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Jeannette G.

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Awesome news i find this morning! in Compensation #Compensation #Contests #Rewardical

3 days ago

Hello, and congratulations on your win! That is very exciting! You see how important it is to keep playing these games and bidding at auctions as well? You are a winner, for sure! Keep up the great work and winning! You never know what can happen until you try. The knowledge you gain from these games will also benefit you as well. It will help you in every area of your life. So keep on playing and encourage your affiliates to do the same. Have a really wonderful day and more to come!

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Business in Team Building #Leadership

5 days ago

Hello! I just want to welcome you to SFI and to the forum exclamation it is wonderful what you have written here. Thank you so much for writing your comment. I definitely agree that together everyone achieves more. That is what team means. And that is what SFI stands for. So keep up the great work and keep building your business no matter what things look like.

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Curious in Team Building #Contests #Sponsor #Team Building

6 days ago

Hi, Jessica R. have you introduced yourself to not only your sponsor but all of your upline team members? They all have lots to share. Write to each one and discuss your goals and your business strategies with them. They have experience and can definitely help you move in the right direction and can give encouragement to you. Thank you for writing here, and I look forward to hearing more about your progress and how you are doing.

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SFI is Easily one of the Best Opportunities online today... in Miscellaneous #PSA #Sales #Team Building

8 days ago

It's true that so many people who use the Internet see a business like ours as a scam. It's strange, isn't it, that they never see an offline business as a scam, or at least they seldom see it. If it fails, there's not too much complaining usually unless someone was fraudulent in their dealings openly. However, people will complain about our business, no matter how good we are. I think it's the nature of the internet and the fact that many people are afraid to purchase anything or to do much with the internet because they are afraid of security issues and that there are so many wicked people out there causing trouble with computer viruses and with identity theft. It's probably just the nature of such a large and expanding environment!

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Disgruntled members receiving PSA's from countries other than USA, UK, Canada or Australia. in Marketing #Marketing #PSA

9 days ago

Whether a person is poor or rich makes no difference. Whether a person is located in one country or another makes no difference. if a person desires wealth overnight, that's unrealistic. Willingness to work, persistence and patience are important. A love of people and a desire to help them is what matters. You can find these people anywhere. It's too bad that so few people really see how this works and really benefit from such a business as this. It's also too bad that they cannot see how they can benefit others as well.

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It has started making a difference.. in Compensation #Compensation #CSA #Team Building

13 days ago

Hello! I think I have noticed another co-sponsor or someone I have never noticed before in the Stream. In fact, I noticed two in the past week. So I guess they are co-sponsors. I will check my upline. Also, I will be looking at my genealogy to see how it has changed. It will be very interesting to see how my co-ops will run and how OptiBuild will work. The excitement is really building!

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1000 days VP streak - SFI is the best opportunity in Recognition

16 days ago

Wow! One thousand days VP Streak! That's really commendable! I almost made it to 800 days once. I keep losing from time to time, but I hope to keep the Streak going this time. The 33 months EA Streak is also commendable! I could have been a little higher than where I am right now, but early in my business I didn't log in as much and got messed up at some point. May all of our affiliates learn from your example and keep on persevering. Thank you for sharing.

The games here are really great as well. Both Brain Sprint Trivia and Knock Out Trivia really help us to learn new information and keep our minds active and sharp. Keep on playing!

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Starting Off Sometimes Seems Impossible!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started

19 days ago

Bruce, this is certainly true. I know a person who is a vendor and who is a motivational speaker and writes books. Her little motto in her business introduction is, "Make the Impossible Possible." I like that! She is really great to work with when we are at blindness conventions. Thank you for sharing this.

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Can one complete get to EA within a week? in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #VersaPoints

29 days ago

Yes, I don't see why not! I did! Now there are more and greater incentives to becoming EA and higher right away. Just follow all the suggestions by those who have responded to your question thus far. You want to gain as many VP as possible each month. It's vital that you complete your To-Do List tasks every day and that you run with Smart Start and complete your Launch Pad Lessons so you understand how this business works. Just go for it! I wish you much success.

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Train your Brain to Read and Learn Fast & Remember More in Recognition #Eager Zebra

about 1 month ago

Hello! I have played both trivia games. I love both. I have won both. It's a lot of fun, just as all of the games and the auctions are. It's great to learn something new every day. If I could just get innumerable TCredits, I would be rolling! However, I seem to run out of them too quickly and cannot replenish them right now. Have a great day!

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How to earn VP by reading the must read forum? in VersaPoints

about 1 month ago

Hi! when you read any postings on the Forum, you gain 1 VP each day. This will show on your To-Do List. Also, you must remain in the Forum for at least 15 seconds. I'm sure that there is no problem doing that, because it takes at least that long to read any post in the Forum. Then you can like a posting and you can respond to posts an gain badges as wel. You will eventually become a Forum Guru. The badges show your affiliates that you are serious with SFI and TripleClicks as well. This sets a good example. Keep up the great work! I'm sure you'll do very well.

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The SFI BASICS in Getting Started #Getting Started

about 1 month ago

hello! Thank you so much for posting this here. I believe that every affiliate can begin on the road to success by completing the Launch Pad lessons and going through Smart Start and reading, learning by doing and turning the red tabs green every day! I have found that learning by doing is one of the great keys to moving forward in SFI and TripleClicks. The tools are here; we just have to use them.

