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2. As an SFI Affiliate, you are very important to us. BEFORE YOU COMPLETE THE OPT-OUT PROCESS, we want to make sure you have exhausted all the free resources at your disposal to help you succeed in SFI:

Have you contacted your Sponsor or Co-Sponsor for help? If you haven't been able to connect with them, have you tried to contact others in your Upline? How about your a2a SFI "buddies"? They can also be a great source of help and advice for you.

Have you checked out the SFI Forum? There, you can join in-depth discussions about all aspects of SFI with your fellow SFI Affiliates, as well as get advice, tips, and feedback about your business.

Ask SC is another great place to find help with SFI. There, you can get answers from the SFI Community to top questions about the SFI program asked by affiliates just like you.

If you still would like to opt-out, please take a moment and choose the primary reason you have decided to discontinue your relationship with SFI. By providing your feedback, you can help us do our job better and eliminate communication breakdowns.

Don't Understand Program
No Time
Too Much E-Mail
Skeptical Of Validity/Legality
Not What I Expected
I Changed My Mind
I Don't Remember Signing Up
Lack Of Results
No Credit Card
Lack of Support Or Training
Don't Have Needed Skills
Don't Like System Or Products
I Feel I Was Misled
Couldn't Access SFI Website(s)
Personal Or Health Issues
Conflict Of Interest

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IMPORTANT! Opting out of SFI will cancel your SFI standing order. If you wish to continue to receive your standing order, you can set this up at TripleClicks.

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