New Internet Income Lesson: "The Social Web: Part 5"

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New Internet Income Lesson: "The Social Web: Part 5"

Postby lrobison » Thu Dec 22, 2011 12:30 pm

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Re: New Internet Income Lesson: "The Social Web: Part 5"

Postby Williams 9764304 » Thu Dec 22, 2011 4:45 pm

Greetings! :D

Thanks for your insight George. The lesson I gain from these articles is that building a viable network takes time! How much time? Well, that depends on a lot of variables. Without over complicating the issue for SFI affiliates, there are a few things that every serious internet marketer should do.

    1. Get your own domain name. I do not mean domain forwarding but your very own domain that gives you access to the page source. If you don't know how to handle internet protocol, use a reputable service.

    2. Capture leads to your page using an automatic process such as an autoresponder. To do this, you will have to paste a piece of code from your autoresponder service to your domain. The code is a form that collects basic information and relays this information to you. The process is layered in such a way that communication between your subscribers is automatic.

    3. Follow up with every lead about 3 to 5 times per week in such a way that you are building a meaningful relationship with your subscribers (your affiliate network)

    4. Create back links to your domain which improve its relevance and popularity. This is where connecting the dots (nodes) come in. Connect with like sites of high page rank and with social network pages of relevant content. There are several tools on the web to help you develop a good back linking strategy.

    5. Done properly, all of the above creates layers that will be used by search engines to solve queries by users of the World Wide Web - ie., your domain gets very good traffic from the search engines and you either sell a reasonable volume of products or services or get tons of subscribers. Organic traffic (traffic from the search engines based or queries) is 'free' and the best converting because it matches relevant layers of content to the end user! :P

Can't wait to read your next article on social networking, George. ;) Keep'em coming :lol:

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