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Tara G.


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How to find a particular member in the Genealogy? in Miscellaneous

6 hours ago

If a member has started to work again you will find him in your Movers if he's generating some VPs.
You can also use the filter Versa Points (This month) if you don't find him in Movers anymore this month (wasn't recently acitve - the last 7 days) but he made some VPs this month.
As other said you can find him by Name too. There are plenty of options to track our members through Genealogy filters.

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When We Make Commissions? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Sales #Team Building

15 hours ago

When we enter SFI we are presented this page: "Let's help you get started!" www.sfimg.com/path
It clearly says that we can initially choose from one of the following two options to learn more on how to earn money through SFI platform.
We can refer members and build a Team.
This are two main ways of income in our Company. We generate sales and we grow our Teams.
Many new members when entering SFI start to focus on Daily Actions and collecting VPs, playing games, or Auctions (if they win some free TCredits). We have the option to automatically transfer VPs to the following month until we achieve EA rank (Executive Affiliate - 1500 VP needed). This way the Company is motivating us to earn more VersaPoints needed for the first rank, by reading and learning about our business. Everyone is free to follow his own rhytm and to make an EA when he wants too. There isn't any obligation to do it instantly. But, of course, if one wants to work more seriously he will make a goal to advance within time.

I see people being disappointed sometimes after achieving their first EA, because they were expecting "more". The fact is that the only thing where we mainly have to put the focus to earn is to always do these steps which are shown in the beginning when we enter SFI - go sell and / or to grow the Team. The EA rank will not bring us the commissions by itself.
Doing Daily Actions regularly will certainly help us to get those points for getting to EA (300VP monthly are not to be underestimated), but that will not bring us the money. Consider reward for doing daily actions like a help from the Company to motivate us to get to know better our online office here, and to be updated on a daily basis. So, we need together with doing daily actions from the start to learn about adveritisng.

So what after achieving an EA? You still need to do always the same actions as they were pointed on the first day - to sell and / or grow a Team.
So, while doing your daily actions try to remember the real thing why are you doing this? To learn how to make commisssions! The focus should always be on how to learn advertising techniques and how to sponsor affiliates.
With Rewardical ECA and Localvantia we have the possibility to spread the voice about our work with merchants and people who are already selling something and having their online / offline stores, too.

So, you see, it is always about selling. When our Team members buy something on TripleClicks it means TC generated sale, so we earn CV (Commission Volume) for the product our PSA has bought on TripleClicks. The same goes for our PRM - clientes we referred - we earn commissons when they buy something and we earn VersaPoints too, because they are not part of SFI. Please, read your LaunchPad well to understand this process.

One doesn't have to be an EA to earn commissions. If you make sales you can earn your DC (Direct Commission) on your first month being here. If you want to grow a Team and do Team Builing you would choose a path within time to go to TL (Team Leader) position and get TO (Team Overrides) too.

You can stay EA if you choose, and focus yourself on sales for instance, and Localvantia program (for being Account Manager you need to be an EA).
You can stay Affiliate and make sales, have your clients/PRMs, advertise Rewardical program, do Localvantia preregistrations etc.

Everyone of us will find the way where to focus to make commissions. It doesn't say you have to be TL, or EA. Important is to gradually learn and the implement on a daily basis all we have learnt in practice.
This is an Advertising business. TripleClicks is our store. The money comes from sales. Either we sell something, either we or our Team members buy something. There are no miracles here - it is simple, just like that!
Learn to dig all the TripleClicks well and to make product collections to advertise them (or single products). Find something which you like to use personally or find some niche you are interesting in, so you can blog about it, or spread the voice better about those products. When we like something we are more likely to reccommend this. But, to reccommend one needs to use something.

So, if we don't have money to buy we can sell until we make the money. That money we can reinvest in some products we want to buy, or we can invest in buying TCredits or else to maintain our rank (if we want to achieve). There is not "hot water" here. It is like when you are satisfied with your hairdresser and you want to reccommend her/him to your friend. The only difference is that we have "friends" all over the world to reccommend products and we have to go online to advertise to reach them. What we learn here are the methods and techniques how to reach those people better.
We have all that in LaunchPad and in Marketing Aids and Methods

By playing games, Auctions and earning Rewardical Tokens we help ourself, because later on we can exchange them for what we think might help us building our business (VersaPoints, TCredits, CSAs, Bitcoin, TC Gift Certificate, Donation, PSAs, PRMs, Prestige Domain, Silver Bullions, EZ Lifelines). See www.rewardical.com/Exchange

I reccommend that we always re-read:
Compensation Plan
Benefits Chart
Generating Sales & Signing Up Members
and here is the: SiteMap

To our success :-)

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Is there a loophole in Team Building #VersaPoints

18 hours ago

Although you don't earn directly commissions when your members gain some Rewardical Tokens, remember that we as Sponsors have our portion in Rewardicals too.
As says:

From Solutions: How does the Rewardical program work?

