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What we got and what we lost - my calculation in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #TCredits #VersaPoints

Reply by Harold G. 2 days ago

Tim! Well Said! Bulls Eye!!!!!!

I learned along time ago: "Don't get hung up on the details!" While it's important to have a grasp, or basic understanding, of how these changes impact us, working it to a science is a waste of anyone's time and energy. I also learned through my own personal experience and observations in another network marketing business years back as well as this one--that those who are "detail experts" generally court the lower commissions and smaller advancements. Those who simply take a little time to absorb what happens without getting distracted from what their FOCUS should be, proceed ahead of the crowds of experts and earn the big bucks! This is a statistical fact in our type of business. We need to be experts laying a foundation for success and become experts in building upon that foundation! This is where are time and energy need to be spent--acquiring the activity knowledge--AND THEN applying it, over and over and over until we reach Diamond. That's it! Period.

I was looking through this thread and was going to comment on what you, Tim, had said. Instead, I will add my thoughts of support to your exhortation.

One other point, everyone. I saw this concern in this thread and elsewhere (and it seems to be a strong undertone in most people's apprehensions): It's going to take a little extra work to just get to BTL --or whatever TL badge one is trying to get to or sustain. If it does, do it.
If the bar is raised slightly it actually results in higher incomes for those who achieve the incomes associated with any level. People, part of a successful foundation in this business is, in a big part, an attitudinal one: "Stop reaching for meeting the bare minimal requirements to hit your goals!!!" This principal works all over the world--not only in the USA. Stop giving yourself a handicap; stop limiting your vision. Work to over shoot your goals! Budget to overshoot your goals! Is your budget short--PLAN to overshoot your budget in being resourceful.

Tim, you hit the nail on the head. We just need to grab this thing and run with it--no holds barred while putting the blinders on and keeping our focus on what lies ahead: Doing what it takes and becoming the leader necessary to be a Diamond in SFI.


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Rewardical.com - Our Online Rewardical Mall in Getting Started #ECA #Leadership #Rewardical

Reply by Roy and Liezel T. 1 day ago

This is what I consider as my Online Shopping Mall. I can shop at Rewardical.com and earn Rewardicals to be used in many ways. I can redeem them for (VP) Versa Points. I can Purchase TCredits, CSA(s) Co-Sponsored Affiliates, I can use them for Donations to credible Foundations, from all over the World. I can even redeem them for Bitcoin, TripleClicks Gift Certificates. I can buy and set up automatic (PSA's) Personally Sponsored Affiliates, even (PRM's) Personally-Referred Members and even in the future I can collect Silver Bullion (.999 fine silver).

I know SFI has a lot in store for our new Rewardical.com site, so stay tuned for some amazing things.

One thing we can do at this point is go there, look around and even do searches for products we want or need. Simple go to Rewardical.com and in the SEARCH FIELD, search for what you want! You can search for Advertising, Apparel, Books, Jewelry, Pet Care etc.... So go on over... There are stores already in our Rewardical Mall, they are open for business. You can even see how many Rewardical tokens you will receive for each $10.00 worth of purchases!!

Use this Forum Post to share question, ideas.. Lets see this get going.


Roy and Liezel Tate

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What we got and what we lost - my calculation in Miscellaneous #Rewardical #TCredits #VersaPoints

Reply by Tall Ship Pirate Cruise . 2 days ago

While you are all sitting here trying to do your math, you are all getting incorrect answers, because you are leaving out a major part of the equation!
Less Free VP given away, Higher the commissions!

More Free VP Given away, Lower the commissions!

Take a look at your latest Commissions. Look at the Share Value of the TCEP.

Now if that value went up from $0.000316 to $0.00316 or higher, what would that do for your commissions?

The next thing I will say, is you are commenting on the very few shops applied to Localvantia!

Rather then trying to get many registered, go after that ONE!
Help them out and get them in!

That one big Super Market with a sign in the window, "Rewardicals Awarded with YOUR Purchase"!

Now that will get people asking questions! And from there, it could domino effect!

ADD That to Your Math!

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Understanding Rewardicals Opportunity in Getting Started #Getting Started #Localvantia #Rewardical

Reply by Andrew A. 2 days ago

Below is an Excerpt from my weekly team mail just sent to my PSA here at SFI to help them get started with Rewardicals.

This week we will discuss some key points about Rewardicals:

Signing people up to collect Rewardicals is easy to do. People love getting something back when they shop, and the craze over Bitcoin and collectible silver is outrageous.

Signing people up is simple. Give them your promo code and send them to the link easyrewards247.com where the code is good for their first 25 Rewardicals. Let them know that there are hundreds of places online and offline to earn Rewardicals doing the shopping they already do, bidding on auctions, and playing fun games. All the details they need are inside the Rewardical account.

Now Rewardicals benefits for you.

For every 10 RT or Rewardical Tokens these referrals earn, or your referred Localvantia and Rewardical ECA merchants dish out you earn one Rewardical to use on things like Bitcoin, Gift Certificates, VP, and T-Credits. As of yesterday you can even earn PSA, PRM, or CSA by changing in your Rewardicals. All of these mean potential cash earnings to you as well as many more RT.

