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Сергей Б.

Russian Federation

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The Story of your LIFE in Miscellaneous

2 hours ago

Maryana! Your story is a wonderful example of how you can value life, value yourself in this life.

Attitude towards you, towards your work of people around you - this is your assessment. It may not coincide with your opinion. And it happens very often!

But any person, any team leader should know and remember about responsibility for his team. Take responsibility for them. Remain the leader no matter what! Good luck to all of us! Thank you for your post!

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Needing Encouragement, - I'm Quietly Struggling... in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

3 hours ago

TOMMY! Your phrase: "Advice: Let's Become Expendable, Generating So Many PSA, What Diamonds Become Common!" Can be used as a slogan for working here. Good idea.

It remains to make this idea practice. Permanent and daily. And there are a lot of ways for this! Good luck to all of us !!!

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Developing a Business Plan in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

23 hours ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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How To Reply To An E-Mail Or Post That Upsets You!!! in Marketing #Marketing

1 day ago

You are right BRUSS, any action, especially bringing you discomfort requires reflection. Do not rush to respond to the unpleasant message "You need to sleep with this," as the wise say.

This is especially true of correspondence. Yes. You are right, professor !!!

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The Better Approach ( SFI home Business) in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Marketing #Sponsor

1 day ago

Mr. HORAS! My opinion
1) The SFI business platform has great potential for the development of an individual as a businessman and a seller.
2) The information base of SFI is extensive and diverse.
3) Careful study of the theory and application of this knowledge in practice can lead to stunning results.
4) SFI - not for adventurers and people who are greedy for quick money. Only serious and purposeful people remain to work here.

That is why so many new branches are not active here. They do not want to learn, do not want to wait for change, do not want to build their business according to the rules of the company. They want a lot, immediately and quickly. And so - does not happen !!!

Good luck, gentlemen and business lady!

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Bored Stiff in Miscellaneous #Marketing #Team Building

2 days ago

Dear GABRIELLE! Of course everyone chooses their own way of business development in our business system SFI

But how can I “call on the barricades” and convince my team’s new branches to work actively here and achieve something if I myself am not even a BRONZE LEADER?

People need an example. They need a leader who tells them what to do, will show the way. Mark the landmark. And he - this leader must be at least one step higher than his team.

Many come here just like that - in passing, try to make easy money, watch another new project on the Internet. Faced with the first difficulties - leaving or becoming inactive (I call them - dead bees)

Here is an example of a leader for such inert branches. They have a curiosity - "if my leader could, maybe I can ???" But how you can work with them depends on you. From your charm. From your ability to work with people ... Yes, a lot of what!

So - your status matters, believe me !!!
If the general tells you "Son, go ahead, attack, we will definitely win!" you believe him. If these words are told to you by a snotty soldier ... You will not believe him and will not rise to the attack, am I right ???

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Do You Think Others Will Respect Your Marketing Skills? in Marketing #Marketing

3 days ago

Mr. BRUSS! If you become a marketing expert, your life is a success. In the SFI business platform, building a team is a holy cause and one of the principles of success and prosperity. But if you also know how to trade and tell your team how to do it, this is just great !!!

You are the leader and role model. And it depends on your actions whether you will be a successful commander or your structure will fall apart like a house of cards! You are absolutely right, Professor BRUCE !!!

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Astro Austions in Ask Gery

3 days ago

My friends. Your ambitions of owning a badge are completely legitimate. Personally, I never thought about it. ASTRO - AUCTIONS for me - a fun lottery, interesting carousel and one of the most interesting and exciting pages of the SFI system

Probably everyone chooses for himself. Good luck and health!

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SFI Biz Quiz in Getting Started #Contests #Getting Started

4 days ago

HAVED, this quiz makes you study all the subtleties of the SFI business platform, delve into all the questions. It is very entertaining and interesting. I wish you that the color of your answers to the "brains" was always only green !!! Only GREEN !!!

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New badge for E365 Drawing Day in Getting Started #Contests #E365

4 days ago

VLADIMIR, I think your proposal is interesting. I agree with your opinion. Our administration and Mr. President will definitely consider this proposal. I like your thoughtful approach to working in the SFI business platform. Good luck and keep you and yours!

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Received, ESB CSAs!!! in Team Building #CSA

6 days ago

Hello MERILIN. I'm still the same. I try to tell new affiliates about all the advantages of our business platform and activate their work. I'm trying to explain to them how great it is to be an EA. Or a bronze leader or ...

I'm trying to create a good and working team. The administration of our project helps me with this in the provision of new branches. You will not find such help in any project.

You give people. How you treat them is up to you. Work, be an "excellent sponsor" and create your business. There are many educational materials for this!

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Find your passion, Zingers!!! in Marketing #Marketing #Sales

6 days ago

This story is both beautiful and instructive. You can sadly play a pipe sitting on a bag of dollars. And you can laugh and sing with an empty stomach - it all depends on the person. Let's believe in yourself, in your star, in your happiness. And it will definitely come !!!