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The Most Profitable Method Sell TCredits for RW and VP! in Compensation #Rewardical #TCredits #VersaPoints

20 hours ago

I agree that it's a good for us and our members to participate in Austro Auctions and win some prizes, especially RT which we can echange later on in VersaPoints.

I just wanted to point that the exchange of tokens might be a good addition to gain more VPs, but for the higher levels in our Team bulding ranks (BTL an up), we need sales VP. So one really needs or to have some sales to get those VP, or to invest in his own purchases / Auto Delivery.

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The source of income final conclusion in Suggestion Box #Leadership #PSA #Sponsor

2 days ago

Xolani, I'm affraid that your idea to help your PSAs that way in practice would not function in the way you're designed it, sincerely. Let me explain (at least this is my opinion) why:
1. You have to ask yourself what will you gain if person "qualify" with 700-800VP for the "loan" you intend to offer them. We have now about 800VPs offering just for doing getting-started actions and people don't do in large number neither these. I'm affraid you will find yourself surrounded with a bunch of people who would do only free actions to get 800VPs, and run to you showing they "qualified", just to grab your loan and then they would disappear.

2. What is the purpose having GS&CK winnings and badges that brings more "value" and showing their devotion for the business?
That proofs nothing. You want persons in your Team who understand the sense of being an entrepreneur, not people to play games for free, just to qualify for some loan you might give them. You want people who advertise, who want to grow Teams, who are selling and making their own money.

3. You can always use Gift Certificate to help your downline members whenever you want and in the measure you want. We have TC Gift Certificate from $10 up to $1000 to boost your memebers and your business.
So you really don't need neither banks, neither loans, just a fresh cash to buy GC and to find really devoted, working members who are really worth of helping them this way.
As says on provided link: "Gift Certificates are wonderful tools for SFI leaders who want to encourage their team members to get active with SFI, and are a great way to grow your business!"

4. Saying this you can buy Localvantia envelopes, TCredits, Gift Certificates and all other things you want for your business. Nobody stops you to invest millions in your business if you want. But you have to bear in mind that a good entrepreneur is cautious of where he puts his money and when.
I would suggest you to attract people who want to make something for themselves by themselves, and not fraud-people who would steal you and then to do nothing. And you cannot expect that some ECA who is working like you, to survive and expects the "fresh money" from their sale give you something on loan, and installments, as much you cannot expect that Mr. Gery /TripleClicks / SFI does this - they could close the business very soon.

Nobody stops you to go to the Bank and get the cash loan and invest anywhere you want. But, I think that is not the aim of this business. SFI is a good business for 20 years exactly because they leave an opportunity to everbody to start from the scratch, and then within time invest as much they can or they want, without a pressure or any obligation.
You cannot buy with the money dedication - you (or me, or anybody here) get to find dedicated people by themself. People who understand the business and are ready for committment.
So, I think you would do more with training and mentoring, and help your members to understand how to earn themself the money, than to rush and give in vain what you have, and remain without working members and without the money.
Be wise and persistent until you find your Diamonds :-) Good night!

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Meaning of Sponsor for those that live outside the US in Suggestion Box #Sponsor #Team Building

2 days ago

Valdre, you might read a similar thread I've just digged, and what other colleagues and Mr. Gery said on the subject:
"The Noun Sponsor creates the problem..." www.sfimg.com/forum/thread?id=116265&pg=1

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Meaning of Sponsor for those that live outside the US in Suggestion Box #Sponsor #Team Building

2 days ago

The fact is, we might call "Sponsor" a different way ... still, it will not change the expectation of some people to be helped financially, and to sustain their business.
It is more the matter of mentality of viewing the business, than the word itself. If we introduce someone into the business and help him - it doesn't mean merely the financial support. Support can have different shapes - information, encouragement, education, motivation, leadership, and maybe some GC/financial help too. But not only this kind of help.
I think, correct me, if I'm wrong, please, than in most organizations of this kind, the person who is taking the role we have here is often called Sponsor and it's already established term.

