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Slavoljub V.

Bosnia And Herzegovina

Posts: 96 | Followers: 57 | Joined SFI: Mar 5, 2018

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Wow, wow, wow, I won!!! in Recognition #Eager Zebra #Rewardical

1 day ago

Dear Toyin Olayemi,
Congratulations on the nice rewards you have won and I thank you for sharing it with us.

All the best

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SFI. Not a job: Your Own Business! in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

3 days ago

SFI. It's not a job: it's your job!
respect for Raymond L.
Thank you very much for this post. I like your business look. I will certainly use your approach in the future.
But I would especially like to thank dear Sanchia A. for the link that I have not read till today, and it is very instructive for me:

All the best

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Step-It-Up September Contest! Win 13,000 CSAs! in SFI News #Contests #CSA #Team Building

3 days ago

Thank you, Gery

Super 500 ADU.
But it must be understood that getting these ADUs this month, I think, means that you have to maintain the status that you won 500 ADUs in the next month so that you do not lose the winning number.
Very motivating for further work and status maintenance.

All the best

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Noviteti koji mogu doneti VELIKI uspeh! in Southern Europe #CSA

5 days ago

Srdačan pozdrav Ivana,
Imate sreće da se nađete na pravom mjestu u pravo vrijeme i uradite pravu stvar.
Čestitam na postignutom statusu i želim Vam uspješan rad.

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I just won 16000 Supernova... What a lucky day! in Recognition #Astro Auctions

6 days ago

Dear Soriyavithya N,
Congratulations for the big win in the ASTRO Supernova Winning!
Incredible luck is following you.
All the best.

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Congratulations EA Sanchia Ackerman. in Recognition #PSA #Team Building #VersaPoints

7 days ago

Greeting Yoonus!
I join with congratulations on the EA status of Mr Sanchia Ackerman.
The first big step in one month when you gain 500 ADU (five hundred) to change status. I want you a great number, out of these 500, to be working.
Best regards

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E365 in Recognition #Auto-Delivery #E365 #Sponsor

9 days ago

Respect Tshering Dema!
Congratulations on your entry into the E365 competition.
I need to, I think, continue to work on conquering as many VPs as possible through as many memberships as possible, looking for leaders and valuable members. Their directing from you as leaders to work as you do.
All the best.

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Nagrada in Southern Europe #Rewardical

9 days ago

Čestitam Goran.
Vrijedne nagrade čini mi se osvojene u Astro aukciji.
Želim Vam puno uspjeha u daljem radu i puno nagrada.
Lijep pozdra .

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Nagrada Te Time in Southern Europe #Astro Auctions #CSA #Leadership

11 days ago

Bravo Fahida H.
Upornost se uvijek isplati. Dva T Credita se mogu dobiti-osvojiti jedino ako se igra T Time igrica . Vjerujem da ste klikali svaki sat kako bi bili izvučeni kao dobitnik .
A sada valja nešto i potrošiti. Želim Vam uspjeh u aukcijama.
Lijep pozdrav.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Juliet kilonzo! in Recognition

12 days ago

Congratulations to E365 Champion, Juliet Kilonzo!
It's a lot of work and great success after 365 days. It's a whole year and it's time to be the best in its class.
I wish you a lot of success in further work.
All the best.

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Don’t like inactive PSA’s in your genealogy? in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

14 days ago

Nice post, Mr. Scott
but "Time is the most useful human advisor" as the proverb says, and there is always the possibility that the remaining spark that occurred when joining a dormant member triggers activity and produces avalanches (hopefully). Of course if you occasionally send a message, e card or the like.

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PSA's in Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

14 days ago

Hello, Mr. Garry C.

An interesting question and a simple answer.
The link set by Mr. Stephen D. and Mr. Edward G. in response to your question shows how important it is to read the instructions
and this is your question on the forum how important it is to follow the forum.

I wish you a successful job in SFI
No one is happy if he does not work.

