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Compensation Plan Math Verses Human Nature in Team Building #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by Leon M 7 hours ago

The math of projecting results in this business can get exciting! I remember, 31 years ago to be exact, not being able to sleep at night because of the math. Visions of 5 x 3 literally danced in my head! You know, find 5 who find 5 who find 5 etc... I remember thinking that it sounded so easy that anyone could do it and I was determined to be successful. Here's what I learned over the years...

Statistically 50% of your entire team will end up under just ONE leader! Ok, SFI's unique 12 level compensation plan does throw that number off, but it's still an industry fact. I've actually experienced this several times while building to a full-time income. Why is this?

The reason why this happens is human nature. Finding just one that will find 5 is not easy! The world is full of different personalities and distractions. This is why we sort through prospects verses trying to convince prospects! Once I accepted these facts I was actually able to build a significant full-time income. A very wise and experienced Networker explained all of this to me and strongly advised I focus on sorting and not convincing. This is when my career took off like a rocket.

A growing team with active leadership actually looks like an odd shaped diamond. Narrow at the top and bottom while having a wide middle. The shape of the organization is always in flux, but it always resembles a diamond. Again, this is because of the human nature element of our business and not the compensation plan math.

I strongly recommend focusing on sorting and not convincing all while not getting caught up in the math. There's no such thing as a straight line in nature.

Leon McKee

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Opti-Build update in SFI News #Team Building

Reply by Travis H 4 days ago

Opti Build is in it's early developmental stages (through management's admission) but the benefit's are already evident. To the concerned parties please keep in mind that the New Inactive Sponsor Policy will be kicking in soon. Implementing both at the same time would've a different set of complications. Instead they were thoughtfully placed a month apart to allow us to 'feel out'(see what was/wasn't working, and identify the active members more readily) the Opti Build Program, before the Inactive Sponsor Policy kicks in.

Once combined the two should offer a wave of spillover from above and a swell from below. we're so close to this awesome Infusion. I encourage everyone to Lead By Example!!! In the event your mind set is "My upline isn't in Opti Build, so I won't be either" then two problems are created:

1. Your downline will carry the same mindset as you too are not in Opti Build.
2. Your value, as leader, is signifigantly diminished based on one of the founding principles.

Duplication in your downline is the best and easiest path to succes. Your upline could even be incentivized into action, by seeing the team you're building. "Never give up, Never give up, Never give up". Truer words have never been spoken. Every dollar, every minute, every communication sent/received, is an investment in our business , and it must be viewed as such.

I have the benefit of an active sponsor and my downline has the benefit of me being very active as well. I am in Opti Build, I order Builder Bundle on AD, I participate in auctions to gather my PSA/CSA/PRM signups to help when my efforts are too slow. I am grateful for every single Opti Build spillover I receive and every PSA/CSA that is manually sent to me. My team can attest to the fact that I do the same for them. In exchange for going All In with my efforts(joined Mar 18/17) I am now on pace to be GTL this month. Let's spread the message of duplication, investing in onself, and patience. That's a Win-Win-Win!!!

Travis Hare

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Create Curiosity in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #TripleClicks

Reply by Afoma U 4 days ago

Using the SFI Corporate News, you can create curiosity about SFI in your social media platforms. This way, you may get someone to ask a question, know the brand, read the news or even take action. In so doing you will add to the publicity and awareness about SFI and the success of the overall team.

Platforms currently available include Word Press, Twitter, Facebook like and sharing on your Facebook Page, Google Plus, Print, Email Share and also very interestingly, Re-blogging with your Blog page. How awesome!

How to do?

When you receive your SFI corporate news on any subject, such as the Corporate news, New TCD for the week, in your registered affiliate email address.

When you read through the news,

Scroll to the end of the page, you will see the word ‘Like’ highlighted

Click Like

This takes you to SFI News Platform on the article

Scroll to the end of the article, you will see ‘Share this:

Underneath are various social media platforms you can use to share the article

Click on the social media of choice

Follow the link or direction, and you have just helped us all spread the great news about SFI.