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In The You Never Know Department! in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TCredits

about 1 month ago

Hey! Congratulations on your winnings today! That was really crazy, but I have had this happen a number of times, to my shock. I still will never forget winning an iPod Touch for $.89. There have been some winnings for $.14. So this is a very nice place to be. I definitely can attest to winning, sometimes twice in one day. Keep up the great work, and keep gaining Rewardicals as well!

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Don't Overfill Your Plate When Marketing Or Eating!!! in Marketing #Marketing

about 1 month ago

Bruce, it is good to be organized in this and in every other matter. You are basically explaining one of the Rules of Success which says, "Don't major in minors and minor in majors." It's very important that we make sure that what we do is for the best for our team and ourselves. If it will do that, then go for it, as long as it doesn't waste time and effort and money. Thank you for writing this. It is a good reminder to all affiliates. Hve a great day!

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Promoting Super Deal products in Marketing #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

about 1 month ago

I'm not sure that you can do that. I think you should ask Support. You could maybe purchase it and then sell it to your friend. That way, you would still get the product at the Super Deal price.

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What Call Someone who is on internet 24 hours a day? in Just For Fun

about 1 month ago

Hey! That's great joke. We need to lighten up at times and not be so serious! Thanks for posting. Have a great day!

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Sprintastic badges in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

2 months ago

Hello! I just want to congratulate you on your winnings today! It just shows that anyone who is willing to try and who has the right attitude and who believes can do things unimaginable! Keep up the great work, and keep winning!

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I Don't Play Games in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

2 months ago

I play the games quite frequently and as long as I have TCredits. It helps me gain VP with Rewardicals. The trivia games really get me going, and I have won some of them. I have gained badges as well. I do have to slow down now because my TCredits are running low. As soon as I get some extra funds, I will get more TCredits, enough to begin really moving again. I love the auctions as well.

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One extra daily entry in DG by redeemption of RTs. in VersaPoints #Rewardical #VersaPoints

2 months ago

That's great! I have been doing this, too. Last month I was fourth on the VP Leaderboard because I kept doing this. I really was trying to get as close to Number 1 as possible. I have never been this close before. It was a lot of fun watching this Board during the month, just to see where I would land. Thanks for sharing.

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Versa points not available now!!! in Bug Reports #VersaPoints

2 months ago

As I understand it, the 1000 VP was never done away with. We've always had this since it was started. It still continues, whether you get Rewardicles or not. And since we now get Rewardicals, there's no better time than now to gain the VP from bidding at the auctions. Have a wonderful day!

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It took only 5 seconds... in Marketing #Leadership #Team Building

2 months ago

Hi! Congratulations! Keep doing what you're doing. You just never know who will join. You are a winner. And you will find that it gets easier each time you share with others. Have a wonderful day!

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Changes At SFI & In Your Life! in Marketing #Marketing

3 months ago

I wholeheartedly accept these changes. Things really happened for me last month. So it was a very sad disappointment when one of my GTLs decided to leave on Easter because he said he couldn't cope with the changes. Your post, along with the requalifigcation to BTL by one of my best Team Leaders has been a real encouragement. Thank you so much.

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S-Builder Co-op in Marketing #Marketing

3 months ago

Hello! There's one thing I would like to remind you about when you purchase S-Builder shares. Please realize that you will not see PSAs and PRMs coming in the first several weeks. It may take a month or so before you actually see affiliates and members coming in. But also realize that once you do see them, they will keep coming in, month after month. you have made a great choice. Patience is the key here. Thanks so much for reading this.

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Have a Happy and Blessed Easter! in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Team Building

3 months ago

Here's wishing you and yours a very happy and blessed Easter. May you prosper and be blessed and find rest even as you work.

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Happy birthday Mr. Gery!! in Recognition

3 months ago

Gery, here's wishing you a happy birthday and a blessed Easter! May this year be the best one you've ever had! Yu have really blessed us with this wonderful business opportunity and have always come up with such wonderful and interesting surprises. This business, more than any opportunity I have had, has meant the world to me. When I joined back in 2001, it was soon after 9/11. I stumbled on this on the internet because of something written by Robert Howard, who is no longer here. It was because of your accessible website and the excitement it brought me and the ability to easily learn how this model worked and the way that you have shown us that all things are possible here that has helped me continue over the years, even when things didn't look good and I basically stopped working for some months on this. However, you had faith in me. I never left. When my government job was cut twice and I finally had to retire, this pushed me to work here even more. It was at that time that TripleClicks was getting started. I remember the one time that I had a suggestion for a magazine to be placed in the Magazine Rack and that suggestion came to be. Although that company and the two publications they had here are no longer here and I was disappointed because I was getting subscriptions regularly for myself and for another person as Christmas and birthday gifts, I have truly been pleasantly surprised almost every week with everything new that comes along. This has been a most exciting journey, and I look forward to much more that you and your Support Team come up with and an interesting and successful pathway to walk in as the days go by. Keep up the great work! may this next year bring you unexpected blessings! I look forward to working with you and everyone else here. Thank you so much!