If you refer the buyer and the seller on a transaction you can earn twice on the same sale. As your referrals get more into Rewardical they will get gift certificates, learn about SFI, play Eager Zebra Games and some will even add ECA stores and Localvantia shops as well. This let’s your RT income grow exponentially and virally.

Currently, you can pre-register and sign up LocalVantia Merchants.

You can also sign up Rewardicals users, and in a very short time there will be a referral link and marketing aides to refer Rewardical ECA.

The current number of ECA and Localvantia merchants ins nearing 200 destinations for savings with thousands more pre-registered or waiting for approval including my own Rewardical ECA which will be added sometime this week, specializing in social media marketing, blog hosting and automation, and e-learning.

Ecommerce store can join Rewardicals and offer RT to their shoppers to increase cart totals and repeat business or customer loyalty.

I hope this helps you make sense of the opportunity before you, if you have questions contact me via team mail, SFI Chat, or by e-mail at (Your e-mail).

Thanks for all of your hard work, Log in at www.sfimg.com and read the latest news and updates today.

Andy Zeus Anderson

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Reply by Mihai I. 5 days ago

SFI is a macro economy based on T Credits and Rewardicals. Localvantia and the Rewardical Program are becoming key players in this business. Another piece that just fell in place in this mosaic of changes is the Zing Network.

The Zing Network, together with the Rewardical Program, are going to become, little by little, the "game changer", the most powerful RECRUITING TOOL in SFI!

In time, this will make the ECAs selling packages of new PSAs - I wouldn't say OBSOLETE yet -, but will relegate them to a minor role! It is still a little far on the road ahead, but it's going to happen!

But don't worry, owners of these special ECAs, there is a new market opening in front of you, due to the fact that most of the new people getting into SFI (new PSAs) approach the Internet with fear, convinced that it is not easy to use the computer as a working tool! Add to this the language barrier sometimes, even if most of the new PSAs have some knowledge of English.

In my opinion, that makes TUTORIALS, a new market for ECAs!

The Rewardicals are taking over! Even a lot of ECAs will base their business on Rewardicals! We are still in the beginning of this process! SFI are doing their part releasing millions of Rewardicals on the market.

But these Rewardicals we are getting right now through the Daily Grand drawing or through reaching stages in Badges, are just "small potatoes", compared with the Rewardicals coming from Localvantia or through recruiting Rewardical "Pals". SFI will be flooded with hundred of millions of Rewardicals, maybe billions!

Is this good or bad? In my opinion, it is very good! Many SFI Affiliates, who are inactive right now, or even the new PSAs who belong to countries where the $$ is too strong, are going to jump at the chance of achieving THE PLAN through... yes, Rewardicals! For that to happen, we as Sponsors and Team Leaders, have to talk to them about it, educate them to work on it!

And this, my friends, brings us to one of the major effects of this Rewardical Revolution, THE RAISE OF THE V.P.'s VALUE!

There is no doubt in my mind that the VP is going to recover in a big way! Because, the next steps I foresee are: the disappearance of the MRPs (which is going to "push" us towards Rewardicals or... to spend more money to buy T Credits and, probably, the redeeming ratio between Rewardical and VP is going to become 5/1 or even 7/1.

It's not going to happen right away, but not so far in the future ether!

Due to the Rewardical Revolution, at least, it's not going to be so hard to re-qualify as an EA! In fact, it's going to be easier to become a Team Leader also! We are probably going to see many more BTLs than we see now!

Again, I am asking myself if it is good or bad? Think of the wonders the Matching VPs will do to us, with so many EAs and BTLs and with a higher VP's value!!!

I am preparing myself to jump at the new field opening in front of us, of course in my opinion, that of TUTORIALS! With so many changes and despite SFI's efforts to create new lessons in The Launch Pad or to educate through Ask Gery, the TUTORIALS are going to be absolutely necessary! I am planning to create my own ECA with tutorials!

RENEW YOURSELF OR DIE, RENOVARSE O MORIR is what SFI is doing and I commend them for it!

The future looks very good in SFI!

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How I achieve Gold Team Leader Monthly. in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by Maree W. 4 days ago

I thought I would share the actions I do to achieve Gold Team Leader Monthly.
It is absolutely essential that you thoroughly read, digest, and, most importantly, consistently APPLY the Launch Pad Training information to your SFI business.

I log in daily turning all Red Tabs Green.
I read all forum posts and news updates.
Once I have done this. I click the rocket above and refresh my memory with launch pad updates.
I start the beginning of each month, paying my Auto Renewal for the SFI builder Bundle.
Receiving the Special Building Something Great badge.
Around the 9th of each month I buy a S-Builder Co-op Unit.
Around the 15th of each month I buy 1 PSA to go.
This is great as when you lock in the SFI Co-op you can purchase 1 PSA to go with 14 T Credits.

