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Gomer M.


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what are best sites to sign up new PSA's ? in Getting Started #PSA

about 1 hour ago


You should establish rapport and good relationship first.

When they ask about your business, share your "sfi4.com/ID/saying" gateway in a private message.

Take caution not to spam people, as this is the only SFI gateway we have that's not blocked by Facebook.

~ Gomer Magtibay

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From 100-0! From 0-350% in Team Building

13 hours ago

I used to work in tougher companies...

I mean, network marketing companies with tough qualifications like you have to sell $100 worth of herbal coffee offline every month for our personal quota aside from signing up new distributors through home meetings. To encourage or get hold of your team there, it is expected that we should communicate a lot through emailing and texting. Moreover, we also have to meet them in coffee shops or restaurant to personally talk to them to ensure they're producing.

We were never compensated with any kind of compensation, whether it be points or money, for communicating with our team members there. Our only source of compensation, are the product sales done by us, and the team. No sales, no money. In those companies, the bottomline for all the activities is "sales". That's how harsh those past businesses to us, and coming here in SFI, is like finding Heaven.

That's why I got surprised when I saw SFI rewarding points for tasks we use to normally do with our team building (in other companies). At first I wondered, "What value does this company (SFI) gets in compensating leaders for doing such tasks?". There's no direct value, except that if those activities help initiate sales among your followers, that's the only way this company (SFI) can get returns for giving people points.

Now I understand... If this is the first time a person encounter this kind of business, there's a tendency to demand a lot from the company. Demands that are actually outside of the core business which is "making sales, compensating people for sales, etc.". But for people who have been in other direct selling endeavors for years, we admire SFI for spood-feeding its members. A real compassionate marketing company.

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Top Enroller in Recognition #Marketing #PSA #Team Building

15 hours ago


You're good. With SFI already popular on the web, it's hard to get sign-ups these days.

How did you come up with such a high conversion rate? What platform did you use in getting those sign-ups? Social media, traffic exchange, forum sites, blogging and SEO, or offline marketing?

You do not need to exactly share what specific site, but maybe, just a hint where are those sign-ups of yours are coming from.

~ Gomer Magtibay

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Convertion rate in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

17 hours ago

That confirmed my thought that you're using paid advertising like "solo ads".

May I ask, how much are you paying for your solo ads?

I asked because, I've been to a lot of opportunities that ask members to pay money upfront. And opportunities like those, are good with solo ads. I mean, you can easily calculate your ROI by looking at the conversion rate. But here? With sign-ups joining us free and they still have to go through some multiple stages before money can be extracted from them, that's quite hard to figure out.

But I'd like to think outside the box and give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe the list your message is being sent to are the right people for here. Please update us of your progress, maybe a week or two from now.

Thanks for sharing to us.

~ Gomer Magtibay

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Convertion rate in Team Building #CSA #PSA #Team Building

1 day ago

I think it is easier to figure out with PSA than CSA as the latter is just given to us by SFI. But with PSA, it's us who will produce them to our team!

In my opinion, it really depends on the method one is using in recruiting PSAs. In online marketing, there's what we call "interruptive marketing" where marketers push their message to an "already busy audience".

Interruptive marketing includes:

1. Advertising on traffic exchanges

2. Advertising on paid to click sites

3. Marketing on email safe lists

4. Posting on social media where a lot of your friends are not tuned in to entrepreneurship

...or any other medium similar to these that are "interruptive" in nature.

When somebody from one of these platforms signs up to you out of curiosity, you can guess what will be the conversion rate... which is probably low.

Now, consider this:

"Inbound Marketing"

You start a blog about legitimate online business opportunities. You target people searching on Google legit ways to make money online, and you wanna help them find one that's legit like SFI because they're tired of scams out there.

If they land in your blog or website, reads your blog post about SFI---what this business is and what it takes to succeed here---and then they decided to join you here. Guess, what would be the conversion rate?

Maybe higher, right?

Honestly, with the inactive PSAs that I am acquiring through the vendors in TripleClicks, I sometimes wonder "From where are these guys getting these PSAs that they are selling to us?"

In one of the follow-up emails, I asked one of the PSAs that I've acquired about what she think (about SFI), her reply shocked me... "SFI? What is it? "Sorry, I haven't heard about it."