Just one click and more people are reached.

Let's keep making SFI happen!

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Stumble and Fumble Your Way To Diamond in Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Anton G 5 days ago

There is no question that I am a hard worker. As a matter of fact, I could easily be considered a workaholic. I can't wait to get up everyday and hate to go to bed at night.

However, too much work can have it's consequences. My wife often tells me the easy way to do things, but I am sometimes so wound up that I don't listen. As a result, I either end up having to start over, or it will take me longer than usual to complete a task.

Although my wife is not involved in SFI, I am sure she would have told me to record my "keycode" on a spreadsheet before placing an ad. Again, I was so wound up that I probably placed the ad and quickly moved on to another task without recording my keycode.

Over the past few days I have been getting signups from key code "756" but I cannot remember where I placed the ads or where the sign ups are coming from. I am accustomed to getting sign-ups with keycode "0". Some of them are links I placed years ago.

I have purchased thousands of dollars in software marketing tools and don't know where half of them are. I just know they are either on my "C" drive or my external hard drive. I have placed ads everywhere you can mention without even studying the marketing method.

I have signed up thousands of affiliates without sending them a welcome message.

Although I have done many things wrong, I have somehow been able to earn a paycheck each month from SFI.

I have come to realize that humans are full of errors. But I have also come to realize that even errors cannot suppress effort.

Just keep pushing and after all the stumbling and fumbling around, you will find the real strength comes from getting back up. Your resolve will increase with your "will".

Find your "WHY". If your "WHY" is big enough, what happens to you along your journey means little. The only things that matters is if you can still see the finish line.

There are times that you see a SFI affiliate doing well and you wonder how. They have died over and over again to themselves, refusing to give in to themselves because "YOU" are the real cause for your lack of will to succeed.

To your success.

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Big Picture Thinking in Team Building #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by Randy I 7 days ago

Big Picture Thinking

Our mindset really is important. Now, before we go another word, let me say that I don't buy the concept that "if you believe it you can achieve it." Why? because I think I can fly and I keep landing on my face!

However, I do believe in trying to be positive, and I really believe in BIG PICTURE THINKING. Big picture thinking understands that you don't sign up this month and retire next month! Big picture thinking looks down the time tunnel and understands that a project takes time, and allows the mind to stay relaxed when things don't happen fast.

A. Big Picture Clock

Set some time aside each day that is BIG PICTURE TIME! You decide how much, but an hour is not a bad idea. Step back mentally from your business and see it come together down the road. What does it look like in 6 months, 12 months, 48 months, 60 months?

If you take in the whole mountain vista, it doesn't seem so bad as you try to climb the boulders that present obstacles. That Big Picture image in your mind is a comforting voice that says, "keep going"!

B. Big Picture Cuts

Take your big picture and cut it up into segments. It's a little like working a jigsaw puzzle. I like to do the border first, then I group the pieces by color for obvious "area" locations. next, I find small objects or people that I can piece together.

It's the same with our business.

C. Big Picture Chats

You might need someone to chat with that understands Big Picture Thinking. Let them know your thinking. You may very well find that as you are talking about how you see things that you will give yourself idea's as to how to achieve these Big Picture Cuts that I mentioned. You might also gain idea's from their feedback.

D. Big Picture Course

Have a plan! The Big Picture is no good unless you have a plan on putting it together. You say that you didn't earm much last month? No problem! You can manage the crumbs today for the banquet that is coming!

You say it's hard! Yes, it is. Almost any financially successful person can quickly tell you about when it was hard for them, too!

Get in Builder Bundle!
Get in Opti-Build!

Don't be like those that nit-pick the up-close. Those that whine about the Builder Bundle only having 100 T-Credits instead of 125.