I bid in double MRP Auctions then when I have 150 MRP Points I buy 1 T Credit with these MRP Rewards.
I then do google searches for sites to go and blast my SFI programs.
I use social media daily. Facebook Groups, LinkeDIn etc.
I lock in 50% to the big O so I can share 50% with new PSA Signups and members that need support in climbing the Leader Ship Ladder.
I run competitions for my SFI team sending them to my SFI leadership page blog.
I send this post via the Genealogy once a month to all my Top Movers.

Feel free to duplicate and share with all your team.
Maree. SFI team building in New Zealand.

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How To Share Your Posts in SFI Forum? in Miscellaneous

Reply by Awad A. 16 days ago

Hello dear reader,
This thread is for the members who have not yet know how to share a new thread in the forum and I am going to explain now the method in 4 simple steps.

Step 1 : Visit the forum :

Step 2 : Select your post category. It is important to realize what your post is related to. For example, if your post is about team building, then choose the Team Building option as you can see in the image below.

Step 3 : Click on Start New Thread

Step 4 : Fill out the data required ( your post title, tags, and content )

Best regards.

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Affiliate struggling to become an EA ? Good News in ECA Program #ECA #Rewardical #VersaPoints

Reply by John S. 16 days ago

Are you an affiliate struggling to become an EA but could not see the light at the end of the tunnel ? Here is the good news for you

According to the latest announcement on the new ECA program moving to Rewardicals : news.sfimg.com/2018/01/31/eca-program-moving-to-rewardical-com/

You will be able to refer ECAs to the Rewardical program even if you are not an EA at this moment. Once you become an EA in the future you will be able to receive 1 Rewardical for every 10 Rewardicals dispensed by your referred ECAs.

What does this mean ?

At this moment you can exchange 3 Rewardicals for 1 VP . This means that if you could generate 3600 Rewardicals each month from your referred ECAs you can exchange them for 1200 VP + 300 VP from your monthly / weekly / daily tasks = 1500 VP that you need to become an EA from month to month. For any additional Rewardical you generate you will be able to exchange to Silver / Bitcoin or anything else you wish .

Also have in mind that referring ECAs will be much easier now since the fee will be only % 5 of sales ( compared to 15 % before ) and they do not need to download anything in TC any more. Look for existing online stores in your country / region or even worldwide, refer them to the new ECA program, become an EA and build yourself a residual income for life .

Team Leaders, encourage your affiliates by sharing this news .

Thank you Gery for opening this window of opportunity for all those active affiliates in SFI who are really hard working people and deserve to be an EA and beyond .

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The Business of Failure in Team Building #Team Building

Reply by Scott L. 21 days ago

No one likes to fail. We all strive to be perfect at whatever we do.

However, in terms of network marketing, failure is a real and normal part of this business.

In some sports, there are examples of where "failure" is not only the norm, but accepted.

The most obvious one is Amercian baseball. Hitters, or batters, try to hit the ball safely to get on base. The best of the best do it 30% - 40% of the time. Most of the time, the average is 20% - 30%. And they are considered successful!

If only we could be that successful in SFI, we would all be rich!

But network marketing is notoriously "failure" oriented, in that most signups do nothing.

So why do we get involved, and keep on getting rejected day after day? Seems kind of crazy, right?

Because, if each one of us can somehow find 5, and only 5, people to follow us and believe, and they do the same thing, we can earn more money here than in any job you will ever have, and probably any other business you might have. Especially when you consider the residual income aspect of earning income over time by doing less and less work because your network is running smoothly.

In order to find those 5, we are going to have "fail" over and over again. That means referring people day in and day out; month in and month out; year in and year out. That is our job - to refer people to SFI. Non stop, in whatever way we choose.

There is really no right or wrong way. There is really no better or worse way. What ever works for you is what you should do. If that means following someone else...then do it.

If you fail 9995 times out of 10,000, those 5 that didn't fail could be Gold, Platinum or even Diamond. But at worst, all they need to be is Bronze. The rest can take care of itself.

So, if you fail 99,995 out of 100,000, those 5 that didn't fail could be Gold, Platinum or even Diamond. But at worst, all they need to be is Bronze. The rest can take care of itself.

And so on. Keep recruiting. You will keep failing. BUT, you have them on a list, within SFI, that you can keep emailing the good news about SFI to them every week, or every other week, or every month. It takes 5 minutes of your time to send those emails. It's called marketing, and SFI provides you with all the tools.

Keep on failing until you succeed......then just keep on failing some more. Because in the end, your mission is to help people become financially independant, and you should never stop trying to help.

Failure in order to succeed...what a concept!

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Received 85 Rewardicals via my registered Localvantia Merchant! in Compensation #Compensation #Localvantia #Rewardical

Reply by Gyanendra P. 21 days ago

Very excited today to receive 85 Rewardicals via my registered Localvantia Merchant! What an amazing programe Localvantia is!