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Profitable Investments in SFI in Compensation #Compensation #PSA #Team Building

1 day ago

There are two types of investors:

1. The Gambler Investor

2. And the Entrepreneur Investor

The gambler investor just want to place money on the table, expecting returns with just minimal effort. In short, he's betting. He doesn't want to be involved a lot in the business and he sees minding a business as a hassle.

On the other hand, the entrepreneur investor knows that when he spend money on a business, he needs to operate that business on a daily basis to recoup his investment.

Try to figure out where your investor friend belongs. Investor #1 or Investor #2?

Now, there's one in the middle. The person who have lots of money, wants to place a substantial capital in an online business, but don't wanna work as hard as we (growth hackers) do.

If that's your friend, then tell him to go to Empire Flippers (a website flipper), inquire if there's a ready-made website available for sale that's dealing in the "home business niche". Negotiate for a fair price, for your investor friend.

He can buy that site for a few thousand dollars, and spend the rest of his money hiring ghost writers (article writers) to publish content for him DAILY in his newly acquired niche site. Then, he can instruct his assistants to have all the links in that site point to SFI, like it's their #1 recommended program.

I hope these suggestions help.

Now, it's time for you to go back to your "investor friend". :)

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A Question that Needs Answering in Team Building #Team Building

5 days ago

@Svend Erik:

Thank you for pointing that out. That's exactly the mess SFI have right now. Most of our gateways are no longer working when posted in social media sites like Facebook. They're blocked, because, others have abused the use of those gateways.

The JMT gateway? Even if you mask it with a domain name, Facebook still detects it's pointing to a content that they do not like. It could have been better if the affiliates didn't abuse the use of those gateways, but rather, did their marketing in a more professional manner.

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10th july in Getting Started #Leadership #TripleClicks

5 days ago

(Thread was removed due to forum protocol violations, toxicity, or obsolescence)

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how can i enrol more sfi affiliates using my own links here? in Philippines

6 days ago

If you have good relationship with your friends and family members, it would be good to start with them first. Using your SFI gateway (link), invite them to join SFI. They are your warm market, and in business like this, it is better to start with them first before inviting those people you don't know (your cold market).

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I'd Love To See SFI Add Some More TripleClicks DIRECT Products in Suggestion Box #Sales #TripleClicks

7 days ago

I admire SFI for being innovative, and I like this new program being promoted by them, the online stores around the world being accredited for Rewardicals. I believe it is something that will revolutionize E-Commerce.

But, I also like the simplicity of buying TripleClicks DIRECT products (of buying what I need from the TripleClicks store).

Can we suggest to the SFI management team especially to our Founder Gery Carson, to not stop adding more products in the store? Please add some more!

I have searched for products that I am planning to buy, and there are several items now that I've included in my "to buy" list. From mini drone, to apparels and clothing... all from the seller marked as "TripleClicks DIRECT".

I'd love to see more products added. :)

~ Gomer Magtibay

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Versa points For helping TLs. in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

7 days ago

It is rewarded to you as your personally sponsored affiliates move up in rank or position. It is not included in versa points that you earn by daily login and performing tasks inside the affiliate center.

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Place a demo video at SFI's homepage/Login. in Suggestion Box #Getting Started

8 days ago

I don't exactly remember how it looked like when I first signed up here, but according to the recent updates, there's a Smart Start page for beginners. Although it is rendered in maybe text or some infographics, it is easy to understand like you're watching a demo video. Also, linked to Launch Pad which also explains how SFI works.

Maybe this link can help:


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My business is "CLOSED" . in Miscellaneous #Compensation #Getting Started

8 days ago

I strongly agree with you, Melvin. Open the store! :)

Here's another scenario:

You already have your SFI online business. You opened the door by using SFI Facebook Cover Photo and obviously, you already have a business. Then, here comes a friend, a networker friend, trying to recruit you to his newfound business!

One common mistake people make is that, to avoid hurting the feeling of their recruiter friend, they give in. They join the new business thinking "It's okay, this is just an additional business". Unfortunately, most of us here have dozens of recruiter friends wanting us to join their respective businesses!

When you join all of them, then you find yourself having lots of businesses to open. Unless you're a superman, I doubt you can open or operate all of them all at the same time. lol

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A Question that Needs Answering in Team Building #Team Building

8 days ago

While it is possible to succeed in SFI without spending money, it will require a lot from you. I mean, a lot of efforts and skills. Like I said, if one is not willing to invest money---in VP and in marketing the gateways---he must be prepared to put in a lot of efforts---lots of it.

