Whitelisting [email protected]

On today's Web, improperly configured spam filters prevent many e-mails from being delivered.

These other issues can also impact SFI's ability to communicate with you and your team:

 Is your e-mail registered with SFI current and accurate?
 Are you using Spam Filtering Software?

But you can help reduce nondelivery of your messages by simply including the sender's e-mail address to your e-mail whitelist. This will help ensure you receive vital newsletters and sales notifications from SFI, as well as important support messages from your team.

Here are the e-mail addresses you need to add:

SFI: [email protected]

Your Sponsor: ()

For whitelisting instructions for specific e-mail providers, see this article.


Is your e-mail registered with SFI current and accurate?

To change the e-mail address you've registered with SFI:

  1. In My Account, select My Account Information, then Change Account Info.
  2. In the E-Mail field of the form, enter the address you wish to use to receive SFI communications and sales notices.
  3. Click the Submit button when you're finished.

Are you using Spam Filtering Software?

If you are using spam filtering software (many of today's e-mail services come with built-in spam filtering services), please enter the following e-mail address into your filtering software's "white list" to ensure you continue to receive your SFI e-mail messages:

If your company is using spam filtering software, please contact your Information Technology department and request to add the following SFI e-mail address:

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