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Does SFI give us tools to help us build a solid team? in Team Building #Leadership #Sponsor #Team Building

Reply by Max J 1 day ago

I don't know about you, but for me this is a no-brainer... the answer is a great big YES!

I joined in December 2014. Since that time, SFI has made many modifications/changes and I do believe Optio-Build and the Active Sponsor Policy are two of the greatest.

The first, when utilized properly, offers Affiliates an opportunity to grow a solid network that can become more and more effective month after month. Through this program, growing a network that emulates The Plan published by SFI is more realistic than ever before. The program helps us manage some of the chance features inherent in Network Marketing that often produce haphazard and highly ineffective network structures. Collectively and systematically, we can now influence the growth of affiliates in each of our generational levels thus increasing our depth in each line and ensuring our longevity. The potential for optimal growth of our SFI networks (business) has never been greater.

The second, the Inactive Sponsor Policy, sends a clear message to all of us that a careless and haphazard approach to SFI will not be tolerated. The Network Marketing world is rife with tire-kickers, overnight success seekers and idle dreamers who seem to think most successful business owners get there by some secret sauce or magic potent. This is evidenced by the number of people I encounter who suffer from "Shiny Object Syndrome". Believe me I understand their feelings because I, too, have been so afflicted in the past.

There is one more point I want to make.

Some people think that investing in advertising only to "lose" newly-acquired affiliates to downline members through the Opti-Build Program is somehow counter-productive and maybe even wasting hard-earned dollars. Nothing could be further from the truth! In the long-term, investments you make that result in affiliates going to your downline members have a greater chance of returning much more value than if they remained in your first generation. Helping your downline affiliates build their teams is helping to ensure their success and your own longevity at the same time.

Is there anyone who would not agree?

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Why do people do nothing? in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by Fabrizio P 1 day ago

It’s a fact that people typically do nothing when they don’t understand what they are supposed to do. That’s also what often happens at SFI where too many people feel overwhelmed by so much information, without finding what they actually need, especially when they’ve just started.

What they basically need, in my opinion, is a precise answers to each one of their two essential questions: “how much can I possibly earn with this business” and “what am I supposed to do to earn that amount of money?”.

As they can’t find a clear answer to these 2 questions, many of them loose all their interest and quit.

I think that all what people need to know about SFI, once they’ve understood SFI it’s a Top Rated Company, is more or less what is included in these 3 articles I posted in the SFI Forum lately.

1) Just Getting started? Start leading by example NOW!
2) I always need to know how much I can earn.
3) Not making any money? Here’s why.

All other information and training are also very interesting of course, but it could be optional.

Too many times sponsors are afraid of being too direct with their PSAs, so they avoid to tell their people a basic truth: if you really want to make serious money in life (...not just in SFI), you need to be willing to invest money first.

The fact that people don’t want to invest money is just a useless myth. In fact we all spend money every day. The thing is that we’re all available to reasonably spend or invest money, only if we know exactly what we get back in return for that money. We’re all ready to spend money at the bakery as we know we’ll get some bread. We would be skeptical even at the bakery if we don’t know what we get in return for what we pay. Right?

That’s why I find very weird this attitude we all tend to have, about hiding the huge amount of money that we mathematically earn if, following an accurate step-by-step strategy, we create specific conditions in our teams.

If people could "see" that, they would understand that there's absolutely nothing wrong in paying a reasonable amount of money to obtain the means needed to follow that strategy.

Especially now that we have the Opti-Build System in place, which exclusive aim is to build “a powerful and lucrative 5×5 team” of Designated Diamonds which can potentially generate a precise minimum monthly income for everyone, like I explained in the post #2 linked above.

Maybe I’m old school, but the only thing I found interesting when I got involved in Network Marketing about 20 years ago, was the big money that I could earn with it. So I started to move my ass to earn that money, without trying to find excuses. I was self-motivated, with no need of having a good sponsor to push me.

Only later I discovered that thanks to Network Marketing I could also have a lot of fun, loads of new friends and so on.

But one thing is sure; if I didn’t have, since the very beginning, that clear picture showing me how much I was exactly going to earn, probably today I would be an average employee in some Company, working like crazy 8 hours a day or more, to make other people rich instead of myself and my team.


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When submitting a ticket, hope I can help you'll. :) in TripleClicks Sales #Marketing #Sales #TripleClicks

Reply by Pamela B 7 days ago

Hi, All,

I read a post, I couldn't add to the said post, cause it was locked, almost immediately! But some time or the other we all may run into this problem.

