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Can I reassign CSA to another CSA? in Team Building #Team Building

Reply by Salvatore D. about 1 year ago

Can I reassign CSA to another CSA?

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Recognition in Recognition #Leadership

Reply by Jose G. over 2 years ago

Recognition to the following listed Team-members for their consistency in their leadership: Sean Supplee (CSA) Silver, Thomas Jose (CSA) Bronze, Dragana Lucic (CSA) Bronze, Vidur Suraj (CSA) EA2, Amalija Bordas (CSA) EA2, and Priscilla Opa Kare (PSA) EA2.

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Cestitam in Serbia

Reply by Predrag T. 5 months ago

Cestitam svojim CSA clanovima ostvarene statuse

CSA Zoran Sumar is now a BTL!

CSA Gordana Guberinic has requalified as EA!

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CSA auctions in Pricebenders #Pricebenders

Reply by Emir D. over 2 years ago

I noticed that a long time no auctions of 50 CSA, 100 CSA and 200 CSA , what is the reason?

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What is CSA Exchange in Miscellaneous

Reply by PHANIBHUSAN C. about 1 year ago

By CSA exchange ,an affiliate can change his existing CSA with CSA of his own countries for various benefits , like language, easy communications etc. Equal no of CSA of other countries will be exchanged with the CSA of own country.

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Why some of CSAs are reassignable and others are not reassignable? in Team Building

Reply by Nishat K. about 1 year ago

Multiple times csa reassignment is not possible like 2nd home csa, once exchange csa etc cannot be exchanged

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I do not understand the CSA Exchange in Getting Started #CSA #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by FRIDAY A. about 1 year ago

The CSA exchange is suppose to allow exchange your CSA with CSA that are closer to you