Phone Support

Why is SFI phone support front-ended with this form?

SFI has over 1 million affiliates in more than 190 countries, in every time zone, and speaking dozens of languages. A standard phone support system to handle this kind of diversity would be enormously expensive and would require us to decrease our commission payouts to our affiliates. So that we can maintain great commissions for our affiliates, we use this form and we call you. This allows us to provide phone service in a fashion that is feasible, efficient and effective for both SFI and its affiliates.

What's more efficient?

You may also like to know that our ticket system allows us to handle more than 10x as many affiliate requests in the same time as do phone calls. In other words, in most cases, you'll get faster service by submitting a ticket. You'll also be helping us to provide better and faster service for the tickets submitted by your downline members.

What is the subject you need to speak to someone about?

What specifically is your question, request, or concern?

• Please include details on your request. Our support staff can better assist you with details on your request.
• Please include name and/or ID number of any affiliate you are inquiring about.
• Please include Order ID numbers for any orders you are inquiring about.

Enter this information after also providing your phone number and the best time to call.

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