When ever we submit a ticket, it may take a few minutes, hours, a day or a few days, before we receive a reply. Some times, most times, are tickets are resolved 1st time around.

But then there's the other times, when we get are reply & its not the solution or satisfying correct answer were we were expecting, that's doesn't mean its over & your on your own. It only means you must reply again, with your additional concern, until your concern is resolved, OK.

How to do this: within your ticket, there's a note section, to the right of your original ticket submission, enter your additional reply there, OK.
Then re-submit it & wait, check back for support's reply again.

Never, ever, submit a 2nd or 3rd ticket, always use the same original ticket

When you get a reply & you read, "This ticket has already been solved or this ticket is closed" & your not satisfied yet, or you didn't get the help resolving your situation, don't Panic, all you have to do is re-open the same, ticket & re-add your query again. Support will be back on board, to assist, all over again, OK.

Your world has not come to an end, just continue, to work back & forth with support, you do your part from your end & they will do their part from theirs, too, OK.

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We all have doubts! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by Brian R 9 days ago

You are so right John, I am sure thousands of new affiliates simply leave SFI before they really even study anything about it, simply because they are doubters. This maybe because they have been burnt online before, nothing new about that, or maybe because they don't think they have the ability or knowledge how to succeed in an online environment.

This is exactly where we, as Personal and Co-Sponsors, step up to the plate and coach and mentor our new recruits. They are new, they are possibly daunted by the wealth of information they need to absorb, they don't know where to start, all of these things. As Awesome Sponsors it is our role to see we get them on the right path very quickly, or we will lose them into the big 'I can't do this' hole, which so many newbie affiliates fall into.

We have a very important and active role to play if we want to build our teams, to create success, and then reap the benefits. Surely that is why we are all here, to build a solid business from which we can derive a fruitful income . And if we coach and mentor our team members then we are further adding value to our online business.

As you said, Duplication is the key here, so if we all listen to what our Personal and Co-Sponsors have to say, emulate their actions, and then pass on our increasing knowledge to our downlines, we will all be far better off. The benefits to us will follow, no doubt about that, but we must keep our team members excited and eager to build their very own downlines also, otherwise the system comes to a stalemate.

The systems are all in place with SFI, we just need to remove the doubt from our new affiliates minds, and show them that SFI is real, that the income is real, and the opportunities are endless.

Thanks for starting this thread John, I look forward to future comments...

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Part of the Reason for Inactive Affiliates? in Team Building #Team Building

Reply by Andrew A 9 days ago

What is a quality PSA?

A quality PSA for you may be one ready to start working today but for me it's every PSA who has given me 1 year to show them the power of the system and give them reasons to become active. I have Designated Diamonds (DD) who were inactive for over a year before they saw the big picture in my team. I myself fell ill and needed surgery and was inactive for 12 month's. I have now been in profit over 36 straight months with a majority of that time as Bronze or Silver Team Leader. Was I a poor quality PSA or CSA? I don't think so but had my sponsor been in the forum calling me one instead of just being inactive I might have opted out, waited 6 month's and joined someone else just to not work with him.

Think about what you say and do,

Andy Zeus Anderson

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The Zero Factor! in Getting Started #Getting Started #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by John M 11 days ago

All of us here at SFI started at zero!

Zero VP. Zero team members. Zero everything!

One common thing we all have together is the determination to make this business work for us.

Determination starts with the daily actions you must partake in to start climbing the stairs to success. The steps are provided to you for free! Take your first steps and start climbing here www.sfimg.com/LaunchPad/

Think about what you can accomplish with the help of other members on your team. Once you take a serious roll in your business and become a team leader you will start to gain exposure from your upline. You have reached the first floor!

When that happens, be prepared to start a team of your own. Because it will start to happen before you know it! You see, your upline wants to see you succeed! Period. Because if you don't succeed, we don't succeed. Pretty basic stuff.
Welcome to the second floor!

Learn how to communicate with your new team members, and start teaching them how to duplicate what you are doing to grow your business. Easy Peasy! Right!
Welcome to the third floor!

Now imagine this. If you are making an income on the third floor of your business, what is it going to be like on the 50th floor of a 500 story building?

I'm going for the penthouse suite, with ocean view!

Much success to all of you!