I said this, realistically. Unless you are marketing SFI offline and you have a lot of "willing to listen to you" warm market prospects offline, you will find yourself putting blog posts and banner ads online that often gets ignored. This is an honest revelation, as I am doing it daily hoping I will strike some luck along the way.

Given that I know "content marketing" and "search engine optimization", and still having a hard time getting results with free marketing strategies online, what more with the beginners? AGAIN, this is an honest assessment, and only based on my experience. If other have magical solutions out there and feel like I am wrong here, I urge you to come up here and reveal yours---your strategy openly.

Don't just say "it's easy to succeed in SFI without spending any". If I have started marketing online only yesterday, I may have believe you. But I've been online since 2004, guys.

Let me give you a hint: Even if you're using a self-hosted wordpress blog with a good domain name, it is still not easy to get ranked in the search engines these days, unless you you know the techniques for getting ranked and getting traffic. Now, how's that with using a free blog competing with the big guys using big money?

If SFI is the only business opportunity that our prospects can see online, then the prospecting paradise you guys are talking about with free marketing strategies may have existed. But it's not.

Wake up!

I respect ideas, that's yours, guys.

So, mine is "fresh from the field", no rah rah feedback of what is out there.

Believe me or not, well, good luck to you.

~ Gomer Magtibay

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How many advert do you place about SFI daily in Marketing #Marketing #Team Building

8 days ago

Twice daily in a IBO Tool Box press release, multiple times via IBO banner advertising, once daily with a blog dedicated to promoting SFI and shared to social media sites, and multiple times via my Facebook cover photo and CTA button.

(Caution: Link your Facebook CTA to a blog and not directly to SFI )

I'm exploring traffic exchange, I like that they're free and spending money is just optional, it's just that it eats a lot of my time with very minimal return. I am still figuring out which gateway is best to advertise in there, what country to target, because maybe there's a specific gateway or group of people that are easily attracted to opportunities like SFI. And of course, with me as an obvious Asian, with some places of the Earth not preferring to join Asians, I of course figuring out which group of people are a perfect match for me as their upline sponsor.

So far, the most promising of these strategies, is blogging and aiming for traffic/visitors coming from the search engines. I have no solid proof to show yet, but my previous experience in online marketing tells me so. People are there in Google searching with keywords like "online home business opportunities", if your blog posts can rank high for those keywords, they'll soon find their way to you. The highest quality of traffic/sign-ups ever.

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What Instincts Have You Developed Regarding Reassignments? in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

8 days ago

Makes sense.

And thank you for that, Bruce. I'll take note of that.

It's good to have leaders like you chipping in here and giving your advice. There's so much theoretical information out there that sometimes people tend to forget about practical advice stemming out from gut feeling and personal experiences.

So, thank you so much!

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What Instincts Have You Developed Regarding Reassignments? in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

9 days ago

Oh, great idea!

Thanks, Phill.

So, that's it. Set a threshold like 300 VP for each, and then from there, we can decide what's next.

Using a coop. That's something I need to explore more.

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What Instincts Have You Developed Regarding Reassignments? in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

9 days ago

I was here 2007 to 2011. A lot of things have changed since then, and maybe what I know that worked before, may no longer work today, especially with the new SFI. So, I'd like to ask for inputs, perhaps the well-experienced guys here could chip-in for ideas or suggestions. Can I count on you guys?

With regard to affiliate reassignments, it was my experience before that there are certain affiliates whom I don't know if they deliberately do it or maybe they're not yet skilled when it comes to recruiting or referring others... that when I reassigned them my PSAs to become their new PSAs, the recipient would not work. As if they're looking forward for more reassignments from me, like they're now depending on it.

I short, they stopped working, and started depending on me.

I know it's hard to quantify what can be the exact technique to deal with these, so maybe I should appeal to your instincts. What do you usually do when you sense something like this? What are the parameters or criteria do you have in detecting PSAs like these? When to continue and when to stop reassigning to a specific recipient?

Also, with TCredits. It also happened to me, that a certain downline affiliate always asked for TCredits transfer. He knew he got a kind-hearted upline in me, he said that there's no way for him to buy credits in his country, so he always asked for TCredits transfer. What are your instincts in dealing with this?

Any input will be appreciated.

