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Asks SC, is a Vital Power Tool Section To All of Us! :) in Miscellaneous #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Manohar M. about 1 year ago

Yes, Pamela
Very true
(Must have minimum rank of EA2 to receive VP)
For each question published, the affiliate whose answer receives the most votes (total of YES votes minus NO votes) will receive 100 VersaPoints (Action VersaPoints). The author of the second most popular answer will receive 50 VersaPoints (Action VersaPoints), and the authors with the third through tenth most popular answers will win 25 VersaPoints (Action VersaPoints). In the case of ties, both authors will receive either 100 VersaPoints (if tied for most votes), 50 VersaPoints (if tied for second most votes), or 25 VersaPoints (if tied for third through tenth most votes)

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To win monthly E365, Do we look at the VP earned for the month or the Total VP earned?? in VersaPoints

Reply by Jackie F. 11 months ago

Monthly VersaPoints Champ is determined by the number of VersaPoints garnered in that month.
E365 Champion is determined by the total number of VersaPoints accumulated.

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Benefits from versa points. in VersaPoints #VersaPoints

Reply by Venketbabu T. over 2 years ago

versapoints gives you the rank in SFI. more versapoints more power

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versapoints in Team Building #VersaPoints

Reply by Hajibullah K. over 2 years ago

versapoints are just used for making rank high or there is other uses also of versapoints????

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Sponsor in Western Africa #Sponsor #Team Building #VersaPoints

Reply by stephen o. 9 months ago

hello guys,if my PSA accumulate more VersaPoints,will it be added to my VersaPoints

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Versa Points in Sales #VersaPoints

Reply by Sampath Kumar S. about 1 year ago

No. You can not because VersaPoints are not currency.

You can earn VersaPoints by purchasing products.

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Versa Points in VersaPoints #Sales #Team Building #VersaPoints

Reply by Robertson D. over 2 years ago

You can start earning versapoints immediately:
Start earning money by accumulating VersaPoints

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I purchased a Buy Now option on Price benders but didn't receiveven any VersaPoints for my purchase. in Pricebenders

Reply by Navanithe G. about 1 year ago

In PB Auctions you don't win any Versapoints, except if the auctions include versapoints like this one: Auction with VP's

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versa points per month? in Miscellaneous #Sales #VersaPoints

Reply by Randy I. 4 months ago

It's no big secret - https://www.sfimg.com/Leaders/VersaPoints

At least for the top 300