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Confusion with Opti-Build Reassignments & Rank & Commissions in Ask Gery

Reply by Leon M 12 days ago

This is not really an issue of how SFI, Opti-Builder or the compensation plan works... This is a question of how best to build ones SFI business in order to achieve a residual income that can be depended upon! What's our business strategy?

If we do not have leadership we do not have a dependable residual income!

Which would you rather have as PSAs?

5 PTLs. (5 Affiliates who know how to generate their own signups and build leadership)


50 BTLs. (great source of right now income)

I'm willing to bet that most Affiliates, after doing the right now income math, would rather have the 50 BTLs. However, this is the wrong answer for true residual income. If we want income, time and location freedom we need leadership! If a signup starts at the Affiliate rank and through hard work and dedication reaches the rank of PTL they've become a leader. You want these type of leaders!

I'll take the 5 PTLs. No discussion. Easy decision. Proven strategy.

12 levels before the Active Sponsor compression and 6 levels after indicates, to me, that a real focus on Team Leadership is seriously needed. Here in the USA this would be called a house of cards!

Using the reassignment process without focusing on leadership is not going to help. I would suggest this Affiliate do some serious research to find out who their top PSAs are and then focus on those PSAs.

Ok, with all that said what about the loss of income when one changes their focus from width to depth? The truth is that if we focuses on 3 to 5 PSAs with leadership potential we will lose "right now" income. I can say that I personally moved income down into my team, but I view it as an investment....

Would you rather have $100,000 today or a penny doubled every single day for a month? Google the answer!

Leon McKee

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Where is my sponsor helping? in Getting Started

Reply by Andrew A 13 days ago

This may sound a bit harsh, I'm not trying to be but this is a serious matter when it comes to business ownership.

99.9% of all businesses have no sponsor to teach anyone anything about any part of them. Be it online, offline, or in realms not yet created having an active sponsor or co-sponsor should never be an excuse for lack of success. Don't wait for an active sponsor but do check to see if you were assigned to a new sponsor at the first of the month. Our new Active Sponsors Program just started and if your sponsor hasn't been logging in and has not earned 250VP in the last 45 days as of the end of last month then you have had a new sponsor for 12 days now.

In the end though this is 100% of your business, and not your sponsor's business. Your sponsor is not your boss, they are not your teacher, they are the person who showed you the SFI opportunity but SFI provides the training and the forum provides the support, the search bar and FAQ offer the answers, and every day you can learn something new.

The training in advertising and marketing you seek are under your Marketing tab by selecting the sub menu Marketing Tactics, and more can be learned from day one newbie to advanced marketer using the Internet Income Course under your training tab. SFI is a live and interactive library filled with peers who are running their business and most of us seeing success have had inactive sponsors but realized that a active sponsor has no bearing on our success. We write our story not a Sponsor.

That said you should aim to be a better sponsor than your own because it's your business.

While the sponsor can't make you a success you can help your recruits find success which in turn becomes profits and growth in your own business, so don't repeat bad behavior or take what I am saying as an excuse to let your referrals work independently. Keep in mind that the Active Sponsor policy means you have to log in at least once every 45 days and accrue a minimum of 250 Versa Points or you too will lose all your Personally Sponsored Affiliates (PSA).

As to time frame for success most people take 2 years of investing in a business before they can even see a break even point. The less you invest of money the more time must be invested so if you are not buying advertising and team building aides you might need 3-4 years to see a substantial income, but the income is out there. You could also as you roll up your sleeves and get to work find you are a prodigy and that 6 month's from now you are making more than any of us. It all depends on you.

Hoping this helps you and others on your journey,

Andy Zeus Anderson

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You can to!! in Team Building #Getting Started #Leadership

Reply by David R 14 days ago

I posted this earlier but with the wrong tags:)

I just wanted to post and encourage some people who might be struggling at this moment.

I have been with SFI for about five months and I have had a real blast. I have learned so much and have met some really great people, in fact I haven't met anyone on here yet that I don't like:).

I had never heard about online marketing till about last year in September, when I started looking for a way to earn money online as I traveled with my family.

I believed every single thing out there that went something like this and I'm sure we have all seen them "Join here now and earn 469$ over and over it's super simple!!!" and I signed up for countless "opportunities".

Everyday now I get about four emails an hour from these sites. Finally in December I signed up for a program called SFI, and I will be honest with you, the only reason I signed up with SFI was to get my sponsor to join my other business I was trying at that point ( Sorry Mr. Simpson;)).