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5 godina u SFI in Southern Europe

16 days ago

Čestitam gospodine Stevan
za, naporan, petogodišnji rad u SFI okruženju. E365 Državni šampion i Srebrna Fast-track odrađeni u tih pet godina pored svih ostalih nagrada koje ste osvojili. Želim Vam još dugo godina da radite u SFI sa svojim iskustvom.

Srdačan pozdrav.

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Uz dobrog sponzora sve je lakse! in Southern Europe #Sponsor

17 days ago

Pozdrav Ivana,
pridružujem se i takodje zahvaljujem gđi. Suzani za napore koje čini da osposobi i pomogne članovima u radu.
Čestitam Vam, Ivana, i na hrabrosti da se uključite u forum i mislim da ćete i Vi postati dobar sponzor.
Želim Vam puno uspjeha u daljem radu.
Lijep pozdrav

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Just won 25 TCredits!!! in Recognition #Eager Zebra

17 days ago

Great, Mr BOSAH B.
Congratulations on winning 25 Tredits. Powerful Card King game. You should be lucky and the rewards in this game are very good.
Have a happy day again.
Best regards

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Dream! in Miscellaneous #PSA #Sponsor #Team Building

19 days ago

Dear Sarah,

A nice explanation for DREAM but what is an acronym in SFI. You can find a few explanations for the acronym on this site:
All the best

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What would you do?........ in Team Building #Team Building

19 days ago

Hi Philip.
An interesting comparison. Every man (also implicit in the woman) strives for the better. But life often shows, when you make a mistake in steps, all your cruelty. Poverty can never be repaired.
You are familiar with the saying: "Man is a man's wolf" common in real life.
All the best

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uspjela sam postignut EA in Bosnia And Herzegovina

21 days ago

Pozdrav Mirsada,
Čestitam Ti status EA, dobijanje 10 referala CSA. Nadam se da će biti radni i da ćeš idući put lakše doći do ovog statusa. Čestitam Ti i na hrabrosti da se javiš na forumu i objaviš ovu vijest.
Lijep pozdrav

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Announcing...the Astro Auction VIP program in SFI News #Astro Auctions

23 days ago

Great, great news for winning the badges. Increasing the number of TCs with 10 to 15 great things. What good is still waiting for us? The forum is a great thing just how nice ideas can be found.
All the best

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23 days ago

Poštovanje Snežana.
Interesantno, kada bih pisao za sebe potpisao bi Vaš tekst.
Pitanje posao ili prijateljstvo možda ste mislili na prijateljstva van SFI. Sigurno je jedno da rad u SFI traži da se dosta vremena provodi za računarom ali sigurno ne treba zapostaviti prijateljstva van SFI.
Lijepom raspodjelom vremena, planiranjem rada, mislim da se može raditi i u SFI i odžavati kontakt sa svojim prijateljima.
Želim Vam puno uspjeha u daljem radu.
Lijep pozdrav.

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I Currently have 50,298 RW Tokens To Redeem... in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

25 days ago

Congratulations Mr. Captkirk.
Nice theme.
They say the hardest is to get to the first million, later everything goes easy.
Is there a possibility that RW loses value? And bitcoin has a big drop in value! Maybe it's best to invest in real estate!
Best regards

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Astro Auctions in Suggestion Box #Astro Auctions #Contests

about 1 month ago

I would like to know the answer to the question posed by Mr Tim B..
If there is only one TC bet that one can expect such an auction participant. The prizes are really good but did there be any chance of winning the main prize? (logical answer is NO bat ...?)
Best regards.

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You won Card King! in Recognition #TCredits

about 1 month ago

Congratulations to Mr. Henry Aloysius.
A nice prize won in this interesting Card King game. You are well assessed when investing TCredit. I believe that maps should also be followed, which has come out etc.
I wish you a lot of success in further work with SFI.
Best regards.

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Solidarnost u lajku in Bosnia And Herzegovina

about 1 month ago

Srdačan pozdrav.

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Happy Independence Day India. in Recognition

about 1 month ago

I congratulate M.L.B.
I wish you and everyone who celebrates the Independence Day of India a happy holiday.
Best regards