ole "Sorry..." response!
I agree with you that this should be in the Rules, which is the first place I looked. I also checked Launch Pad Lessons and did a search in Forums on "images" and "image size" and found nothing!
Oh well, guess we can't win them all.
Thanks again!

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ZackJack can be frustrating at times! in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

6 months ago

Hi Chris,
I feel your pain! I had long streaks of not winning myself and it is frustrating as Heck! However, I don't recall going through 67 iterations of the game before winning one... that is ridiculous. I'd take Johan's advise and close out the session, walk away for a while, then come back and try again. Best of luck :)

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What are some new ways to motivate your PSAs? in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

6 months ago

The Age-Old question, when it comes to affiliate marketing is: Why are Affiliates non-productive? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not an easy one, nor is it straightforward. There are many reasons for this but one of the most basic reasons, one that is certainly within our control is… sometimes Affiliates just need a little “nudge” to get started. Just a gentle reminder of why they joined the program initially and remind them that they most likely had some goal in mind when joining. Whether it is to get rich, buy a house, buy a car, go on a nice vacation with the family, or simply repay their student loans (ok, ok, I had to throw that in there. Now you know my primary reason for joining SFI). Nevertheless, everyone has their reasons for wanting to earn money.

Another reason Affiliates may be slow to start is they simply don’t know how. They joined, probably on impulse, with big expectations but when they find out that it actually takes some work, they are hesitant on wasting their time so, instead of doing something they opt to do nothing! To overcome this hurdle and help our Affiliates get rolling… instead of allowing our Affiliates to get overwhelmed with all the great features SFI has to offer, break it down for them in our weekly news letters. Create a “course” for them to follow. Share some history… How did you start? What got you going? Start by showing them how to earn VPs and the importance of logging in every day. Share the “21 days to a good habit” concept where by doing something for 21 days will turn into automatic behavior. Let’s work with our PSA’s and help them but, don’t do it for them. Instead, teach them what works for us to begin the duplication process.

Then there’s the old, “I’ll get to it later!” and, we all know how that goes! From studying for a test to cleaning out the closet, we’ve all been there. This is no different. We need to show our Affiliates that there is real potential in SFI and that they aren’t going to be wasting their time. Ask them questions and get them involved in discussions. Show them that we ARE human and this is not some scam that is here today, gone tomorrow. The SFI record of being around for 20+ years is testimony alone, it was one reason I joined after being tired of running from one program to another. Keep the conversation going and make them look forward to your next email. Give them some outstanding content that they can use in their everyday lives. This will help build a relationship and prove to them that we are not out to take them for a ride. Which leads me to, what I believe to be, the number one reason why Affiliates are hesitant to dive in, and that is – TRUST (or, lack thereof). We need to show our Affiliates we are trustworthy and we truly want to help them succeed. If we keep at it, eventually we will win them over, or at least a good percentage.

Anyway, that’s just my 2 cents worth. Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.

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Leadership Points!! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Marketing

7 months ago

Thanks Aziz. Very interesting post. You brought up some great points and how it's important to stay motivated and that we all have the power to control our own thoughts and mind.
As other stated, it looks like you forgot the article URL so I found it and am posting it here: www.success.com/article/7-mistakes-these-successful-people-will-never-make-again
Thanks again.

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Goodbye Class Cash, Hello Smart Start! in SFI News #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

7 months ago

I think this has great potential! It’s as if new Affiliates are getting an instant business, already well on its way to success! I think a lot of the problem with attracting Affiliates to any online marketing program is, they want overnight success! They want everything handed to them. Well, what better way to attract new Affiliates than starting them out on the right foot! Literally, handing them a bunch of Affiliates right up front for free! It’s a win-win for all of us. Even the CSA's (who are somebody elses PSA's) benefit by taking advantage of this program. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this is accepted by new Affiliates. This definitely sounds like a great incentive! Thank you Gery!

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Think before you post in Getting Started #Getting Started #Team Building

7 months ago

Hi All…

I just have some suggestions for posting in the forum. Feel free to take it or leave it but this has helped me in my job and my career so I thought I would pass this on.

When posting in forums or even writing email, we all tend to get caught up emotionally at times and just shoot out a quick email or respond to a post without thinking twice. I don’t know about you but this has come back to bite me before. I fortunately learned my lesson early in my career and I use these same principles when posting in forums.

Although I have only been a member of SFI for a short time and I have only posted a few Forum posts, I do frequent the forum quite a bit and read a lot of the posts. Some are right on target whereas others were written strictly from an emotional standpoint while the author was, perhaps, heated or very passionate about the topic. This can cause hard feelings among other Forum goers and even PISS people off if misunderstood. Remember, even if you write a post in such a way that you are joking or not really upset, people cannot see your facial expression. While Emoji’s help, sometimes they can be misconstrued by the reader.

So, for what it’s worth, here are the rules I try to follow before posting or sending emails. I think it’s a pretty good practice to get into and it can avoid a lot of confrontation and misunderstandings in the future. There’s no point to upsetting our fellow SFI Affiliates. We are all in this together. We all want to be successful so, why not take the extra few minutes and think before you post.

1. In a word processor (i.e. MS Word), type your draft, what you want to say.
2. Review the draft and edit it to be clear and direct to the point. Only respond to the post, try to avoid going down a “rabbit trail” on a non-related topic.
3. Re-read your post and make any corrections
4. Go on to do something else for 30 minutes or so, especially if the topic is heated and has you upset. Cool down some before continuing.
5. Re-read the post and adjust it as you want to. At this point, you may want to read it from the receiver’s perspective. See how it will be received. If anything in it may cause hard feelings or be misinterpreted, think twice before posting.
6. Once you are sure it’s what you really want to say, hit Submit.