I finally logged in to SFI and began reading and just got more and more excited as I saw all the different ways I could earn.

Eventually SFI became my primary business and then my only business. I no longer felt shame in trying to get people to sign up to my business because I knew they were joining something great.

But I don't want to paint the picture that it was all cake and candy. I have gone through many discouraging times and I know there are many more to come down the road, although I have never really considered quitting, I have had some pretty hard times:).

But just recently I have gotten quite a few signups from Opti-Build that have really started working and that's why I wanted to post today to encourage somebody.

So this was just gonna be a short little thing, but I had a lot on my mind. So here is my point: I am totally an ordinary guy and I am still quite a noob in online marketing.

I'm not some internet guru who lives in a beach home and drives a Ferrari (which BTW I would never drive I would much rather a pickup truck). I am totally a normal guy and I'm not even making a ton of money yet.

But SFI has given me the opportunity to earn online and if you are reading this, that means you have the opportunity as well.

It's going to be hard, it's going to be frustrating, it's going to be disappointing at times, but know this: Anyone can earn with SFI. You don't have to be a certain kind of person, you just have to be willing and that whats makes you special, because you are willing! So go for it! Be a BEAST!!

David Leonidas Ritschard

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Move! Move! Move! in Compensation #Compensation #Sales #Team Building

Reply by Keneisha W 17 days ago

Do you feel stagnant?
Tired of the same old thing every month?
Are you thinking of quitting?

If you answered, "Yes" to the questions above, all you have to do is GET UP AND MOVE! Yes, all you have to do is write a new plan that shows how you will move your SFI business every month. You could call this your map or your formula for success in SFI. The eleventh and twelfth Rules of Success emphasize the importance of setting realistic goals and working strategically to achieve them.

The lexical item, 'move' is defined by Google as 'making progress or moving in a specified direction.' This suggests that in order for a target to be met, there must be some form of movement; not just any random movement, but the type of movement that will close the gap between your starting point and the point where you will be when you have achieved your goal.

Every month is another opportunity for us to move one step closer to our goal of becoming a top earner in SFI. You have to do this one step at a time because SFI is a long term investment business. This is why you have to do something new every month to grow your business. One way to grow your business every month is by doing activities that will add $5, $10, $20, $30, $40 or $50 to your commissions every month. I tell myself that no matter what happens, I must add $20 to my income every month or I am wasting time. My commissions must increase. At the very worst, my commissions must remain the same. Either it increases or reflects what I earned the month before but it must not decrease. I have to do this to motivate myself. Find something that motivates you and MOVE.

You need to be driven by progress. Take your business seriously. It is paramount that you get some form of desired result. You have no time to waste. You are getting older each day. You have so many dreams that you would like to accomplish. You cannot possibly chase all of these dreams because time does not afford you that luxury. It is with wisdom that you choose which dreams you will pursue. If you are are reading this article, it means that you view SFI as a priority among the many dreams and aspirations that you possess. This is why it makes sense to GO HARD and MAKE IT HAPPEN! You have to find a way to design your success. When all is said and done and after all the motivation that you receive from fellow SFIers, only YOU will write your success story. Your success will come or may not come based on your daily SFI activities. Carson stresses, "If it is to be, it's up to me."

Sometimes things are slow. Sometimes team members who are team leaders quit on you. At other times the world seems to be caving in on you and you feel like you cannot breathe. Certainly, there have been many times when you pushed and pushed and worked and worked and at the end of the day, nothing happened. Do not quit. This is just an indication that you might need to adjust your methods. If you are a Team Builder and your team is not growing regardless of how hard you promote, it could mean that persons whom you have prospected do not share your vision. Maybe they do not see what you see in SFI. Move on. KEEP PUSHING UNTIL YOU FIND PEOPLE WHO SHARE YOUR VISION.

If you are not moving, you need resuscitation. Save your business. Reach out to your Sponsor for help. Take a free online Marketing or Business Management course and refresh yourself. Arm yourself with the 'know how.'Do not allow anyone to stop you. Increase your income in SFI this month. Move. I must move. You must move. We must move individually and collectively. Just move.

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Should I quit? in Miscellaneous #Leadership

Reply by Michael A 25 days ago

The only way to fail in SFI is to quit. That being said, you've had some advantages in a very short period of time that some of us never get!

