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Introducing...Rewardical! in SFI News #Localvantia #Sales

Reply by zulfiqar A. 3 months ago

REWARDICAL is short cut for SFI Affiliate to gain VersaPoints & earn TCredits, MRPs just registered in Rewardical earn 25 Rewardical. and refer to friends earn Rewardical. It is very easy method for Rewardical convert VersaPoints, TCredits, & MRPs, etc...

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How can I add my free rewardical in Western Africa #Rewardical

Reply by Joseph O. 28 days ago

I have 25 rewardical which I received when I signed into free rewardical. But I could not add the rewardical to the rewardical I received from daily draw. Is there any way I can add them

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Is there going to be a digital version of Rewardical X-Cards? in Ask Gery #Rewardical

Reply by JOSEPH K. about 1 month ago

A grea tool For us All Here,It will boost our new Rewardical members,and Rewardical X-Cards they have been designed to promote Rewardical-our powerful loyalty program for businesses and digital Rewardical Rewards Tokens.

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Introducing...Rewardical! in SFI News #Localvantia #Sales

Reply by zulfiqar A. 3 months ago

Do not worry about Rewardical . Please all the Guys & Girls carefully reads the Chapter or Topic Rewardical. It is many Question involve not reads the Rewardical Topic

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Before redeeming REWARDICALS. in Getting Started #Rewardical

Reply by zulfiqar A. about 1 month ago

You should reads carefully about when you redeem at Rewardical pages.
3 Rewardical redeem then earn 1 VP
77 Rewardical Token redeems then earn 1 Threats

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How do I post the Rewardical link with promo code in websites? in Marketing #Marketing #Rewardical #Sales

Reply by zulfiqar A. about 1 month ago

If any person sing up with Rewardical at this links //www.rewardical.com. And go to about Rewardical page.
You should watching the Rewardical links with promo code as show you refer are friends earn token tab .refer friends tab at Down the page of Rewardical pages.Then Copy Rewardical links with promo Code and press Facebook, Twittjer, messenger,domain other website.

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Introducing...Rewardical! in SFI News #Localvantia #Sales

Reply by IDD ALLY A. 3 months ago

Hi Gery !
Thank you for rewardical program, the question is How will this Rewardical works with localvantia Merchants especially those who do businesses offline?
How does the rewardical refferals by local merchant can redeem their rewardicals?
Will the rewardical reffered members by local merchant have an access to tripleclicks?
Shall the ECA merchants at tripleclicks provide rewardical to its customers?

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Rewardical program offers "Consignment Program"! in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #Sales

Reply by Jacqueline G. about 1 month ago

Hello Krim,

From your post, it is unclear to me if you understand what the Rewardical Program is all about. I mean no disrespect here, ok

The Rewardical Program is available for everyone, all around the world. Within the Rewardical Program, we can earn Rewardical Tokens, (RTs), just like we earn MRPs.

Please check out the following for more information about the Rewardical program @


Hope this helps.

Have a Nice Day!


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Who won Rewardical Tokens? in Southern Asia #Rewardical

Reply by Muhammad S. about 1 month ago

I have won 65 Rewardical from Daily Grand.

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Rewardicals in Western Africa #Rewardical #TripleClicks #VersaPoints

Reply by lukman b. about 1 month ago

that exactly what to do to earn rewardical because i also won 40 rewardical yesterday