You can live the rest of your life on crumbs, or you can endure hardness for a time, knowing that the Big Picture will validate the sacrifices, and reward you for the rest of your life.

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Opti-Build Challenge in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

Reply by David B 12 days ago

I took a look at who was in my upline today, and I was very pleased with what I saw. Let me explain, 75% of my 12 levels of upline are DDs, & of those 8 levels 6are Building Something Great....................let that marinade for a minute. Ok.....


To every Designated Diamond Team Leader above me (& too all you dds out there reading do this with your team) From Leon McKee, to me, then 12 levels down below me. LET'S UNIFY! & be of one ACCORD! There;s a Great Book that teaches where the people are unified there's no stopping them because they are of one of one accord, or one PURPOSE.

Here's my suggestion, we each start a co-op Simultaneously, and buy into the coops above and below you at least 1 share, since we're all DDs we'll all be part of this ALL-DDMEGA CO-OP

Listen, SFI is built on a team model, I'ma team player ANY DD above, or below who would like to play contact this thread LETS UNIFY

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Don't Go! in Miscellaneous #Team Building

Reply by Randy I 14 days ago

There are those Red Flags, announcing that an inactive Team member is about to be purged from your genealogy. I know, some of you are glad! Some of you say, "Good Riddance!". I say one last swing of the bat! I send the following E-Card:

Cancelled, disposed of, dropped, terminated, wiped out, erased, waived, dismissed, expelled!

These words all seem so "final". I have Red Flags saying that you are in danger of this happening to you, very soon!

I can't force you to earn an income but you owe it to yourself to at least take a look at www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/Lesson?id=18 before you go.

If you stay, I am here to help. If you go, I wish you much success in whatever you do.


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50 Ways to Get Traffic in Marketing #Marketing

Reply by Anton G 15 days ago

I get emails all the time in regard to marketing SFI/TripleClicks links and Gateway pages. There is no best method. However, you should pick a method that excites you and inspires you to do more and more and more...keep going.

OK...Pick one or two and master it/them.

1. Write More Content
2. Get Some Guest Bloggers With Experience & a Following
3. Produce More Video
4. Use More Relevant Images
5. Interview an Expert
6. Get Interviewed
7. Tweet out Everything You Add to Your Website
8. Create a Facebook Page
9. Create Infographics from Data
10. Offer a Downloadable Cheat Sheet
11. Use a Domain Name that Includes Keywords
12. Don’t Only Put Videos on Your Website Include YouTube.com Too
13. Add Videos to Vine.com
14. Watermark All Images & Video
15. Record Your Screen to Teach Your Audience Something
16. Host a Webinar
17. Joint Venture with Others
18. Create an Autoresponder eCourse
19. Write Guest Blog Posts
20. Build Your Email List
21. Create Awesome Landing Pages
22. Write an eBook
23. Write Longer Content
24. Give Away Targeted Freebies
25. Join Social Media Networks & Participate
26. Start a Forum
27. Find Online Forums with Your Audience in Attendance and Wow Them With Your Smarts
28. Improve Your On & Off Page SEO
29. Speed Up Your Website
30. Host a Contest
31. Install Social Sharing Plugins
32. Participate in Facebook Groups
33. Promote Events on Facebook
34. Make Your Website Responsive
35. Add Your Site to Relevant Directories
36. Join Mastermind Groups
37. Spend Time in Places Where Your Audience Hangs Out
38. Submit Press Releases
39. Improve Your Keyword Research
40. Research Your Audience More
41. Run a PPC Campaign
42. Add Presentations to Slideshare.net
43. Teach a Course
44. Create a Podcast
45. Ask for Referrals & Site Reviews
46. Push Your Content out With Outbrain.com
47. Add Your Website in Your Email Signature
48. Create a Customized 404 Error Page that Links to Items Within Your Website
49. Don’t Forget to Link to Your Own Work Internally on Your Website
50. Spend to Promote Popular Content

To your success!