1. You have an active sponsor!
2. You've received PSA re-assignments!
3. You've made Bronze Team Leader in four months!

You've been in business just over four months, and you're ready to quit??? Sound like you should re-assess WHY you're in business to begin with. Go back to your BIG GOAL. What is your real motivation for wanting to build your own business? Focus on that, and not where you are (or aren't) after such a short time in business.

Would you expect to buy into a franchise system and expect to be in the black after just four months? I should expect not! Investing in SFI can come in many different ways. Some will invest money to help speed things along. Those who don't have money to invest will invest their time. Only you can decide which one is more applicable to you.

Back to the question about quitting ... really? It's only been four months! No one said this was a get rich quick scheme. In fact, it's quite the opposite! Put in the TIME and the WORK, and this can be a source of leveraged, residual income that can produce results for years to come!

One final thought. You need to define what success is for YOU. Then, take a look at this article, with "shortcuts" to success in SFI, and then determine that you are not going to quit!


Remember this ... SFI will still be here in five years, growing and moving forward into the 21st century, with millions of affiliates. The question is, will you be?

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I always need to know how much I can earn in Compensation #Compensation #Getting Started #Team Building

Reply by Fabrizio P 26 days ago

I'm literally unable to stay in business, without having a clear idea of how much I can earn with that business, and what I have to do to earn it.

That's why since Opti-build and Builder-Bundle have been announced, I've created my own plan with a clear image of it, which I printed out to keep very close to my Laptop.

These two new components of our revamped Diamond Plan, together with the new way Designated Diamonds are selected, make SFI Business even greater as, finally, allows every new Affiliate to start with the end in mind. Which, in my opinion, is nothing less than essential.

The only thing unfortunately I still hadn't clear not even after looking several times at these elements, is the answer to the most essential question a serious entrepreneur must ask when starting a business like ours:

"How much will I earn every month, after having invested time and/or money to build this business following The Diamond Plan?"

We all know that having tangible, realistic and attainable goals is important. But, even tough, if these goals don't transmit any emotion nor motivation, they are kinda useless. At least for me.

We also know that due to the nature of our business model, unfortunately the Company cannot give us clear income goals to achieve, as many people would probably consider it as a "promise of earnings" or a kind of hype, to attract more people. It's understandable.

Nevertheless, as I said, If I don't know how much I can potentially earn with a business, I'm not even interested to start that business.

That's why, as I always use to do, I've created an image for my personal use which shows me clearly AND mathematically (S.E.& O.) that, if you build a "powerful and lucrative 5×5 team" of Designated Diamonds duplicated even in just 6 generation (..even if actually we earn up to 12 generations), you earn $20,552 (twenty thousands five hundreds and fifty two) dollars per month.

It's true that the perfect duplication is hard (not impossible) to achieve, that not everybody has the same vision and motivation and so on....but..who cares? We need to have clear step-by-step income goals and do ALL what is needed to achieve them within a specific timeframe!

Goals exists to give us a clear destination, a precise direction to follow and motivate us enough to make the sacrifices needed to make it there.

So, we don't have to be afraid of setting up income goals (goals, not promises), and share them with our teams.

Can you imagine how this wonderful duplication would be smooth and easy, if just people were properly informed since the very beginning about these goals and the corresponding Best Way they should adopt to start their business? For instance something like I explained not long ago in this other post in the SFI Forum.

Well...I'm sorry for the length of this post, but here you are: this is what I see each time I sit at my computer and start working:

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What Do you think about Opti-build until now? in Team Building #Team Building

Reply by Denis A 25 days ago

Now this is the end of the month and first month for Opti - Build.

In my experience with 50% it was realy good I think my PSA they kind of like it that they got a lot of my advertising to their downline it quite helpfull for me too I like to give them PSA and CSA for their good work .
the opti build was very fast for me to build my next generation within one month that was realy incredibley faster then I was thinking it would be.

I thank you SFI for this opportunity to use this incredible tool - Opti - build + Builder Bundle!

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What Do you think about Opti-build until now? in Team Building #Team Building

Reply by Leon M 25 days ago

Glad to hear that you're happy with Opti-Build

With time SFI will optimize Opti-Build to be even more effective!

One of the things I like best about Opti-Build is that I now have the ability to truly change 5 people's lives! This is a great example of helping yourself by helping others first. Imagine 5 years down the road and all five of your DDs are earning a full-time income with their SFI business. Wow!

