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Free TCredits in Getting Started #Compensation #Marketing #TCredits

Reply by Cornelis S. over 2 years ago

Hi Bogdan,
When you become EA2 ore above you get free TCredits every month around the 10th.
The higher your rank, the more TCredits you receive:

EA 10 TCredits
BTL 12 TCredits
STL 14 TCredits
GTL 16 TCredits
PTL 20 TCredits
DTL 24 TCredits


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ZackJack pravila igre in Serbia #Eager Zebra

Reply by Darko S. 10 months ago

Zdravo Nebojša svako ko igra besplatno tj. bez trošenja TCredits ima 10 meča(upisa na dan) imaš da kupiš mečeve Buy Matches Za 1 TCredits (1 TCredits = 1 TCredits) 5meča, 3 TCredits 20 meča, 7 TCredits 50 meča i 12 TCredits 100 meča. Nadam se da sam pomogao tebi i ostalim.

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Tcredits in Sales #Sales #Auto-Delivery #TripleClicks

Reply by Ken H. about 1 year ago

A 10 Pack of TCredits has 10 TCredits. Mighty TCredits are really no different, it's just a way to market TCredits. So the NMP has 50 TCredits--and they ARE mighty.

Ken Hermonat

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Standing order paid in t-credits? in Sales #Auto-Delivery #TripleClicks

Reply by Gopakumar R. about 1 year ago

TCredits cannot be used as a Standing Order payment method. You can buy other products (excluding TCredits) with TCredits.

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What are the products can buy with TCredits in Getting Started #TCredits

Reply by Gopakumar R. over 2 years ago

You can buy TC direct products with TCredits, (excluding TCredits).

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Purchase from Indian ECA in Sales #TripleClicks

Reply by Wael.s M. 7 months ago

TCredits - 125 pack (SFI Affiliates Only)

TCredits clicks on it

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24 Hour ban on Winning VPs? in Miscellaneous #Pricebenders #VersaPoints

Reply by Ahmed Musthafa R. over 2 years ago

The restriction is for Tcredits and Tcredits added auctions only

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TCredits in Ghana #TCredits

Reply by Kweku H. 10 months ago

What's the benefit of buying TCredits with TCredits

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T-time award 5TC? in Suggestion Box #TCredits

Reply by Ali A. over 2 years ago

Very good suggestion Sasa! I think that replacing directly 2 tcredits awarded in each ttime win by 5 tcredits is reasonable because the uses of tcredits increased very much (tcredits for playing games, welcome tcredits, purchase with tcredits, and so on, ...)!

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How to convert my MRP into TCredits? in Miscellaneous #TCredits

Reply by Svend Erik L. 9 months ago

All talk about 1 Tcredits, but you can purchase all the TCredits packs for MRP.

Why they all talk about 1 TCredits packs is, that pack is the best one for get VP.

TCredits - 50 pack cost MRP Price: 6,256 ( a very little bit better price) (125.1 MRP per TCredits)
TCredits - 100 pack cost MRP Price: 10,063 (absolute better price) (100.6 MRP per TCredits)
TCredits - 125 pack cost MRP Price: 12,575 ( same as 100 Tcredits Pack) (100.6 MRP per TCredits)

Both 100 and 125 packs is show only for SO, but you cannot buy SO for MRP, so why is there a MRP price, if it is not possible to use it, so maybe try buy it.

Now we are come to the great prices:
200 TCredits pack cost MRP Price: 15,919 (79.6 MRP per TCredits)
240 TCredits pack cost MRP Price: 16,672 (69.5 MRP per TCredits)
300 TCredits pack cost MRP Price: 18,634 (62.1 MRP per TCredits)
360 TCredits pack cost MRP Price: 22,361 (62.1 MRP per TCredits)
420 TCredits pack cost MRP Price: 26,088 (62.1 MRP per TCredits)

Best regards

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Calculation of expiration time for old returned tcredits in Pricebenders #Pricebenders #TCredits #TripleClicks

Reply by Abul H. 10 months ago

I think, the expiration time of total TCredits will be calculated newly. You review TCredits expiration time at TCredits Expiration Ledger.
Go to TripleClicks Member Center and TCredits Ledger page
Now find the TCredits Expiration Ledger at the top of TCredits Ledger page