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How much will I be earning monthly? in Compensation #Auto-Delivery #Compensation

Reply by Krishna M. 12 months ago

Ask your co sponsor/sponsor.

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How to succeed with SFI? in Miscellaneous

Reply by Joseph P. about 1 year ago

1 sponsor alot of PSAs

2 sponsor ECA

3 sponsor PRM

4 promote products

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Help please! in Getting Started #TCredits

Reply by Ebizi Z. about 1 year ago

ask your sponsor or co sponsor

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I need your help urgently in Ask Gery #Team Building

Reply by Yohana F. over 2 years ago

Hi Nelson B,

Thank you
I did submit support ticket and contacting my sponsor

Only your personal sponsor can give you DD invitation.
Others (Sponsor' sponsor, Co-sponsor) can not

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Am I in the wrong Team? in Getting Started #CSA #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by JELENA G. over 2 years ago

I think you should not sponsor, manage for yourself and see it very well, and my sponsor is inactive, and sponsor of my sponsor is not contact successfuly, so forum my sponsor to me.
With respect Jelena

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Who can donate gift certificates of $ 20 . in Miscellaneous

Reply by Zagorka G. about 1 year ago

Your sponsor, co sponsor or your uplines

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Keep up the great work James! in Recognition #Team Building

Reply by Alvin J. over 2 years ago

One of your personal SFI Co-ops has generated a new affiliate in your organization:
Ahmed Wageh!
Ahmed's Sponsor: JAMES UDEOGBA!
Enrico's Sponsor: JAMES UDEOGBA
Christine's Sponsor: JAMES UDEOGBA
Latifa's Sponsor: JAMES UDEOGBA
Tark's Sponsor: JAMES UDEOGBA
David's Sponsor: JAMES UDEOGBA
Govind's Sponsor: JAMES UDEOGBA

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PSAs confused!! in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

Reply by SUJOY C. 4 months ago

Explaining/clearing the terms of PSA, CSA, SPONSOR,CO-SPONSOR is the responsibility of the Sponsor/Co-sponsor. For newly joined Affiliates,sponsor is the main guide to explain each and every doubts without any delay.

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Affiliate in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #TripleClicks

Reply by Dakshesh S. 8 months ago

please contact your sponsor or co-sponsor.

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Can I make payment with my account fora PSA in Ask Gery #PSA #Sales #Team Building

Reply by mary b. 6 months ago

Ask your sponsor, or their sponsor.

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CSA in Team Building #Team Building

Reply by James N. about 1 month ago

It's a win-win situation where both a sponsor and co-sponsor get benefits. Both sponsor and co-sponsor play their roles as mentors. Nevertheless, the sponsor has a bigger role to play.