"Hi Gyanendra,

We are pleased to inform you that the claim you submitted for 85 Rewardicals from xxxx General Store has been approved:

Submission Date: Jan 27th, 2018
Vendor: xxxx General Store (Address of Localvantia Merchant)
Amount of purchase (excluding taxes): 1000.00 (INR)

Your 85 Rewardicals have been deposited into your rewardical.com account and you may redeem them at your convenience."

Localvantia is a great property of our Zing Network! In my opinion it is the best thing that ever happened to SFI ( Now part of Zing Network ). This is going to change our buying habits forever.

Why buy from any other store when we can buy from Localvantia Merchants?

I used to already buy my grocery needs from above store and thought of pre-registering him as Localvantia Merchant. It got approved after I handed over the Invitation Letter personally.

But it was not easy. I had to make several visits to follow him up. Helping him to log in to Localvantia.com and then asking him to give me a receipt. He is not giving formal receipts normally to any customer except hand written calculations. Customers are not asking for receipts either. They are happy to pay cash and collect their groceries. He didn't have pre-printed bills. But he had a stamp of his store with complete address on it. I asked him to give me his hand written bill with his store stamp. He agreed.

I submitted the bill to Support and a message came that it may take up to 48 hrs to process the Rewardical claim. I followed him up and asked him whether he received any emails to which he said no. I had built up a good relationship with him by this time. I asked him to check his email on his mobile in front of me. I checked his gmail and there was no message regarding Rewardical claim.

Then I asked him to log on to www.localvantia.com on his merchant page. I was happy to find a pending claim. Though it was very small amount in dollars with a message that paying in small amount will incur a frequent processing charge. I explained him the benefit of purchasing $25 Coupon. He calculated the amount in Indian Rupees and agreed to buy $25 Auto-Reward. I helped him in processing the order as it takes the process via TripleClicks. The transaction was successful.

I checked my mobile and was so happy to receive an email from SFI informing me that my claim had been approved.

The reason I narrated my above story is that it may be helpful for my fellow affiliates ( EAs at least) how to follow up with registered Localvantia Merchants.

I want to thank Gery and his wonderful staff for giving us all such a beautiful gift of Localvantia programe.

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PSA's..."Do I want Quantity or Quality" in Team Building #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

Reply by Roy and Liezel T. 22 days ago

This has been a subject of discussion for as long as I have been involved in Network Marketing, Affiliate Marketing. I have only one answer to this long debated subject. I want QUANTITY first...then I can find QUALITY.. reasons are simple. (Use my Example)... If I could stand outside of a packed 30,000 stadium full of people and hand each person 10 cents as they walk out just to go to my SFI Gateway and join my Team.. FREE of course. OR do I give out a one dollar bill to only 1 out of 10 people that I feel are quality prospects to go and register FREE.

If you picked the latter of the two...you will fail 95% of the time. How can any of us think we can look at someone and determine if someone will be successful or not. WE SIMPLY CAN'T!

So me personally, I look for as many interested people, for as low of a cost as I can. I bring them all to my SFI gateway page and get them to register, "FREE". SFI has an amazing system.. it is all FREE. A prospect can register for free, SFI will welcome them and then begin to supply them with ALL the FREE training and tools they need to understand and start a successful business with SFI! (Of course I also send a welcome message to all who register, very important.. Just enough to say welcome.. not too much to overwelm them. Too much and they will not even read what you sent them)!

Then this is where I begin to look for Quailty affiliates. SFI has many tools to use just for this! Watch for special messages from SFI letting you know someone is very interested. Then I start with the MOVERS tab... the MOVERS tab shows us all the top active affiliates. You can track all of your most active affiliates here. The movers tab shows date they joined, last time they were active.. VP for the day, for the month and it shows last months total VP. Another feature that I like, is it shows VP needed to reach the next level. These are the quality affilites.. these are the main ones you need to contact, work with, etc...

Then there is the Genealogy.. With the genealogy, you can do hundreds of different sorts. You can sort by the day, by the week, the month.. Last time they logged in. If they were EA last month, but haven't reached EA this month.. Then you can email those sorts.. contact them, etc...

So simply stated.. QUANTITY always comes first.. then QUALITY!

I want to reach as many interested prospects as I can.. Then filter out the ones that have the qualitys needed to be successful in this business.

Best wishes to ALL. I hope my post helps.

Roy and Liezel Tate

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Read This! Please.... in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by Susan M. 29 days ago

I have been with SFI for only 3 months. Prior to finding this opportunity I had gotten involved with many other businesses promising me help and success. Needless to say, I did not find either. Was it the system or the offers of help that failed me? Neither. I failed myself.

I am not beating myself up but rather reflecting on what I have actually learned from all those other experiences. I am currently reading (word for word) the Internet Income Course under the Training tab. While going thru it, my mind is exploding with ideas. These ideas will be of no use to my business unless I put action to some or all of them. Is there alot to learn here? You bet!

