DID YOU KNOW?...Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States. It affects as many as one out of 10 U.S. consumers and costs businesses and individuals billions of dollars every year. In fact, more than 20 people become victims of identity theft every minute of every day in the United States alone!

And now, as an SFI Affiliate, YOU can make a difference in the lives of your customers by helping to reduce, or even reverse, the devastating results of ID theft. Working with ID theft protection experts at PrivacyMaxx, we've designed a comprehensive identity protection package designed exclusively for TripleClicks customers. This fully-managed Family Identity Recovery Service and $25,000 Service Guarantee is not only an outstanding product but one that can earn you nice, hefty sales commissions to boot!

Refer your customers to the PrivacyMaxx Protection Plan details pages at TripleClicks:

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Note your SFI ID number is included in the above links, so you'll receive commissions from any sales that result.


When most people think of ID theft, they think of stolen credit card numbers. But ID theft is exactly that--the theft of an identity. Stolen identities can and are used to fraudulently obtain medical services, commit crimes, acquire fraudulent documentation, and obtain credit for which repayment will never be made. PrivacyMaxx's proprietary Identity Early Warning System monitors billions of public data sources to protect against ID theft and its potentially life-alerting effects for victims.

With the PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection Plan for TripleClicks, customers receive ONE, TWO, or THREE FULL YEARS of coverage for their entire family, including a Proactive Monitoring System that will alert you to potential issues before an ID theft occurs, a fully-managed Family Identity Recovery and 12-month post-monitoring service, and a generous $25,000 Service Guarantee...all for a one-time payment as low as $69!

Description of Services:

  • Coverage for your customer and his/her immediate family (spouse or domestic partner, children at the same address up to age 25, IRS dependents sharing the same address regardless of age, or nursing home/hospice, or deceased 12 months or less).

  • Internet Monitoring Service: a real-time, PROACTIVE alerting and monitoring service.

  • Fully-managed ID recovery service.

  • Coverage for ID theft with no family fraud or other exclusions.

  • Unlimited restorations.

  • No deductible.

  • Service will work to restore credit and identity to pre-theft status.

  • A FULL 12 months of post-recovery monitoring.

  • Toll-free victim hotline.

  • A Personal Recovery Advocate working on the customer's behalf to contact agencies and institutions, submit fraud alerts, complete forms and perform follow-ups.

  • Service Guarantee (up to $25,000 value) to cover costs for doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes to help recover and restore identity to its pre-theft status.

Becoming a victim of identity fraud is a frightening, frustrating experience. It can happen to anyone at any time. The identity theft experts available through a PrivacyMaxx Family Identity Theft Protection plan for TripleClicks can help your customers during this difficult time.

Ideal for your ECAs and local business owners:

Consumers aren't the only people needing protection from ID theft. In fact, one could argue PrivacyMaxx protection is even MORE suited for the small business owner. After all, your local business owner or referred TripleClicks ECA may have even MORE to lose from ID theft--and MORE to GAIN from a PrivacyMaxx subscription. Day-to-day business practices (multiple credit cards, frequent online purchases, and other routine transactions, etc.) can leave a business owner vulnerable and at an increased risk for ID theft and a security breach that could ruin their entire business!

Therefore, when discussing PrivacyMaxx Protection Plan with your ECAs or local business owners, be sure to point out the following additional potential benefits for business owners:

  • Risk mitigation for their business and assets
  • Protection for their good name and reputation
  • Maximizing the "trust" value for their customers
  • Peace of mind for their livelihood and investments
NOTE: The PrivacyMaxx plan is available only to U.S. residents. HOWEVER, any SFI Affiliate living anywhere in the world can offer this plan to customers living in the U.S.


As an SFI affiliate, you'll enjoy a hefty residual income by selling PrivacyMaxx plans. We're offering a nice $73.78 CV with a Direct Commission (DC) of $33.20 for each 3-year PrivacyMaxx protection plan you sell…plus a generous helping of VersaPoints! PLUS…$29.51 of the CV will go into the TripleClicks Executive Pool and $11.07 for Co-Sponsor Commissions.

Check out these income potential examples:

  • Sell just 1 PrivacyMaxx 3-year plan per month, earn $33.20 + 5,500 VP monthly. At the end of three years, assuming all renewed, this would be an annual residual income of $398.40!

  • Sell just 2 PrivacyMaxx 2-year plans per month, earn $49.66 + 8,278 VP monthly. At the end of two years, assuming all renewed, this would be an annual residual income of $595.94!

  • Sell just 1 PrivacyMaxx 1-year plan per week, earn $59.24 average monthly + 9875 VP monthly. At the end of three years, assuming all renewed, this would be an annual residual income of $710.89!

Using this strategy, you could build a nice, healthy long-term residual income! Hence, you may only need to attract a handful of good customers to easily generate more than a $1,000 each month in commissions, plus thousands of VersaPoints!  And not just once, but month and month, year after year.  Yes, PrivacyMaxx subscribers will often create the sweetest kind of income there is--residual income--and tons of VP for you!