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Opti-Build is working great! in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

Reply by John M 18 days ago

We are now one week into Opti-Build and I am seeing a lot of activity! Not only am I seeing new PSA's but my DD as well.

I decided to invest in both Builder Bundle and S Builder Co-Op to help my team grow. And it seems to be working fantastic!

And then comes along the new Active Sponsor Policy! Wow! What an excellent addition to everything that has already taken place so far. I'm smiling from ear to ear.

My business is actively growing from day to day. I'm now at the point, where I can't wait to awake in the morning to see what has taken place. I'm actually getting up earlier now just because of the anticipation.

Exciting to say the least!

All my best to the SFI family! I hope all are doing well.

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Beware of Fraud and Hacking in Miscellaneous #Auto-Delivery

Reply by Gery 19 days ago

Right! We have not been hacked, but many, many other, even major, sites have been (it's in the news regularly)...and the email addresses and passwords of tens of millions have been stolen by hackers...and these hackers have, no doubt, distributed and sold these email and password combinations to other scammers.

So, there's potentially a whole army of bad guys out there with your email/password combination...and armed with this, all they have to do is go to various other sites (SFI included) and enter the email addresses and passwords one after another, hoping to get a hit. When they do, they're IN...and they have full access to your account!

This is why it's so important to not use the same password. At every site where you're required to log in, you should use a different password.

I recommend using an app like 1Password to manage this. With 1Password, you only have to remember a single password, and it will use and remember a different password for every site for you. 1Password is available for Mac, iOS, Android, and Windows here:


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New Signups in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

Reply by Leon M 19 days ago

One of the biggest challenges in marketing our business is that expectations must match the reality...

1) The ad must match the landing page

2) The landing page must match the opportunity

3) The opportunity must solve the prospects problem(s)

The internet has lowered the barrier of entry to the level of FREE

Ok, here's a BIG point that needs to be made...

With SFI what we're all doing is building a list! We then market to that list to show them we can solve their problem with our business opportunity. Once we get them in the door they move from being suspects to prospects. In order to move them from prospects to actually being Active Affiliates is the next step. Again, when we look at our geneology and we sort to find the rank of Affiliate I would suggest we consider them to still be prospects.

Get them in the door, but keep marketing to them like their prospects. Because they are!

Leon McKee

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Now that Opti-Buils has launched, a little reminder to everyone! in Team Leaders #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Leon M 24 days ago

I would recommend:

1) Once we have 5 DDs we set Opti-Build to 100%.

2) Once we have 5 DDs we then reassign any additional EAs and above below those 5 DDs. Use strategy!

3) Once we have 5 DDs we then reassign ALL inactive PSAs to our active team. Take the total number of inactive PSAs and divide that by the total number of EAs and above in your team. Take the resulting number and start reassigning! Example: You have your 5 DDs. Good job! You now have 100 inactive PSAs. You have 20 EAs and above in your team. 100/20=5. Reassign 5 inactive PSAs to each of the EAs and above in your team. This adds value to your relationship with each EA and above while also increasing the chance that one of those inactive Affiliates might become active.

4) The result of 1 to 3 is that you would have 5 first level DDs and ALL of your future Opti-Build signups will flow into your team of DDs. You now have nothing to manage other than the relationship with your 5 DDs, your overall team support and the leads you produce that flow into Opt-Build (this last one is critical).

5) IMPORTANT: Do not manually reassign EAs and above to a TL with 5 established DDs without discussing strategy. I think it would be VERY rare for someone to reassign a productive TL to someone who already has their 5, but need to mention this as a heads up.

Leon McKee

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Will Opti-Build Work? in Team Building #Team Building

Reply by Anton G 24 days ago

Awesome post Scott!

I've learned from Decades of being a network marketer, that ultimately the growth of your team will significantly depend on the members love of the product. In our case, it is Triple Clicks. If your team members don't appreciate the Triple Clicks store they will not last, regardless of Opti-Build or anything else for that matter.