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Own PSA'S vs Given PSA in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Sponsor

2 days ago

You can talk to your Sponsor / Upline who is now her current Sponsor and ask her if she's willing to reassign you this PSA back. Try to explain circumstances, and your PSAs motivation for work. Although this is our own business and we can work well under the other Sponsor too (it is up to us), sometimes we make attachements to some persons.
The Active Sponsor Policy is for benefit of our members, so they can always have an active Sponsor, and not be left alone, if a Sponsor is unavailable to be active for some time. So this is a rule for our protection, not to be left abandoned in a work, but always supported.

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The source of income final conclusion in Suggestion Box #Leadership #PSA #Sponsor

3 days ago

Who would give the loan to who? You to your affiliates? The products in the TripleClicks store would have the option to be paid in installments, that is your suggestion? Who would pay to ECAs in the meantime? Mr.Gery / TripleClicks / SFI?

Can you, please, provide a link to thread you are referring to? Is this thread still open? If it is no need to open another one, is this is only continuing thought.

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Gold Team Leader (Not Pending) That Used Only Free Advertising... in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

3 days ago

Source - and tips how to avoid GDPR geo blocking while advertising.

I've just put this here, meanwhile we talk about, so the members from Europe who were wondering as me, why they cannot post anymore on some free ad sites in America / Asia / Africa - so they will know now. We get to use VPN if we want to post again on those sites until they adjust with EU Privacy Policy regulation.

About the email accounts - Yes I've opened several of them on gmail, exactly for that purpose, as many mailings are arriving. It is a sort of "price" obviously one has to pay using those sites :-) I don't like receiving much emails, but it looks like on some sites this is the only option to get free ads.

Thank you for your replies Mary. It seems you have done your part in the name of Tommie too :-)
However, than you Tommie for your reply - I know that what you've mentioned. I don't know I was expecting something different / more :-)
I withdraw from this thread now. It was pleasure, Mary. Thanks to all :-)

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Gold Team Leader (Not Pending) That Used Only Free Advertising... in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

3 days ago

I just quoted the first part of your post, in a way not to make too long quoting.
Now, this is what I call a full reply, thank you really, Mary
Yes, I did some images and banners on my own and used hosting images sites to upload, and I did many of that you've mentioned here. What confuses me a lot is that they let me in to post and when I start to publish the ad they ask registration and forbid me because me geo-location, or they redirect me to paid option of the site, or something similar,
I didn't use the option to place other's banners on my site for an exchange, as I didn't want to advertise other's opportunity on my site. It wasn't clear to me if some other affiliate from SFI could exchange too his banner on my site :-)
I know about other Marketing Methods and warm market near the house - I am just interesting in free advertising sites on the internet. I want to spread voice out of my region.
I thank you a lot, Mary :-)

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Gold Team Leader (Not Pending) That Used Only Free Advertising... in Marketing #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

3 days ago

I know that a good marketer, especially when doing FREE Advertising would not discover his resources/sources (where to advertise) ... but youn can talk about " how" then? Meaning I've found a lot of free classiffieds that do not allow to post product for sale, except only the one individual sale (used products or personal sale). And then when is about offering the business, I found mostly sites that don't alow affiliate jobs ... Then I found a few great free sites in America, but they don't allow my geo-location. Then I found some great sites to post free too, but since European have GDPR this year, many sites are not adjusted in accordance to the new rules, so we get to hide VPN. to be able to post there.
When posting banners on traffic exchanges I see mainly people like me posting and offering job/products, but I rarely see that someone is looking for something. So, it would be nice that you, or others who get good results from exclusively free advertising give some concrete advice about free advertising methods.
I don't have problems investing time, and I don't have problem making nice images, and putting a good text. On Google Adwords I got clicks, sign-ups and hits for those. But, when is about free advertising (except on FB) I do not have much success - simply I don't find places where I can post without being banned to sell the products at the first place.

I have a very good Sponsor and she's a great Enroller. And she shared all her knowledge with people here about Google Ads, and other marketing methods.
As you post so often speaking of your great success in FREE adertising I would like to see you sharing your concrete tips about free advertising, if it is possible?
Thanks :-)

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"Should I stay or should I go"? in Team Building

3 days ago

For BTL - you need

Assuming you have those and your PSAs do not have to confirm rank if you want to maintain your BTL in the next month. If you decide to go to TL rank, it would depend mainly on your investment in your AD, unless your PSAs activate more. That is the decision you only have to bring.
See what will you gain, and what plans do you have for your advancement. If you think and feel that it would be better for you, just go for it. And also, look your Genealogy - your downline generations. If there are some active members from 2-6th generation of your downline, it's certainly worth achieving Team Leader rank, cause you'll get TO - Team Overrides too, bonus TCredits, Second Home CSAs aso.

