Guess I still don't get it!

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Re: Guess I still don't get it!

Postby akoerner » Sat Nov 05, 2011 7:22 pm

The timers in Javascript are HUGELY imperfect. If your computer is under any sort of load or your Internet is slow, this weirdness could happen. Even if you have fast download speed on your Interet connection, your upload speed can be a huge limiting factor. Even someone in your household uploading a medium or large size picture to Facebook or Twitter is enough to 100% saturate your Internet connection for a few seconds or more on most standard home Internet plans.

The auction pages try to check back with the server at regular intervals, but sometimes it isn't enough to keep your page updated quickly enough if your computer is slow or has a bunch of things running. This is especially true if your Internet is temporarily saturated as I mention above.

Internet Explorer is the WORST. It is complete and utter bloatware, especially after you get a few of the toolbars installed. I would highly recommend using Firefox or Chrome for your auctions.

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