Think about this.......in the Rules of Success it is spelled out to us that this is not a get-rich-quick business. What if a person wants to become a Doctor of Medicine. He/she must study for years and years and learn before becoming a Dr. and making a living at it. My daughter has gone thru 5 years of undergrad school and is now in her 2nd year of grad school to become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine with 2 more to go and more if she wants to specialize in surgery. She is racking up quite a large debt to pursue this goal. She KNOWS what it is taking and it is NOT easy. But the rewards for her life will far outway what she is going thru now.

Sadly the people we want to reach with this lesson may never log into SFI or respond to our invitation of help, may never read this and may never give SFI a proper chance. Oh well! Those who are to a large degree successful, already know this. So maybe this is for those who are new or struggling but are willing to READ and LEARN. There is just so much information and help here if you will just reach out, search out and expand your knowledge. You will never know unless you take action.

Im just glad that my Dr. didn't read only the first paragraph of a medical journal and expect to know it all before performing surgery on me!

Much success to all.

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How Much Can You Earn In SFI? in Compensation #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by Scott L. about 1 month ago

Get ready for a long post -- sorry about that in advance!

This question always gets asked, and we always give relatively the same answers, which are not wrong. (We are not allowed to share our income; none your business; read your Launchpad lesson whatever number).

So, I am going to share a different point of view. This is a possible but very real income calculation based on what I think is the easiest way to make a huge income here. There are 3 things that I believe in:

1. Matching VP is the crown jewel of the SFI compensation plan, which offers the most income with least amount of work, over time.
2. You and your team only need to become a BTL.
3. What I am about to share with you is real, and achievable; but not instantly, certainly not overnight. It is a goal that you can put down and work towards.

This year I shared with my team and downline my vision of The BTL Platform, and here it is:

Let’s make this ultra simple. To benefit from residual income in SFI, through Matching VP, you have to be a Team Leader.

Once you have an active team going down 6 levels, the income potential is huge, and the amount of work required to maintain your income decreases, giving you more Time Freedom to do things that are not work related….but that can bring you the most happiness to you and your family.

One thing you need to realize about owning your own business. You need repeat customers. People who have a reason to keep coming back and purchasing something. That is why grocery stores generally do very well. But, their profit margins are low, and it is a lot of work, right? What can SFI offer as an item that people would keep coming back to buy? TCredits. They should be used every month to earn Versa Points, build your rank and earn income. And as more people buy them from your link, as your PSA, or as part of your downline, you start to earn even more income. That is why I like the BTL Platform. It gives people a reason to come back, maintain their rank and their badge, enjoy and use the benefits they receive, and provides the leadership needed to encourage others to follow them.

There are 2 ways to reach Bronze Team Leader quickly. Let’s investigate them, starting with the easiest. This will assume you already have 5 PSA’s on your team (they don't even have to be active to reach BTL, but that is the whole point, right?)

1. Purchase 250 TCredits as an Auto Delivery with the 125 TCredit option. This will give you 3100VP, and you now qualify as a Bronze Team Leader.

2. Purchase 125 TCredits as an Auto Delivery, and purchase 100 TCredits as another item. This will give you 2700VP, plus 100VP for being Booster Club Qualified if you have purchased at least 1500VP this month and 1500VP last month. That is a total of 2800VP. Now you can use your TCredits playing Eager Zebra games or bidding on Pricebender Auctions. Every TCredit spent earns 1VP. For this example, that would be 225 VP, giving you 3025VP and qualifying as BTL.

Or, you can log in every day and do all the daily and weekly tasks that earn you VP throughout the month. In the shortest month of the year, February, we have 28 days. Just doing the daily tasks by turning all your red tabs green will get at least 280VP, more than enough to reach BTL. (Without turning the EZ and PB tabs green either, at this point).

Those are the guaranteed ways to make BTL each and every month. You don’t have to rely upon luck in winning contests or drawings to earn the VP required. You could also buy the Builder Bundle instead of one of the other packages, but that will cost you a lot more money.

Now, what is the potential income benefit of being BTL? Well, let’s make the assumption that you have recruited 5 PSA’s who also reach BTL, and each of them do the same thing, and so on down 6 levels in your downline, or genealogy. And first, we will have to discuss how we reach higher team leader levels.

Ok, you do step one and purchase 250 TCredits, so you now have 3100VP and a BTL badge. Now, each of your PSA’s do the same thing. That means you now have 5 PSA’s that are also BTL. Well, for each one of them that reaches BTL, you earn 200VP. That is now a total of 1000VP added to your 3100, for a total of 4100VP. Guess what? You’re now a Silver Team Leader (STL) and SFI is going to reward you with even more benefits for reaching that rank.

If each one of your PSA’s that reach BTL also have 5 PSA’s that go to BTL level, what happens to them? The same thing as you. They all go to STL. What does that mean to you? Well, you now have 5 STL’s on your first level. You just earned another 500VP because each of them earned that rank. So, you have 4600VP for the month.