Leon McKee

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Car Magnets in Marketing #Marketing

Reply by Rebecca S about 1 month ago

Hi SFI Family!

This time of year people are going on vacation and are driving everywhere. When they are relaxed and in a great mood, you want them to see your signs. Car magnets are a great way to get the word out.

If you purchase a car magnet to advertise SFI or Tripleclicks, get a domain name to advertise your site and try to make it something easy for people to remember and that will catch their attention like "awesomehomebiz.com" etc. Make your car magnet work for you. Be imaginetive and make it something that will intrigue people enough that they will go home and type it in to find out what it is.

All you have to do is drive around town to see how many people are out and about that will see your sign.

Have a great week!

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Why Sorting Is Critical To Your Team Building Efforts... in Team Building #Leadership #Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Leon M 29 days ago

Focusing On Sorting And NOT Convincing

I've noticed that each time I create a stream post no matter how positive or actionable it is I still receive dislikes. Why is this? Not sure, but in order to make it in this business you've got to have some thick skin. You simply can't take rejection and criticism personally! How does this relate to sorting verses convincing when building your team?

Let's begin with defining the terms I'm using as they relate to SFI:

1) Sorting - When you're sorting through prospects or established Affiliates you're looking for motivated and enthusiastic individuals who want to change their lives. How do you know they want to change their lives? The questions they ask which lead to the things they do which then produce results. Work closely with these Affiliates!

2) Convincing - When you're focused on convincing prospects or established Affiliates you're trying to sell them on why they should change their life and that SFI is the solution. You're trying to sell them something they maybe don't even want! Maybe they thought they wanted change? Maybe they hoped SFI was the answer? Sorry, but hope is not a plan! Keep these prospects or Affiliates in your information loop, but do not try and convince them of anything!

If you have a sorting mindset you do NOT take rejection personally! Maybe now is not the right time for your prospect or Affiliate? Maybe they're not at the right time in their life? There's a lot of maybes!

If you allow yourself to fall into the convincing mindset you WILL take rejection personally! Maybe a family member not only says no to SFI, but they may even try and rob you of your dream. We all know that hurts!

The convincing mindset leads us to spend countless hours debating over why Affiliates signup and then do nothing. We may question ourselves or even the business opportunity. We then focus on coming up with a magical method of getting those inactive Affiliates to become active. For the most part this is a waste of time!

I've always believed that if you want to accomplish anything then a key strategy is to learn from those that have done it! The most successful people in our industry have been telling us for decades to focus on working with the workers. The workers are the ones that raise their hand and then act! Our job is to sort through prospects and established Affiliates and find those workers. We should not spend a second of our time directly trying to convince the doubters and skeptics.

Leon McKee

P.S. This thread was inspired by the numerous emails and comments I received here: Compensation Plan Math Verses Human Nature

P.P.S. My Forum Bookmarks

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Compensation Plan Math Verses Human Nature in Team Building #Compensation #Leadership #Team Building

Reply by Leon M about 1 month ago

The math of projecting results in this business can get exciting! I remember, 31 years ago to be exact, not being able to sleep at night because of the math. Visions of 5 x 3 literally danced in my head! You know, find 5 who find 5 who find 5 etc... I remember thinking that it sounded so easy that anyone could do it and I was determined to be successful. Here's what I learned over the years...

Statistically 50% of your entire team will end up under just ONE leader! Ok, SFI's unique 12 level compensation plan does throw that number off, but it's still an industry fact. I've actually experienced this several times while building to a full-time income. Why is this?

The reason why this happens is human nature. Finding just one that will find 5 is not easy! The world is full of different personalities and distractions. This is why we sort through prospects verses trying to convince prospects! Once I accepted these facts I was actually able to build a significant full-time income. A very wise and experienced Networker explained all of this to me and strongly advised I focus on sorting and not convincing. This is when my career took off like a rocket.

A growing team with active leadership actually looks like an odd shaped diamond. Narrow at the top and bottom while having a wide middle. The shape of the organization is always in flux, but it always resembles a diamond. Again, this is because of the human nature element of our business and not the compensation plan math.

I strongly recommend focusing on sorting and not convincing all while not getting caught up in the math. There's no such thing as a straight line in nature.

