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Michael M.

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19 ways you can earn VersaPoints for free in Getting Started #VersaPoints

19 days ago

10 VP for avatar, and there may be up to 5 setions on your to-do list you hadn't done, which totals 35 VP probably help point at Intermediate section

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PSA Wanting to sell products on TripleClicks in ECA Program #ECA #PSA #TripleClicks

3 months ago

Your PSA or PRM can apply to be ECA if approved still be assigned to you, no link gateway or link needed for existing members.

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The problem of entering the SFI in Miscellaneous

3 months ago

Please go somewhere to try other WiFi or use data if you have any?

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Prodigal PRM in Miscellaneous

3 months ago

While I try to figure out if Ima Pudd is really a name, I can say I don't know the 6month wait applies if the returning person doesn't try to get back into SF under the "new" sponsor or referrer.

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Time Machine prediction in Eager Zebra #Eager Zebra

3 months ago

Hope you laugh, but why did you decide to keep playing despite Missys answer? :) Unlike you or me, Missy doesn't play Eager Zebra games according to the Official Rules (ELIGIBILITY) so maybe she didn't know can enter once daily, or maybe she cited from another contest.

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My Favorite Bidding 2x MRPs Products Missing in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

3 months ago

For every bid you automatically earn 1 VP, up to 1000 VP per month. Bidding in The 2x mrp auctions you seek could really build up your mrp, but had no boost for your VP.

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Can we get credit for Biz Quiz if we are trying to find the answer? in Miscellaneous #Contests

3 months ago

Can't answer after the correct answer becomes known at the new day. If you didn't answer wrong your grade won't be impacted.

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T credits in Getting Started #PSA #Sales #TCredits

3 months ago

Gift certificate be returned to you if unused because it can be provided to prospects who may never sign up use it.

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What Is A BONUS VP As Opposed To A VP? Localvantia in VersaPoints #Compensation #Localvantia #VersaPoints

4 months ago

YOU WONT be the only one, hopefully, shopping merchants you refered and generating VP, it;s theother shoppers causing you "bonus" VP when they buy.

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How does S-Builder Co-op grow your business? in Team Building #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

4 months ago

A possible example would be in amonth if 2000 units are bought at 22 or 24 dollars there is a total of 0ver 40000 to spend on advertising the people who put fuds in get to share in the signups.... there could be thousands or millons . if 20000 signups came from my hypothetical 2000 units sold one unit wold enjoy about 100 signups.

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Can we sell Avon at tripleclicks in Sales #Compensation #Localvantia #Sales

4 months ago

Best for her or him to check with Avon who might frown on where the products are distributed: some companies do. for sure but apply to be a ECA if you all have products to offer.

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Can affiliate pre-register in localvantia in Marketing #Localvantia #Marketing

4 months ago

No mention was made of needing ea rank to retain Localvantia merchants

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The CSA Pool exchange-why does it take a long time ? in Ask Gery #CSA

4 months ago

The CSAs from your country you are asking to exchange for are probably not being placed in the exchange pool in enough numbers by affiliates to make yoour exchanges happen faster, orpossibly the ones youre offering to exchange are not being asked for often enough.

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Where are my sign~ups? in Marketing #Marketing #Sales #Team Building

4 months ago

The second folder of the SFI inbox has psa/csa notifications....the envelope upper right corner links to it.

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Is it possible to have again $5 Gift Certificates? in Suggestion Box #Sales #Team Building

7 months ago

You will earn direct commissions when gift certificates are used , not on amounts over and above the gift certificate's value. Expiration on any gift certificates you'd send will cause unused ones to be returned to you.

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PRM Order in Compensation #Compensation #Sales

7 months ago

As her or his affiliate, you get 975 VP , the d.c.$5.85 or $5.32 (see sfi toolbox on product page) and NO mrp because your prm earns mrp for buying the detergent.

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Why The credits are so important in SFI business!!! in Getting Started #Getting Started #TripleClicks

7 months ago

TCredits are one of easiest to obtain and use product, and are not offered to affiliates only , and you and i can decide to offer physical products to prospects.

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TripleClicks "Go" gateway link in Ask Gery #Eager Zebra #Marketing #TripleClicks

8 months ago

The Tripleclicks X-Cards employ the gateway you are talking about and don't offer any giveaway like that page used to as you remember. You know why...TCards offer a giveaway that is more valuable to your prospects than the offer you remember was I in place at one time.

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Building Sometting Great in Team Building #Team Building

8 months ago

The "Build"ing something great badge indicates one has the "Build"er Bundle on auto-delivery. Probably a reference to SFI's slogan as answered in this thread.

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Prestige Domain? what it does not understand? in Team Building

10 months ago

Much easier to recite or remember than a base gateway link, p with hard to remember (for others) id numberossibly appears to be more professional when printed.

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Can an e-commerce affiliate (ECA) have PSAs and PRMs? in ECA Program

about 1 year ago

ECA is short for E-Commerce Associate.

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Bogus Accounts in Miscellaneous

about 1 year ago

Hi Alex,

This article www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=129716 might help your question.


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Why I don't have 1 aditional entry to Daily Grand, if 20 minutes ago I won Knockout Trivia? in Miscellaneous

about 1 year ago

You should have won entry for the TripleClicks Daily Crown.

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Gift Card Design in Sales #TripleClicks

about 1 year ago

You happen to be describing the card's original design, from which the $12 value statement has been "downplayed" because , I guess, people mayve thought they'd been handed $12.