Of course, with all that VP, you'll be rising through the SFI ranks in no time. In fact, you'll probably quickly achieve Team Leader status, which requires just 3,000 VP (2,000 max. from purchases/sales), so you'll be earning lucrative Matching VersaPoints now too. PLUS…as a Team Leader, you'll automatically earn a share of tens of thousands of valuable Second Home CSAs each month, too!

But don't stop there.  Now employ DUPLICATION (i.e., encourage your downline members to get their own PrivacyMaxx Plans and teach them how to offer this valuable product to their own customers).  As their income grows, so can yours.  Indeed, your commissions could skyrocket! (Learn more at our Compensation Plan.)

Finally, allow time for "compound interest" to work its magic.  That is, if you promote PrivacyMaxx ID Recovery consistently (and your team members do too), each month you'll be adding to your efforts of the prior months.  Within 12-18 months, you could be looking at a really nice part-time income or even a full-time income!


With data breaches and ID theft so often in the news today, marketing the PrivacyMaxx ID Protection Plan will not need high-pressure sales tactics to convince potential customers of its value. The plan coverage and great price is a no-brainer for many. And the facts about ID theft speak for themselves. Those who understand the importance of safeguarding their IDs will naturally see the incredible value of the PrivacyMaxx Plan. To that end, we've made it super easy to introduce PrivacyMaxx protection to your friends, family, and customers in a straightforward way. Just head over to the Marketing Center for advertising methods, as well as several text ads and banners you can use to spread the word about PrivacyMaxx online. We also have a printable flyer you can hand out to your local businesses, friends, and family.

You can also simply refer your friends, family, and customers directly to the PrivacyMaxx pages at TripleClicks. Note that your SFI ID is already embedded in the links:

1-Year Subscription:

2-Year Subscription:

3-Year Subscription:

We also recommend you review the facts about ID theft (see below) to familiarize yourself with this growing type of crime. Becoming knowledgeable about ID theft will also allow you to provide insight and intelligent answers to questions from your prospective customers.

Additionally, if you're comfortable talking face-to-face with potential customers, here are a couple of scripts to guide you when presenting the PrivacyMaxx Protection Plan in person to your friends, family, and local businesses:

1. Introducing thePrivacyMaxx Protection Plan

"Identity theft, as you may know, is the fastest growing crime as well as the #1 crime in the U.S. In fact, in the past 12 months more than 110 million Americans' non-public personal information has been exposed by hackers. That's more than 50 % of adult Americans. Because we take the security of your identity very seriously, we now offer Identity Theft Protection to all of our customers. This protection is a fully-managed identity theft recovery service that protects you and your family from the devastating effects of identity theft."

"Do you know anyone who has been a victim of identity theft?"

If yes: "It was a big hassle, wasn't it?"

If no: "That's unusual – An identity theft occurs about every three seconds. It's more common than you might think."

2. Selling the PrivacyMaxx Protection Plan

"Let me share some of the facts about identity theft with you." (Share facts about ID theft or just show them the printable flyer, which covers many of the same facts)

"There is good news: There's something you can do to protect yourself and your family. If you have reason to believe you have become a victim of identity theft, you simply make one phone call to get the process started--they do all the work for you. The PrivacyMaxx Protection Plan provides outstanding coverage and peace of mind. We offer three years of coverage for just $199. In other words, you can protect you and your family for only $5.52 per month or about 18¢ a day. Protection for one of your greatest assets – Your identity."


As we stated earlier, identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the United States, and the most feared. Here are some facts you and your potential customers should know:

  • Identity theft affects one in 20 households, costs billions of dollars every year to businesses and, on average, takes hundreds of hours for a victim to regain pre-theft status.

  • 1 in 10 American consumers have already been victims of identity theft.

  • Over 50% of all identity theft is the result of the taking of a physical document, such as a credit application or account statement, which is often done via the Internet, mailbox, trash, or theft of non-public personal information.

  • Over 20 people become victims of identity theft every minute of every day in the United States.

  • 41% of victims who did not have Identity Theft Protection are still dealing with the issue more than 2 years after discovering it.

  • Thieves often target the very young or the elderly or the recently deceased.

  • Average fraud amount per victim was $6,400 in 2013. On average, victims incur between $800 - $1,400 in expenses related to restoring their identity. Average victim spends over 330 hours trying to reverse the damage.

  • There are six types of Identity Theft:
    • New Account Fraud
    • Account Takeover Fraud
    • Criminal Identity Theft
    • Medical Identity Theft
    • Identity Cloning
    • Commercial Identity Theft

  • Additional adverse effects of ID theft (without protection services) include: financial problems; high interest rates; denied employment; harassment from collection agencies; unauthorized use of medical benefits; low credit score; denied credit, tuition, or loans; higher insurance premiums; and even arrest.


For PrivacyMaxx FAQs (frequently asked questions), click HERE.