If you log in daily, and do all of your daily, weekly and monthly actions, even in the short month of February, you will earn the following VP:

Turn all your tabs green each day, which means you spend 1 TCredit on an Eager Zebra game, and 1 TCredit on any Pricebender Auction. 28 * 14 = 392 VP. Sending out a weekly team mail will earn you 4 * 10 = 40VP. Doing stream posts weekly will earn you 4 * 3 = 12 VP. Completing the monthly tasks gets you 20VP. So, because you have logged in every day and done all of the tasks you should be doing to run your business, you now have an additional 464VP. Add that to your 4600VP, and you now have 5064VP.

Guess what? You are now a Gold Team Leader!!!! And have you spent any more money? NO, you didn’t have to!

How high in rank do you go in this? Well, let’s say your duplication efforts are working very well and each one of your 5 PSA’s do exactly the same as you. Each one of their PSA’s reach STL. Then each one of your PSA’s will make Gold Team Leader as well. And that means another 500VP for you for the month. You now have 5564 VP, and you are only 436VP short of reaching the next level, which is PTL.

Now you have a decision to make as to whether or not you are going to spend some more money to get those extra 436VP, because when you get them, and all 5 PSA’s are GTL, you reach Platinum Team Leader! Some of those VP can come from the TCredits you have left over after using them on your daily tasks, probably 180 or so. And you might have some Rewardical tokens you can redeem for more VP. They could come from anywhere really.

But, if you have a team built up like this, then you are going to earn lots of residual income from matching VP - making an extra purchase will mean nothing, but the benefits you get from reaching PTL could be huge for you!

So, how many Matching VP could you earn? Well, let’s assume each person down 6 levels got 5 PSA’s doing exactly what we have described here, and made it to GTL.

That means each of them have at least 5000VP for the month. Just going down 6 levels, that would be a total of 19,530 affiliates; and that would be 97,650,000 Matching VP. Based on the value of each TCEP share of $0.0003492, that would be $34,100.41. And that does not even include your direct commissions earned from your PSA’s purchasing anything, or from your CSA’s from which you also receive Matching VP!

How many of you would like that much Matching VP every month? And that is just going down 6 levels. If everyone follows the plan and reaches GTL, you will be getting paid down 10 levels!!! The numbers become exponential and astronomical!!!!! I won’t even quote them here.

So, let summarize the plan for 2018. What do we need to do to try and build our team to reach this level of potential income?

Become a BTL each and every month, and try and do this on first of the month.

Find 5 PSA’s who would be willing to the same thing. Share the potential income that could be earned by the above steps.
Advertise your business in such a way that you can attract more and more people to join your team. Remember that any PSA’s you sign up are now part of your list of contacts, and you can email them at any time explaining how this business can work for them!


Let’s Rock 2018!

(There are other ways to earn BTL during the month, which would take longer and may cost you less money, but the above method is designed to get you to that rank as soon as possible.)

So, that is my vision, that is my goal for me and any member of my team that wishes to follow the same path. I realize that probably most people who join cannot afford to make those kinds of purchases right away, but it can be a goal to work towards. The Launchpad Lessons are a great start for a new person, but there is no harm in sharing what could be done...this is a very real and viable plan. The numbers don't lie. But it does take some work. After all, we are all running our own home based business, correct?

I wish all of you the very best. Good Luck!

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Time to take a good look in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Kay B. about 1 month ago

I was looking at some profile photos in growth and a2a. And I was shocked at what I was seeing.

With so many sign-ups never even posting a profile photo, there were also many who posted non-professional profile photos.

Yes, we have the great freedom to wear what we want when we do the computer part of this business, but our public part should be very professional. Remember, our prospects know nothing about SFI. It is what they think about you that determines if they will sign-up.

Let's look at some of those photos. Yes, casual is nice at times, but it may convey that you are too relaxed. T-shirts with other advertising or messages are not wise choices. What message do you want to send out to prospects.

Spouses and babies or pets send messages to specific groups of people, but can signal that you have pre-occupations. Ones with spouses can be particularly confusing because you can not tell who is the sponsor just by looking.

Selfies are rarely good professional photos. The angles are wrong, the background often cluttered, and the lighting all wrong. Watch where the shadows fall. Especially for those with darker skin, it is important to find the right placement of the light to the face so facial features will show,

How about the eyes? Where are they looking? They should be open and looking at the camera. The eyes are the gateway to the soul, so they say. People like a direct look, otherwise they think you are hiding something.

Your facial expression does much. There are some photos with scowls that can be frightening. Lighten up smile so wide it reaches your eyes. Look like you are pleasant to be around. If you zoom in and have your face extend to the edges it looks like you are coming out of the photo, getting in my face. Back off.

But not so much that you show your whole body, your face is too small then. Show some of your body in your photo. Not a lot, but shoulders. It helps position your face in the area provided.

Show your current identity, your current age. We had a recent Forum thread started by someone who looked fresh out of school. The posts answered to a young person. It was revealed that the poster was decades older. Our answers for her question would have been different. If we want an honest relationship with our downline, we must honestly reveal our self.

You will have opportunities to show off our family and pets later. But the profile pic for your business should reflect your capability and seriousness you give to the business and your affiliates. Your media profiles can be more relaxed.

