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Anene C.


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Super rich Internet Income course in Marketing

7 months ago

Hello everyone
I want to point out one valuable previlage and provision we have as affiliates in SFI - The internet income course. I have walk through the internet income course up to Lesson 30, and I must say that to really build profitable online business we should.take the course serious. The content is so rich and valuable for building out business as SFI affiliates and internet marketers. It is said "Learning is the beginning of wealth"I strongly advise affiliate to assimilate the content in the course if one desires to be a high flier in internet marketing. It is valuable resource at our disposal. I recently asked for digital marketing company their course requirements and discovered that we have valuable and organised information Free. We should encourage our team members to key into it.
Aim high dream big.

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Persistence Pays in Recognition

8 months ago

I finally won a knock Trivia. persistence is an a valuable key to success. Congratulations to me.

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What are the MAIN problems you face growing your business on Social Media? in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

8 months ago

Two problems that I encountered on social media are.
First, the problem of SPAMING
Secondly, the issue of SFI links being blocked.
Thirdly, most people searching for online business opportunity are looking for get rich schemes.
As a solution to this, especially to links being blocked. I think getting a Personal Website or blog promoting SFI helps. Once your blog is started, you can move to social media to expand your network and drive traffic to your blog. Links to your own blog will almost always be accepted on social media. Your blog can then direct traffic to your SFI gateway. Having the registration and first step video on SFI business on your blog is very important as it gives prospect a good picture
On the issue of 'getting rich quick' we should spell it out on the onset that the business offer is not a get rich quick scheme as such we won't be emotional if we record few sign up from a post, knowing that any sign ups understand what to expect on. I learn 't something from a book title 'Selling is not hard if you know how' that in sales or marketing, you see yourself as wanting help and not to sell. With this you see rejection as refusal to an
idea rather than you.
On the issue of SPAMMERS, I think the solution is to forget and move on with other post or comments. Spammers will always show up. I just forget about them since they want stop me from following up other prospects
Hope this helps.

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Triplesclick store, ECA and Rewardicals. in ECA Program

12 months ago

Hello Everyone.
I want to understand the difference between my store on triple clicks, the ECA program and rewardicals.com. From my lessons i am made to understand that as an affiliate, i have a store on triple clicks and can choose what to sell. Following the latest changes in ECA, i will like to be clarified on the following issues:

- As an Affiliate am i automatically an ECA?
- If i am an ECA, how do i know if i am retained at tripleclicks or transfered to rewardicals.
- If i am retained in tripleclicks, do i get commission for PRM on tripleclicks who buy any products or the ones who buy from store. Or PRM who sign up with triple clicks.
i really want to understand the difference between, Tripleclicks store, my own store and ECA.

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The Thrills of success in Nigeria #Team Building

12 months ago

That's a nice one. The key is learning and expanding your knowledge about the business everyday. As you do that strategies are flowing to you. It is only a matter of time, dedication and a never give up attitude and soon making money will become your second nature.

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Are we useless guys? in Inspiration/Testimonials #Getting Started #Team Building #VersaPoints

12 months ago

Hi Mr. Theodore. Thanks for this inspiration. Your words have stired me up for today.

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Why would I even bother bidding on an auction? in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

12 months ago

Congratulations Jenny, you have every reason to celebrate. Wishing you more wins.

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Could Gifting Excess VPs To Other Team members Work? in Team Building

12 months ago

I think it's a great idea that will encourage affiliates to get their EA status.