~ Gomer Magtibay

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Getting Started in Getting Started #Getting Started

9 days ago

Congratulations to you, and keep it up!

It's "Be - DO - HAVE".

That's the secret.

BE that person who is ready for success, by strengthening your foundation. (Learn all you can from here)

Then, DO what needs to be done. Marketing your online business, following the training.

Soon, you'll HAVE the results that you want. :)

See you at the top!

~ Gomer Magtibay

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Need help Getting Started in Getting Started #Getting Started

9 days ago

First of all, this is not a get rich quick scheme.

With that, you should have the mind that's opposite of that. And you must recruit people with the same mindset as yours. With the same mindset that we have here, members of SFI.

When you go out there, especially in online advertising sites like traffic exchange, or in Facebook groups where online marketers lurk, you will see lots of opportunities that promise quick success. Well, all of them won't give you quick success, but rather take your money, or if they don't take your money and you manage to make some money, chances are they won't last long because the government especially the FTC will shut the business down.

So, literally, what you got here in SFI is a long-lasting business. A business that's okay with the FTC, with the BBB, and with all the people who are looking for a legit online business opportunity.

Second, with your asking for tips on how to succeed here in shortest possible time?

My suggestion for that is, to find people who are just like you (remember what I said about people looking for a legit online business opportunity?), what you need to do is looking for people just like YOU! And do it FAST!

These all boil down to this: Finding people who are just like YOU, and doing it FAST.

Finding legit-minded people fast.


~ Gomer Magtibay

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A Question that Needs Answering in Team Building #Team Building

9 days ago

There are two things needed in our business:

1. Money

2. Efforts

If someone isn't willing to put in money, then he must be prepared to put in efforts. And lots of it. Perhaps, double the amount you put in money, required to put in via efforts.

I say this because, I use both---money and efforts. And I can say it's really tough getting results via efforts and without spending money. To generate the VP that I need, I tried posting blog posts promoting products in TripleClicks, and you can guess the result.

It takes skills and dedication to get results via efforts route, so if your PSA isn't willing to put in money, then tell him better be prepared to put in efforts---a lots of efforts!

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Help for creating Free Website in Marketing #Marketing

10 days ago

I have a suggestion:

Instead of just making "one page" type of websites, you better learn how to blog. How to create a blog.

The reason?

You can explain a lot with a blog. And your explanation in a blog, usually get indexed by Google and other search engines. With your content being indexed, they can get ranked. With your ranking comes free traffic from Google. And they're the highest form of traffic. People who are searching for what you are talking about in your blog.

I'm from the Philippines and I know how our Kababayans avoid making blogs for the reason they're not comfortable speaking or writing in English. I used to feel the same, but I went out of my comfort zone and conquered my fear. Now, I have blogs that are ranking high in Google. And I received free, high quality traffic with those rankings.

Just a suggestion. Think about.

~ Gomer Magtibay

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Removal of Co-sponsor. in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

10 days ago

The "co-sponsorship" feature is still here. In fact, as of this writing, I simultaneously send "introduction messages" to my own co-sponsored affiliates that were given to me by SFI.

I guess, the reason why you no longer find your previous co-sponsor which used to be your source of inspiration and motivation maybe is, he or she no longer qualified to participate in co-sponsorship, like for example, failed in achieving at least EA rank in the previous month.

Don't worry, as SFI might give you a new co-sponsor, and hopefully that new one will be as supportive as the previous.

Stay positive and keep it up. :)

~ Gomer Magtibay

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'EA' in Team Building #Auto-Delivery #TripleClicks

10 days ago

In what I understand, with the new SFI compensation plan of unilevel, we earn commission from our personal sales (direct sales commission) and team overrides (commissions from the sales done by our personally sponsored affiliates). And also, form the sales done by our co-sponsored affiliates. Without sales, there's no commission.

Prior to the changing of compensation plan, there's an executive bonus pool wherein members of SFI receive shares from the over-all sales of the company worldwide. With the new compensation plan that was implemented June 1, 2018, executive bonus was phased out and was replaced by team overrides.

That's based on my understanding, and feel free to correct me if I am wrong with my interpretation.

To make sure you earn commissions, focus on promoting SFI and the products we have in our online store. Use the marketing aids provided to us, refer a lot of affiliates and customers to your business. Soon, you'll see sales popping up. And from those sales, you'll surely earn commissions.