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Are You An Autodidact? in Getting Started #Getting Started #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Randy I. about 1 month ago

Are you an autodidact? (A self-taught person)

Many people complain about not having a Sponsor, or Co-Sponsor that is helpful. Can you still be successful? YES!

Many famous people had no formal training in the field where they became famous. They had an interest, and they pursued that interest through self-study.

Many people that join SFI have no training in marketing. Sounds a little bit crazy, doesn't it. We see an ad, consider the possibilities, and the adventure begins.

I am going to suggest there are some very basic MUST DO's if you are serious about learning this business.

1. The LaunchPad www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/ is like your Syllabus. Here you will learn the foundational stones to building something great. Sorry, but if you can't get serious about the LaunchPad, I question your seriousness about using this platform for a successful business.

2. Rules of Success www.sfimg.com/ROS/Index
SFI President Gery Carson has listed 20 key truth's that will help put the wind in your sails! To ignore them is self-defeating.

3. Know where to look www.sfimg.com/Reference/Sitemap?referrer=search
The Sitemap will give you a comprehensive overview of everything SFI. It may be the most underutilized tool available.

4. Just Do It!
This is a trademark of shoe company Nike, but is a major motivation for success at anything we do! We can have all the books, the budget, the dreams, the support, etc. but at some point we just have to just do it!

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The Ultimate Success Formula That I Follow Daily Without Fail... in Miscellaneous #Getting Started #PSA #Team Building

Reply by Tommie K. about 1 month ago

Hi SFI'ers,

"The path to success is to take massive, determined action." - Tony Robbins

If I had a Secret or steps to my success online and offline it would be, Tony Robbins Ultimate Success Formula.

Tony Robbins' The Ultimate Success Formula:

1. Know Your Outcome. Be specific on WHAT you want!
2. Know Your WHY. When you know your why, the how’s will work itself out.
3. Take Massive Action.
4. Know What Your Getting. You need to assess your progress.
5. Change Your Approach. Based upon your assessment of your progress, you may need to work on some new strategies or beliefs. If you have hit a plateau or find yourself spiraling downhill, this is the time to ask for help. Spiraling often happen because we missed our opportunity to assess and missed the plateau that happened before the spiral.

If our newest affiliates follow Tony's Ultimate Success Formula they will be our next BTL, STL, GTL, PTL, and DLT and will blow pass our current team leaders if they're not following the USF.

Tip: Follow Tony Robbins' Ultimate Success Formula and take massive, determined action.

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Are You Ready for 2018? in Miscellaneous

Reply by Karen S. about 1 month ago

If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got – is it enough?

My wording may not be 100% true to the quote, but I’m sure you get the point. This is a phrase that I’ve heard many times, maybe you have too. It’s supposed to be a definition on insanity and can be applied to so many areas of our lives. SFI is no exception.

How many times do we approach a task and employ the same methods and tactics that we are comfortable with and used to? You know what I’m talking about don’t you? I have to admit that travelling the old familiar road would be my choice too. However, the result is usually the same too, and in many cases, it’s just not enough.

Did you try something new in 2017 for your SFI business? A new marketing method? Did you start to promote TripleClicks? Perhaps you purchased PSAs or CSAs. Maybe it was something as simple as posting in Stream or helping someone in the Forum. Every little positive change you make in how you work your SFI business gets you a little farther down the road to success.

A New Year will be here in just a few short days. 2018 offers us a new beginning – a chance to try new methods of promoting and working our SFI business. What will you try? Getting out of that comfort zone begins with a single step. That’s all it takes. Take a look through the Marketing Methods and pick one you’ve never tried before. Make your first purchase on TripleClicks. Answer the Biz Quiz every day. Complete the Goals tab! When you write your goals down there is a much greater possibility that you will actually achieve them.

Make a commitment to yourself to be farther down the road to success in December 2018 than you are today. Every journey begins with a single step. The steps you choose to reach your destination are up to you. Push yourself a tad further, you’ll be amazed what you can accomplish, you just have to try. Remember, you don't have to make this trip alone. When you hit a bump in the road, reach out to your sponsor or the SFI Forum – it’s like having your own personal support system at your fingertips.

I’m planning my journey for 2018, incorporating some new challenges and techniques. Perhaps I’ll be able to prove that you really can teach an old dog new tricks!

All the best of the season to everyone! See you in 2018.

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When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then... in Miscellaneous

Reply by Tommie K. 2 months ago

Hi SFI'ers,

“When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful.” ― Eric Thomas

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, you become unstoppable.

For me, I wanted to succeed with free advertising because Gurus, Experts, Veteran Marketers, and others told me that it was a waste of time and effort.

Actually they did me a favor and set me on a journey to show them better than I can tell them how successful that I could be using free advertising .

My benefits of wanting to succeed as bad as I wanted to breath
- I'm the top referrer in most programs that I promote
- I have won numerous referral contest
- Forum Moderator
- I know and chat with Top Promoters
- Been asked to write a book on my advertising methods
- Had my own weekly ezine column
- Offer to become partners in numerous online ventures
- And the list goes on...

