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David Mwai G.

United Kingdom

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Just my thoughts on retention of PSA in Compensation #Compensation

5 days ago

I agree with you Lindsay, drivers will take actions and aim to learn in the process. They will ask help from their sponsors as and when they need or are unsure. However I suppose that if it were required to double optin, maybe some of the inactive affiliates, who've never activated their accounts will still have Not done so. A chick that will grow to a cock is spotted the day it hatches.

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Congratulations E365 Champion Riccardo Lanfredi! in Recognition

8 days ago


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Quick VP Question in Sales #Getting Started #VersaPoints

11 days ago

Thank you all for this enlightening. I am quite new so, please may I find what happens if I've set my out-delivery at the beginning of the month, say 2nd, or maybe this is something quite different. Please advice when in the month is best for an out-delivery, thanks.

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IMPORTANT MEMO FOR ALL SFI SPONSORS in SFI News #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

11 days ago

I Salute you good Sir Gery for your spearheading foresight. Congratulations for carrying the victory button in SFI empire. Someone said to me that the reward of work well done is "more work", and I agree. Thank you for the marketing insights which I trust will bring about another wave of movers and get it done affiliates.

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Please give a prayer for Laverne. in Miscellaneous #ECA #Leadership #Sponsor

21 days ago

May The LORD of peace Himself give you, LaVerne, peace at this very time, in every way. I pray for your restoration. Amen.