I have been with SFI for as long as I have because of the Triple Clicks store. I like the Auctions, books, discounted silver and SFI/Triple Clicks paraphernalia. I am also an ECA. Participating in the Triple Clicks store is what keeps you here. This is why when you look at a Team Leaders profile it is usually followed by a Stream of badges. Most, if not all, of the badges are Triple Clicks related.

Get your team involved in the Triple Clicks store and watch them feel the real synergy of SFI. Yes, team building is very important, but there is no TEAM without the Triple Clicks store.

Free your mind. Be innovative in your marketing strategies. Take ownership in the company. Adopting this mindset will put you in a place of desire and the necessity to succeed. Treat SFI like it is yours. Besides, you do have a stake in the Triple Clicks Executive Pool...I hope.

Seek problems and find solutions. What Scott is showing you is very true and attainable, but in order to achieve this you must become a giver, a builder, an innovator, an asset to yourself as well as SFI.

Today begin the process of "brain washing" yourself. Turn off the television and fill your mind with content from successful life and success coaches. Ultimately, you will become what is picked up by your senses and you will have no need to find success because success will find you.

Dream on but Dream BIG!

To your success

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Before you begin, you have to read the instructions in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by Earl W 26 days ago

Some of the best memories I have from growing up involve working on cars with my dad. We didn't have much money so we had to repair our cars when they broke down. We would change the oil, give tune-ups, and occasionally, we would have to replace brake pads.

One particular car we worked on gave us a hard time. We were replacing the brake pads and since we have done this many times before on other cars, we were confident that we knew what to do. We took the wheel off, removed the brake assembly and began to push the caliper back. On other cars, all we needed was a "C-clamp" to force the caliper back in, but on this particular model, we could not get it to budge. We spent most of the night trying to force it before giving up and going to bed.

The next day arrived and my dad was working on the car when I got home. When I approached the car, I noticed that he already had the pads replaced. He told me that he did some research and found out that with this model, we have to use a ratchet to turn the caliper back into its original position.

If we would have read the instructions first, we would have saved ourselves hours of frustrating, unproductive work.

Here at SFI, the Launchpad is the most complete training for all affiliates and it serves as a great resource library for experienced veterans of the company. These lessons will help us learn the company and online business in general. If we take the time to complete the lessons, we will have a much better chance to be successful than if we try to go by ourselves. I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping both eyes wide open as you enter the lessons so you can learn everything you need to learn.

Please avoid the costly mistake many affiliates make of trying to take shortcuts. The Launchpad Lessons are designed to move you in the right direction so you can make the most of your time here.

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Inactive Affiliates in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

Reply by Sara F 27 days ago

We have all complained about having inactive affiliates and how we should never give up on them. Well, today I have proof that keeping up with sending messages to all of your team, both active and inactive, works. Today I received an email from one of my affiliates who has not logged in since they joined. They had some questions about getting started and what they needed to do. I gave them a long, detailed email telling them everything they need to do. I am happy to say that they logged in today and got some VPs!
So take this as a message that it pays to keep on communicating with your whole team even if they have not logged in since they joined. Whatever I said in my communications finally got through to some one. It could work for you, too.

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How do you sell TripleClicks Products? in TripleClicks Sales #Pricebenders #Sales #TripleClicks

Reply by Andrew A 29 days ago

TripleClicks has been a strong focus already in 2017 and is the theme of Gery's 2017 vision statement New Years Day.

Each of us now has the ability to promote offers on TripleClicks and earn VP from 3rd party offers as well. We have new games, more auctions, a range of new auction items, and more TripleClicks direct offers. There are more spotlight products that are offered at great discount pricing and featured products that focus on commission build. More has been planned and I can not wait because the first 3 months of the year have had some major ramping up of the VP and Executive Affiliate Bonus Pool.