From Solutions:
How do I maintain the rank of BTL?
To your success :-)

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Less than 200VP Each Month - Growth or Failure? in Team Building #PSA #Team Building #VersaPoints

3 days ago

First of all you don't have to work from Facebook, with that person (or any other) if you find that time-consuming and non-efficient. You can do all communication here from our sfimg.chat. That way you avoid simple chatting and not working with them. They leave you the messagge what they need to know (some information, question etc.) - you pass them a brief information (as chat is for that) or some link from Solutions, Forum post, or LaunchPad, or any useful link from our site.
That way you solve those poeple who want to hang and socialize, but not working much.
For deeper communication you have Team mail, you have e-cards for giving a Tip too, among the others.
Set your priorities, and make your time management first for yourself. When you do this, you will not have time for chatting and you will learn to distinguish priorities among your members.

It is ok to make some contact with our Team members, but let's always have in mind that we came here to work and to earn. So, use Stream, chat, and Team mailings and e-cards, if you cannot draw the line on FB inbox.

Playing games on TripleClicks is not our main business, it is not our business at all. They are good to relax, earn some rewards if we like to play, and to learn how to promote them to future clients. We can promote playing games as there are plenty of people who want to play, so it is good that we know something about to promote.
So, if someone doesn't want to play the games, it would not affect his SFI work, his advertising campaigns, and his ability to sell other products, or grow the Team. Try to help your member to focus on our programs - on all our ways of earning, so he and other members would understand the basics. Localvantia and Rewardical are serious programs for entrepreneurs, and have nothing to do with playing the games So, our role as Sponsors is to point to our Team members all possibilities for earning here. If someone doesn't want to play the games, it is not said that he can't reccommend them and maybe attract clients who would like to enter this way to Zing Network.
If he doesn't like neither this we have all other programs and channels to attract members and to work and earn. Your member should start reading LaunchPad seriously to understand the basics of our real work here.

Be available as a Sponsor, be here to answer the questions he (or others) might have while reading and learning but don't waste your time on merely chat with people who are not willing to start even to see where they have come to work.
If someboy starts to work he has a concrete question to ask you - he won't chat.
Take your attitude as a Sponsor and Leader - and draw the line. SW SW SW SW .... no worker? Next! When you insert 50 people or more daily as Top Enroller you don't have a time to chat in vain. Just challenge youself and try :-) To your success!

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Inactive CSA's, PSA's and PRM's from rewardical redemption in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Rewardical

4 days ago

With exchange of tokens you got the "possibility" of new potentially active member.
Luckily, people tend to change their mind when is about the business, and can be "influenced" in a good sense, by keeping our communication with them. We never know if someone would activate and when.
Even if you receive one person in a physical company to start working you cannot know in advance how would the person perform. No guarantees. But, everyone has a chance to improve and here too - it can depend a litttle on us too, how we keep further communication with them.

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Da li imate podršku porodice za rad u SFI ? in Southern Europe

4 days ago

Nemam podršku, niti je tražim. Oko mene su sve ljudi sa mentalnim sklopom od 8 do 16h, i "sigurnom" plaćom; a to što je nekad čekaju i po 4 mjeseca, dok firme propadaju, to nema veze.
Tako da radim po svome i za sebe. Ako ne uspijem biti će ono sigurno: "rekli smo ti" ... A ako uspijem biti će otvorena usta i ono "ahaaa" i onda valjda krenu pitanja - "kako možemo i mi tako nešto?"
E tu ih čekam :-)

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Does Country Of Origin Matter? in Team Building #Team Building

4 days ago

This is a global business and you can work anywhere, no matter from where you come. The affiliates might be inactive here and there. Btw, there are some great Leaders from your country and active on the Forum too. So, it really doesn't count. You can put your Advertising Campaigns all over the world and sponsor PSAs from everywhere. It depends only on how do you target geographically your campaigns.
CSAs are given randomly and so it is a matter of "luck", not the country origin.

What matters the most is our mindset for the business. Let me "correct" you - our affiliates are not spending to support us, but to sustain their business. If you are having this kind of thoughts, you would hardly find pople to invest in you, because this way they don't see the purpose of "giving into the business". People who read this way might misunderstand the essence of working for themselves. It is normal that we have a sort for compensation through CV and TO - Team Overrides as Sponsors. But it is clear that our Team members are not investing in us. We are investing in our business, in our downline, we educate our Team members, we give our time, we invest in advertising.
There are no geo-limits or any kind of limits in our business, it matters only how are we set inside us. For success, I bet :-) So, to your success, dear.

