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Mini-Sticker Tips

Here are some places where you could put an EyeEarn Mini-Sticker:

• Laptop computers
• Backpacks
• Lunchboxes
• Bags & "fannypacks"
• Notebooks, binders, etc.
• Store windows/doors (with permission)
• Bikes, scooters, motorcycles
• Car windows
• Musical instrument cases
• Boats
• Clocks
• Briefcases
• The back of your cell phone

Have other ideas for good places to put EyeEarn Mini-Stickers? Use our suggestion box at: www.sfimg.com/Input/Suggestions.

So that you can directly sponsor people who might see your stickers and ask you about EyeEarn, be sure to always carry a supply of EyeEarn X-Cards (stamped with your SFI ID number) with you. Note: If you don't have any cards on you, you can refer them to EyeEarner.com, but be sure to give them your SFI ID number, too, so you get recorded as their sponsor when they sign up.

Important! EyeEarn stickers are for use on your own property and/or where you have permission from the owner ONLY.