In the meantime we need to all focus on driving sales. Pick a product, or two, or 10 and write out a personal review of it and add to your self hosted blogs with a list of features and it's unique selling points. Figure out who the ideal customer is and the reasons they would use this product and write related articles. Use them on your blog, social media pages, & Web2.0 blogs like Wordpress.com, Blogger, and Tumblr or TypePad. All of these have a social aspect and your blogs go in a system for discovery which leads to comments, higher rankings, and more traffic to your self hosted blog. Just be sure to link to and reference your reviews in those articles.

The next step is social bookmarking.

A social bookmarking site allows you to collect the links of websites and articles, offer a short description of them and have others like and dislike them. That builds social proof or clout and results in more shares, likes and comments. Some of the sites we are talking about are Reddit, Digg, Pligg, Technorati, and Stumble Upon.

Continue to repeat these actions for each feature. Do comparison post, add related items to your promotions, do guest post and have people guest post on your blog who write about related topics and or products.

Blogs are cheap to host, with a included domain name you can get hosting for under $60 a year right on TripleClicks, some with installation of Wordpress (the most powerful blog software) for free.

Don't know how to write? We have ghost writing services offered by at least two ECA for around $15 a post. Using TripleClicks saves you time and money because the content is written for your site by real experts with experience with the products you are promoting.

Need to fill space? Record or find related video from Youtube or Metacafe, or find related graphics and pictures to add in.

Nobody knows how to blog until they start and learn on the go but these tips get me ranked every time I post a review and have generated tens of thousands of dollars of income for my business over the past 13+ years online. This is how we make TripleClicks the company of the year in Retail.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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100 Reasons To Become Bronze Team Leader in Team Building #Leadership

Reply by Anton G 29 days ago

100 Reasons To Become Bronze Team Leader

We are on the final stretch before the power of Opti-Build sweeps the planet…literally! So let’s build synergy to encourage as many as possible to advance to Bronze Team Leader. Why?...because we are ALL here to create a SECOND residual income or create a PRIMARY residual income.

Let’s do this by listing 100 Reasons To Become Bronze Team Leader. I have already listed 18. Please read reasons already listed before posting, to avoid writing the same reason. Also write your post number.

Here we Go!

1. You must go through Bronze Team Leader to get to Diamond Team Leader.

2. To Align your team building with the power of Opti-Build

3. To Become a Designated Diamond

4. To receive the optimum number of PSAs from your up-line.

5. To LEAD by example.

6. To earn a leadership badge.

7. To earn from matching Versa Points in the Tripleclicks Executive Pool.

8. To take your first step in earning a Full-Time Income online.

9. To show your sponsor you are ready to lead.

10. To do your part in making becoming a Team Leader contagious.

11. To inspire your sponsor.

12. To earn Milestone Shares

13. To acquire 2nd Home CSAs

14. To acquire T-Credit Bonus

15. Because you CAN

16. To indicate, you believe in your business.

17. It’s the only way EVERYONE will become a Team Leader.

18. To be in harmony with the vision (Strong Future International).

Let’s keep it going TEAM! We can certainly get to 100.

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Beginning to understand something !!! in Team Building

Reply by Andrew A about 1 month ago

I agree with most of your post with the exception of following small goals.

I believe in small obtainable goals that keep you on a path towards a larger vision. If you have vision you can see both the done and the possible. With vision you can see beyond tomorrow, and are open to the next step beyond your current dreams. You can have a vision of being financially free and a longer term vision of being able to vacation at your Villa in Jamaica each Winter. A short term goal might be to make it to an extra $100 a month in commissions, or 3 active PSA, then 5 active PSA, 5 Designated Diamonds on your first line, a 5x5 filled etc..

All are possible but there are as you say many steps along the way but in relation to time we have as much time as we have on earth to accomplish these visionary accomplishments.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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WOW! What Movement Is This I See? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

Reply by Michael B about 1 month ago

More Movement Than A Flag In A Storm!
Yesterday I sent out a Team Mail. This email was sent to ALL of my downline and CSAs. Today I have people asking me questions! More questions than I have had for years. More interest than any change has brought in the last five years.