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T CREDITS in Team Building #TCredits

7 days ago

Tikhomira, do not despair! You cannot do this. The SFI business platform works the other way around - sponsors can transfer TK to their affiliates. This is normal. But when you want to give TK to your sponsor, this is of course good. This is wonderful ... BUT

The answer is negative

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First time-Top scorers in Pick The Price contest! in Recognition #Eager Zebra #TCredits

7 days ago

EVELDINA! Wonderful result! Your team and your sponsor can be proud of you! I wish you a lot of winnings, a lot of luck and many, many branches. Great!

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Time To Do Some Mental House-Cleaning!!! in Marketing #Marketing

7 days ago

Mr. BRUSS! Very correct thought. Negative thinking leads to depression and does not help in work. The end of the year - we can evaluate what has been done, set goals for the new month, the New Year. Create a business plan

All our thoughts, our plans should be only positive, joyful and bright. So it's just easier for us to breathe.

Bless you and yours

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Useful ideas about building a business in Team Building #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

8 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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Age Is No Longer An Excuse!!! in Marketing #Marketing

8 days ago

Thanks to BRUSS for the positive and necessary post. Our business - SFI platform is a wonderful field where everyone can sow their "corn". And the young "pioneer" and a worthy retiree.

Both those and others can wait for excellent "shoots" and a rich harvest! It is only necessary not to be lazy to cultivate your field daily.

And for this we need to study the properties, features and nuances of our class field - SFI !!!
God bless you and yours!

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You are what you think! in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

10 days ago

"I will respectfully disagree about it being scientifically proven. Quite the opposite. People need to do honest research for themselves."
I will not even argue. The thought of man, his consciousness is energy in the subtlest form ”- these discoveries were published by the dean of Princeton University R. J. John and his assistants. The founder of wave genetics P. Goryaev argues that "people can influence their thought, word, feeling on the DNA molecules of both their own and other people."
Source: salik.biz/articles/13807-dokazatelstva-uchenyh-o-tom-chto-mysl-materialna.html

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IMPORTANT MEMO FOR ALL SFI SPONSORS in SFI News #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

11 days ago

Hello, Mr. President. I am pleased with your concern about the development of our wonderful project. I agree with your methods.

I really liked the simple and competent version of the letter to the new branches of Mr. TOMMI. No further words and no barricades

I am sure that such a letter (postcard) is practical and effective. SUCCESS TO ALL OF US!

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Don't just worker hard do the hard work in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Rewardical

11 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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You are what you think! in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

11 days ago

You're right. Already scientifically proven - the words are material. You can’t say "I can not" "I am afraid" "I am not capable!" These phrases like a magnet attract trouble.

The psychology of the winner is the path to success. Such thinking sets up to win, helps to overcome difficulties and failures. “I can” “I am brave and lucky” “I am capable” - these are our phrases.

Anyone who works in our business system is obliged to remember this. Everyone should know - he is the leader of the team. Everyone should create it - this command. Be able to lead. Be able to achieve your goals.

And then your business will flourish. And your check here will be worthy! Successes to us all, gentlemen!

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Who needs SFI the most? ... Everyone! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sponsor #Team Building

12 days ago

Ed! I have two hats. I shoot both before you! Wonderful post. Unemployment, lack of prospects - the problem is not only America, Canada, Japan and developed countries ... These are global problems!

Our business platform is Eldorado for smart, ambitious and literate people. It is an oasis in the wilderness of unemployment and shattered hopes.

Work here is promising, reliable and worthy of respect. Our main task is gradually calmly and thoughtfully to study the subtleties of work, to understand the essence of the problem.

This is half the work and probably the smallest half. The main task is to create and train "my own kind" - your team, your family.
It is our "family" - strong, harmonious, competent will give us the strength and opportunity to achieve success. Together. A single wave to sweep away the obstacles to the goal !!!

I'm right?

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Learning Is Dependent Upon Your Listening Skills!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

12 days ago

Bryuss! I agree with you. Mastery of the speaker - a great thing. And if he speaks the right, literate thoughts - this is doubly worthy. The ability to listen and understand is a great skill. Therefore, the work of the team depends on two factors - the leader’s ability to convey information to his people and the team’s ability to understand their leader, understand the essence of the issue and correctly perform the assigned tasks. This is the path to success. Have a nice day.

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Are you plan for this badge in Miscellaneous #Eager Zebra

12 days ago

In the Russian army there is a joking saying (it sounds rhyme in Russian) - a soldier without badges like a cobra without glasses. That is, a military man who does not strive for victory like a toothless serpent deserves only pity and indulgence! Friends! I wish all colleagues to be toothy, successful and fulfill their goals. The end of the month - remember this !!!

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Dreams-Desires-Goals-Committments-Time-$=Success. in Getting Started #Getting Started

13 days ago

Mr. BRUSS! Dream - like a projectile that flies to the goal. When the dream came true - the goal is achieved. It can be as big as a mountain or as small as a tussock. It could be a happy Christmas or a new car. But every normal person has a dream, doesn't he? The only question is what do you do to achieve the goal and make your dream come true. If you do little - bad. Your team sees this and does the same. But if you strive for success as a runner at a distance and you give it all the way - great! You are a leader and an example to follow. I wish your dreams come true!