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Query regarding E365 Monthly champion in Miscellaneous

4 days ago

Of course, there's no backdating at the end of our E365 Championship, but for the monthly contest it is allowed. Simply, because we allow people to go higher in ranks within first 8 days on the following month. So, with this option, normally, those VPs are awarded on the previous month.
The contest is about to give our best, so ...... there is fun in surprises too. That way we all push harder :-) I see it this way.

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Query regarding E365 Monthly champion in Miscellaneous

4 days ago

You cannot know if someboy would backdate, Anna. That is the beauty of the contest, everbody is pushing as he can :-)
What you can do is follow in details your Class mates on the www.sfimg.com/E365 and see their total VPs on the end of the month, and also monthly VPs. Then, when you see on the following month that their total VPs increased in the first few days much more than usually you can only assume that is was backdating. Remember, that now with introducing of Executive Speedster people are likely to confirm the rank on the first days of the month too. So you get to consider all the details.
If you see that the number of someone's total VP suddenly "jumped" and it doesn't show much in current month VPs it means they did backdating.
Example: I' m your class mate and you saw that on the last of the month I finished the month with 2000VP/monthly VPs. In total I have 4000VPs. On the 6th of the month I have 6000 total VPs, but am showing for the current month on E365 only 100VP, and no EA badge - it means that I've backdated 1900VPs. That way you can "track" if there was backdating.

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Key to Your SFI Business Success ! in Getting Started #Auto-Delivery #CSA #PSA

5 days ago

I agree with Nimo that we are not working for that numbers. However, I understand that Manohar tried to explain that with time and persistence our income can only grow gradually. And this is right, thank you for that input.
I am not fan of putting numbers, it is really individual how much someone can earn from the start. Any number can be confusing to new member, cause they can identify with them and it is not relevant.
But, important thing is that our members do not focus on earnings based only on EA rank - that will not bring them much. I prefer to point that EA is an open gate to step deeper into our business. With an EA we are showing that we are ready to start to commit more in our business.
One can sell some products worth $37 in total of CV on the first month and reinvest in AD and have paid AD from the second month, let's say. We never know :-)

That is fantastic quote, Mary, I have to "steal it", thank you :-)

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Lacing The Pieces Together in Getting Started #Getting Started

5 days ago

Thank you, Agnes for your posting - reminder :-)
I will put only numbers in front of every line, so I could check from time to time. This is useful for our members too. You are right - collecting all information in one wider picture - to see bigger and more clear what is our business about.
I like it very much.
Thank you for you prayers for our colleagues in cold parts and for your compassion

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Commissions in Sales #Leadership #Team Building

5 days ago

This two News are essential for understanding of our Commission calculations:
news.sfimg.com/2018/06/01/neweam -comp-plan-improvements/

We can be Affiliates and make some sales and earn commissions, and we can be TL and have Team members who just confirm EA in downline generations and we don't earn much. We earn DC when our PSA/CSA buy something, or when we sell something and our clients buy through our advertising for products. We earn through Localvantia and Rewardical programs too.
According to changes done this year in our Compensation Plan, and introducing Team Overrides (no more Matching VPs) our commissions show exactly earnings from sales/purchases and TO (Team Overrides).
You can see in your Commission Report exactly what earnings you have provided on previous month.

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Message alert in Suggestion Box #Getting Started

5 days ago

I think it is the same thing as with your FB alerts. If you are not logged-in you simply cannot hear the alert sound.
But I suggest you to stay logged-in and put your SFI site on your favourites list on your mobile, and so you'll be able to see notices, the same way you see FB notices on your mobile - of course, when you're logged in.
I work mainly from computer, and I have put SFI on my homepage in browser, and so, it is easy to check when something arrives - sounds on, and logged-in. And even if after some time of my inactivity the sistem signes me-out, I can easily enter with one click our SFI Homepage and check the chat and alerts.

You cannot always answer immediately because there are time-zones when you sleep and your affiliates are active, and even with the sounds on you cannot be available 24/7. But you can solve this by telling your members when you are available in their time-zones . Just use our SFI time as a reference, and then calculate your time and their time. You will see that there are every day a couple of hours that match when you and them are awake. I do like this, and it's ok for me.
If not, you can always inform them in your mailings, that you will answer them for sure within 24 hours. I hope this helps a little. Regards :-)

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The Story of your LIFE in Inspiration/Testimonials

5 days ago

Very deep and touching and true .... One of the most powerful messagges I've seen. The video is great. Thank you for sharing this, Mirjana. I would recommend everyone this video. We all have a phases of low esteem, in a work too. But this story about being surrounded with the people who recognize our values and the choices we make is so educative. It goes for life and for our Teamwork too. Thank you from the bottom