What Caused This To Happen?
That Team Mail was about Opti-Build, Designated Diamonds and Builder Bundles. These changes have gained the attention of people who have not been active for years, or at all. That is a good thing, but...

Why Would They Want To Know More Now?
To some people Opti-Build looks like an easy way to build their teams with little or no effort. They see it as a free ride to riches.

What most are not seeing is the fact that 'ONLY THE WORKERS WILL EARN' and that is as it should be.

A Word Of Warning!
DO NOT expect your up-line to build your business for you. If you are not willing to SUPPORT your downline, SPONSOR new affiliates and PROMOTE Tripleclicks you will be waiting in vain for your team to grow. Only your activity and dedication to your SFI business will earn you the right to new team members, from your own efforts or from Opti-Build, who will become your workers.

They will see your example and follow it. If you are doing nothing or not helping them they will do nothing. You will still be struggling to find your FIVE WORKERS and in my opinion you need those BEFORE you opt in to Opti-Build yourself.

Looking at my Movers tab I can see growth there already with my best workers going at it to secure their Designated Diamond status so they can benefit from the Opti-Build system and grow their profits. That is what these changes have brought to SFI. A sense of competition and some great tools to build teams IN DEPTH.

We all create our own luck through hard work. So don't sit back thinking you are going to benefit by just 'TURNING RED TABS TO GREEN'. Get really involved with your business and understand it inside and out. Believe in it and pass that belief on to your team members. The affiliates who do that are sure to be noticed by their upline.

Happy days are ahead :-)

As Always

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A large dose of Gratitude! in Miscellaneous

Reply by Lise B about 1 month ago

I want to send a huge Thank you!!! to Gery, SFI-staff and all of you wonderful fellow affiliates! You all have a big part in my achievements for the 6 months I've been part of the SFI-family.

Today I reached a huge Milestone when I could take my TC Payoneer mc to the store for the very first time and buy myself a little treat just to celebrate a little. (Actually, the first thing I did was to treat myself with a few TCredits yesterday )

You who, like me, struggle to get enough money to get food on the table, you know exactly how big a deal this is. To have this great opportunity to build your own business, surrounded by all this great support. How can one not be grateful?!

Even with less than a shoestring budget there is always a lot one can do in order to build your business, to grow your team, to grow in your leadership, to grow your knowledge in all the different aspects of SFI/TC.

There is Never a reason to just sit there and say, now I've done all I can do....all there is to do. It is Always more you can do, more to read, more to develop.

Keep a strong and positive attitude and you will conquer the world, be the master of your life and your goals and achievements!

Aim high and dream big! And.....have little goals on your road to success. Goals that are small enough to be reachable, but yet big enough to challenge you. Without challenge there will be no growth, no progress. Feel the boost, the adrenaline kick every time you hit a milestone, whether it is a small or big goal.

This is an investment in You and your life!

Be persistent and you can beat any struggle you meet on your way. And, don't forget to have fun along the way, enjoy your ride. Don't let this golden opportunity that SFI is, go to waste, embrace it for all it is worth!

I have loved SFI from my very first day, and it just keep growing on me. All the ups and downs. The satisfaction when I set my goals to low because I didn't believe in myself, and I had to adjust my goals to higher level cause I passed it long before I thought I would.

Thank You Gery for your ever presence! And Thanks to All of you who are active in the forum, and make the forum this magnificent place to learn and grow! There are so many highly skilled persons who willingly share their wisdom with everyone here. You are awesome!

Best wishes for all of you for a prosperous and fulfilling and happy life!

'the extremely stubborn and persistent Norwegian',
enjoying my road to success!

PS! Do a little surfing around SFI every day, and you'll find some new perspectives and new things to learn every day!
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