Leon McKee

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Opti-Build update in SFI News #Team Building

Reply by Travis H about 1 month ago

Opti Build is in it's early developmental stages (through management's admission) but the benefit's are already evident. To the concerned parties please keep in mind that the New Inactive Sponsor Policy will be kicking in soon. Implementing both at the same time would've a different set of complications. Instead they were thoughtfully placed a month apart to allow us to 'feel out'(see what was/wasn't working, and identify the active members more readily) the Opti Build Program, before the Inactive Sponsor Policy kicks in.

Once combined the two should offer a wave of spillover from above and a swell from below. we're so close to this awesome Infusion. I encourage everyone to Lead By Example!!! In the event your mind set is "My upline isn't in Opti Build, so I won't be either" then two problems are created:

1. Your downline will carry the same mindset as you too are not in Opti Build.
2. Your value, as leader, is signifigantly diminished based on one of the founding principles.

Duplication in your downline is the best and easiest path to succes. Your upline could even be incentivized into action, by seeing the team you're building. "Never give up, Never give up, Never give up". Truer words have never been spoken. Every dollar, every minute, every communication sent/received, is an investment in our business , and it must be viewed as such.

I have the benefit of an active sponsor and my downline has the benefit of me being very active as well. I am in Opti Build, I order Builder Bundle on AD, I participate in auctions to gather my PSA/CSA/PRM signups to help when my efforts are too slow. I am grateful for every single Opti Build spillover I receive and every PSA/CSA that is manually sent to me. My team can attest to the fact that I do the same for them. In exchange for going All In with my efforts(joined Mar 18/17) I am now on pace to be GTL this month. Let's spread the message of duplication, investing in onself, and patience. That's a Win-Win-Win!!!

Travis Hare

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Create Curiosity in Marketing #Leadership #Marketing #TripleClicks

Reply by Afoma U about 1 month ago

Using the SFI Corporate News, you can create curiosity about SFI in your social media platforms. This way, you may get someone to ask a question, know the brand, read the news or even take action. In so doing you will add to the publicity and awareness about SFI and the success of the overall team.

Platforms currently available include Word Press, Twitter, Facebook like and sharing on your Facebook Page, Google Plus, Print, Email Share and also very interestingly, Re-blogging with your Blog page. How awesome!

How to do?

When you receive your SFI corporate news on any subject, such as the Corporate news, New TCD for the week, in your registered affiliate email address.

When you read through the news,

Scroll to the end of the page, you will see the word ‘Like’ highlighted

Click Like

This takes you to SFI News Platform on the article

Scroll to the end of the article, you will see ‘Share this:

Underneath are various social media platforms you can use to share the article

Click on the social media of choice

Follow the link or direction, and you have just helped us all spread the great news about SFI.

Just one click and more people are reached.

Let's keep making SFI happen!

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Stumble and Fumble Your Way To Diamond in Marketing #Team Building

Reply by Anton G about 1 month ago

There is no question that I am a hard worker. As a matter of fact, I could easily be considered a workaholic. I can't wait to get up everyday and hate to go to bed at night.

However, too much work can have it's consequences. My wife often tells me the easy way to do things, but I am sometimes so wound up that I don't listen. As a result, I either end up having to start over, or it will take me longer than usual to complete a task.

Although my wife is not involved in SFI, I am sure she would have told me to record my "keycode" on a spreadsheet before placing an ad. Again, I was so wound up that I probably placed the ad and quickly moved on to another task without recording my keycode.

Over the past few days I have been getting signups from key code "756" but I cannot remember where I placed the ads or where the sign ups are coming from. I am accustomed to getting sign-ups with keycode "0". Some of them are links I placed years ago.

I have purchased thousands of dollars in software marketing tools and don't know where half of them are. I just know they are either on my "C" drive or my external hard drive. I have placed ads everywhere you can mention without even studying the marketing method.

I have signed up thousands of affiliates without sending them a welcome message.

Although I have done many things wrong, I have somehow been able to earn a paycheck each month from SFI.

I have come to realize that humans are full of errors. But I have also come to realize that even errors cannot suppress effort.

Just keep pushing and after all the stumbling and fumbling around, you will find the real strength comes from getting back up. Your resolve will increase with your "will".

Find your "WHY". If your "WHY" is big enough, what happens to you along your journey means little. The only things that matters is if you can still see the finish line.

There are times that you see a SFI affiliate doing well and you wonder how. They have died over and over again to themselves, refusing to give in to themselves because "YOU" are the real cause for your lack of will to succeed.

To your success.
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