Some of this, you may be thinking, is common sense. However, even common sense can be forgotten on occasion.
I know most everyone is very conscientious when responding to posts but we all forget once in a while and just shoot out a response without thinking about its content. That’s why I always write my posts in word processor first, let it “mellow” for a while, come back, re-read it and will usually edit it again before sending. Just some advice

Have a great day!

To your success.

- Dave -

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Can you make the Badges Permanent instead of Renewing them daily? in Suggestion Box

7 months ago

Thank you Besa for bring this up. I have often wondered myself why one day I only needed 1 badge to advance to the next level. I log in the next day and need 5 badges. What happened to the other 4??? I did the same thing each day (earn at least 10 VP’s, play games and Bids, respond to PSAs/CSAs, etc.) yet, I tend to lose badges more than gain them. One day since I joined SFI I actually missed a day of logging in. I was SOOO busy at work I didn’t even get lunch and when I got home my wife had things for me to do. I was down to only needing 2 badges to advance to the next level, because I missed that one day of logging in, the next day it seemed I lost everything (couldn’t requalify for daily grand drawing, was down to needing 10 badges, had to start my streak over) – just by missing one day! It would be nice to maintain certain badges longer than one day.

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Why should non SFI Affiliates participate in Pricebender? in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TripleClicks

7 months ago

Hi All..
First I want to say that this is not a complaint. I am actually enjoying my time spent working my SFI business although, it's still going very slowly (as far as earning goes) but, I login every day and do actions in To Do List as well as purchase items such as TCredits for bidding and playing games. My question has to do with Pricebender and why would a non SFI Affiliates want to participate in Pricebender when the majority of items up for auction have to do with either winning more TCredits or helping SFI Affiliates build their business (i.e. PSAs, PRMs). Actual products they auction seems to be few and far between. I watch and participate in the auctions (have not won yet though) and I mainly try for PSAs but if I were just a TC customer or there to play games and bid, there are only a few things that intrigue me (occasional Chromebook, e-reader, Amazon Fire). So, how do you promote Pricebender to non-Affiliates when they could just as easily join ubid.com and have a chance to win cool things and their tokens are less expensive. Although granted, ubid is only for the U.S., still seems that the products auctioned are more sought after than what Pricebender offers. Perhaps I'm missing something here. Please help me understand the benefits of Pricebender for non-Affiliates. I'd like to start promoting Pricebender but just not sure what I can tell prospective participants to intrigue them. Even some of my friends/family I showed it to said there's nothing they want from what they have seen. Anyway, your input is welcome.
Thank you.

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Sorry! You Are Not My Boss! in Getting Started #Getting Started

7 months ago

Excellent post Bruce! Everything you said is true. Always saying “I SHOULD do that” or even “I PLAN to do this” are often defeating because it’s just another way of saying… “Maybe tomorrow…” And, with most people, it might never get done. So, changing ones mind-set to “DO” is critical to everyone’s success. It reminds me of a book I once read where the Author talks about the “5 Second Rule”. It’s a simple thing to do and it will get you to move and get things done rather than putting them off until “tomorrow”. It works like this…. Next time there is something you know you have to get done but you just don’t feel like getting off the couch (for example), count backwards from 5 to 1 and on 1 just say to yourself “GO” or “LAUNCH” and that will inspire you to get up and move! It really works!

Another thing you mentioned is on Goals. It brings me back to when I was studying for my MBA and learned about SMART goal setting. It’s something we often take for granted but it really does work. For those of you who may not be familiar with the term, SMART is an acronym for setting Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time Limited Goals. As you said, it is important to set achievable goals but not ones that are too easy. We all need something to strive for and if the goal is too easy (for example, “my goal today is to get out of bed”), I have already defeated myself by setting a goal that is virtual impossible to fail.

Anyway, thanks for the post. It helps put things into perspective.

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Selling personal items on TC in Sales #Sales #TripleClicks

8 months ago

I'm a bit confused and hope someone can help me to understand this. I understand (from reading other forum posts) that selling personal items on TC has been ban (or, at least temporarily). However, today I see the TIP of the Day is exactly this... how you can go around your home, garage, yard, take pictures and post them on TC for sale. Yet, when I click on the Tripleclicks.com link, I get a page saying they are no longer accepting ECA members or member listings. So, can someone please explain what the real story is to listing personal items? Can we or can't we do that if, if we CANNOT, why is the TIP of the DAY promoting it?
Thank you.

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Active PSA in Team Building #PSA #Team Building #VersaPoints

8 months ago

That's a pretty bold statement "other countries dont have experience in online marketing...". I think it comes down to individual education and how well versed someone is in online marketing. There are educated people all over the world, some with a formal education whereas others are self-taught. It has nothing to do with the region one lives in. Everyone joins SFI with the hope to make money. Although you have some Affiliates that want $$$ and do nothing to earn it, the people who are serious about SFI and making money will learn how to market online, if they don't already know how to. The way I look at this is... if you own a computer and you have the capability to get online, then you can learn how to market online and build a business. If you have a strong desire to build a business, you will learn what it takes to do so. Like many of us, we all started somewhere and there are plenty of people in SFI from all parts of the world and all walks of life that are building a successful business, we just have to find the people that want financial freedom and are willing to learn. All it takes is 5 serious Affiliates who share the same passion we all have and, they can be from anywhere, not just the Top Tier countries. Best Wishes for a successful future!