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Fast track to EA status in Sales #Auto-Delivery #Getting Started #VersaPoints

7 months ago

This is so true, in my case, when I joined SFI, I bought my 125Tcredits and set up my auto delivery so I became an EA on the second day, I bought it again and became a BTL on the third day. This is what I do at the beginning of each month, so I was able to start earning my commission right away and am loving it because I use these credits to play my games or BID and earn free Rewardicals which I redeem with either VP or PSA. This is so so cool guys!

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MRP Redemption Specials & New Badge in SFI News #CSA #TCredits

8 months ago

This is wonderful. I was so exited to see that from now on I will receive a badge fir every TCredit I buy. Thank you very much this is very encouraging not forget to nention that for every TCredit I bid or plsy I will still receive my 10rewardicals.

Things are becoming so wonderful here!

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Work hard ,have fun and make history in Southern Africa

9 months ago

I completely agree with you my sister, thank you very much for good encouragement. Keep it up.

Yours in business success!

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E365 championship in Southern Africa

9 months ago

If there is one thing I would like to take from your post is that it has helped me to appreciate that patience, perseverance and persistance are very useful qualities to caltivate in this SFI business, if I want to succeed because it will help me to keep my eyes focused.

Best regards!

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Congratulations E365 Champion Richard Iroajanma ! in Recognition

9 months ago

Congraturation dear, your succesd is our success.๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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Using the Same Brush! in Ask Gery

9 months ago

Thanks for the information, I appreciate it very much.