How did I attain my goals of using free advertising?
- I took massive action to attain them
- They were the first thing that I thought about when I woke up
- They were the last thing that I thought about when I fell asleep
- I worked on posting ads morning, noon, and night
- I leverage my time and effort thru the help of others using free advertising

I Posted Ads While:
- At the computer
- Watching TV
- Listening to the Radio
- Waiting in the doctors office
- Waiting in the dentist office
- At parties
- While posting in the forum
- Etc...

Tip: Follow Eric Thomas advice, When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you'll be successful.

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Inactive PSA in Suggestion Box #Leadership #PSA #Team Building

Reply by Howard B. 3 months ago

When I visit the forum, and talk to people that are on my team most of the frustration and the biggest complaint I see in the forum is about PSA that are non responsive or not active.

I have a few suggestions that may be helpful and beneficial to some of you. First visit your genealogy report at least once a week. Look at the sign up dates of your PSA then look at the last log in day. Some of your PSA you'll notice they have not logged in since joining that is ok ....our focus here is going to be the sign up day. ..and the last log in. If it is different by a few months these are the affiliates we are going to email. And when we reach out to them simply let them know who you are. Explain that you noticed that they had been on a few months ago but haven't uploaded a pic, finished goals and so on. Then ask them if there is something they didn't understand or are confused about and that you are available to personally help them through the whole process.

I have done this about 5 times with my own team and much to my suprise have brought at least 3 people back to SFI using this simple technique. It will take you some time to go through your report and email each of these individually but it can surely give your business a boost in the end. And you'll want to individualize each email not just write one and copy and paste it mass producing one message for all. Look over their profile see how many VP they earned if any, what goals they posted, if any....go through each person's profile use the info at your fingertips and write personal email for each.

Doing so shows you're actually concerned for them, builds trust, shows leadership, and really can only help you in the long run!

Next I just wanted to let you know another tip I use are the ecards. Even if people are inactive but you get notified that it's their birthday send them an ecard. And just like I explained above let them know who you are, and let them know all the exciting stuff you and your team is doing! Let them know they are missing out on fun, and could really be getting in on the ground level of 2 new programs that promises to produce even more commission and success!

Hope this helps and who knows you may eventually get all the inactive affiliates to come back and be Super Stars!

Best of luck to all that read this. Do something to advance your business everyday no matter how small. Everything you do today will bring you more success tomorrow!


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Rewardical is here to Stay, Rule and Support - You & Me!! in VersaPoints #Localvantia #Marketing #Rewardical

Reply by Sampath Kumar S. 3 months ago

When small adjustments are made in the pricing or something new is introduced replacing the existing one, many times the human mind will resent it initially.

But, once the big picture is clearly understood then it will adjust itself to the realities and will work duly following the new process.

Here in SFI we come across situations like this.

For example, when the MRP price of single TCredit was adjusted or when Rewardical (RT) was announced we had a good brain storming session in the Forum and Gery was patiently explaining and answering all of our questions. In fact, one of our fellow affiliate took pains to compare the benefits of Badge Quest in detail.

While reading all these, we came across the term, "Big Picture"! What exactly does it mean to us here?

Collins Dictionary defines it as, " a long-range or overall view or account of some complex matter".
Dictionary.com defines it as, " a broad, overall view or perspective of an issue or problem."

To simply put, the immediate impact may not be acceptable; But if we look at these issues from the long range perspective we can certainly understand how the Change will result for the better in future.

Author Denis Waitley in his Article titled, " 3 Ways to Stay Motivated and Keep Moving Forward" has the following to say on Big Picture:

Keep the end result in sight.
Always see the big picture of the ultimate goal you’re working for and the benefits that come with it.

During World War II, parachutes were being constructed by the thousands. From the workers point of view, the job was tedious and repetitive. It involved crouching over a sewing machine eight to 10 hours a day, stitching endless lengths of colorless fabric. The result was a seamless heap of cloth. But every morning the workers were reminded that each stitch was part of a life-saving operation. As they sewed, they were asked to think that this might be the parachute worn by their husband, brother or son. Although the work was hard and the hours long, the women and men on the assembly line understood their contribution to the larger picture.

The same should be true with your work. Each thing you do benefits someone, something—the lives and well-being of adults and children throughout the world, not just generally, but specifically. These are the visions that drive us through tedious details to the top.


The last paragraph, if we read carefully, we will understand and realise that Gery has been doing the best possible corrections, to the existing policies and procedures, from time to time, keeping the emerging business trends and the future impacts they will make on our business.

Let's understand, we all have set goals to achieve here. We can not go back on them. As Walt Whitman says in one of his well known poems,

" Allons! through struggles and wars!
The goal that was named cannot be countermanded. "

Let's visualise the "Big Picture" associated with our business and move on energetically to realise our Dreams!

Rewardical (RT) is here to stay and rule!

As Gery explained earlier, more exciting things will be unveiled soon!
The excitement is only growing, Every day!!
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