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Getting the most from your Affiliate Manager

You can access the Affiliate Manager from your SFI Genealogy. Just click an SFI ID number or name of an affiliate, and the AM window will open. You can also access the Affiliate Manager for a new PSA by simply clicking the special link contained in the your New PSA Notification e-mail from SFI.

As the name suggests, Affiliate Manager is a tool to help you manage your team of personally sponsored affiliates. It is designed to be THE central repository of the information and data you need to successfully motivate your team and help them duplicate your efforts.

Why is this important? Because building a successful network is all about creating and maintaining strong relationships with your affiliates. In fact, it's how you create duplication—the "magic ingredient" for creating a massive network income! AM assists you in this critical area.

There are four main sections to the Affiliate Manager:

The first section is the header. The header contains key, "at-a-glance" information, including signup date, keycode, contact information (if applicable), relationship to you (i.e., PSA, CSA, Generation level) links to the affiliate's TConnect page and VP Ledger, E365 status, and badges awarded so far. If the affiliate's currently online, you'll also see an SFIM icon that you can click to bring up a popup window and initiate a chat!

The second section is the Profile section. Click the Show button to expand this section and view the data (you can expand or hide each of the sections by clicking the Show/Hide button next to each one). You'll see a rundown of the affiliate's profile information, including prior business experience, goals, favored business strategy, and preferred marketing methods.

Section three is My Best Tip section. Here, you'll see the affiliate's submitted best tip for the SFI program, along with the average rating that tip has received from other affiliates. You can also rate this tip from here (5 stars is the best; 1 star the worst). If the affiliate has not yet submitted their tip, encourage them to do so by clicking the link that will appear in this section.

Section four is the actual Affiliate Manager section. This section contains informaiton culled from the Affiliate Profile if the affiliate has chosen to make this information viewable for you. You'll find valuable insights here that can help you identify your affiliate's needs, challenges, goals, and more. Look for common threads! This is a great way to start building a strong relationship with your affiliates. This section contains several tabs: Start, Contact, Checklist, Notes, Activity, and Upline.

Start tab: Getting started is the hardest part of any journey. From here you can check whether your affiliate has confirmed their registration, completed their Affiliate Profile, and whitelisted If they haven't, be sure to encourage them to complete these actions from their To-Do list and pick up their VP for doing so!

In addition, this tab also lets you create your own welcome letter to offer friendly guidance and support in a timely manner as your personally sponsored affiliates start out on their journey. Within 30 days of the new affiliate's signup date, you'll find a pre-written welcome letter within this tab for you to send to your new affiliate. It's personalized with both your and your new affiliate's name, etc. With just a couple mouse clicks, you can send a professionally written, personalized letter to properly welcome your new affiliate. It's quick, simple, and easy! And, of course, if you want to edit the letter, you can do so quickly and easily and save it as your default letter to use again and again.

Once you've sent your welcome letter (or if it's been more than 30 days since your new affiliate's signup), this AM welcome letter is replaced with a "Welcome letter marked as sent!" message.

Contact tab: This section provides you with Here is where you'll find essentially all contact information the affiliate has provided: name, company name, postal mailing address, e-mail, and phone numbers, as well as online status, and a link to send a TeamMail to this individual. To the right of this tab section, you'll see the date of his/her last login at the SFI Affiliate Center. This login date is a very important item—more on this below!

Checklist tab: SFI's primary job is to provide the infrastructure for building a profitable business. YOUR job, as a sponsor (or co-sponsor), is to provide the personal, one-on-one component. Use this checklist to help you hit all the bases. Note that you can save any boxes you check off here as completed by clicking the Save Checklist button, so you'll see exactly where you've left off the next time you access this particular affiliate's record.

Notes tab: Enter any private notes or comments about this affiliate here. For example, you can record the date and subject of your last phone call or contact with this affiliate; specific questions or needs this affiliate has, etc. These notes are for YOUR EYES ONLY, and will not be visible to the affiliate.

Activity tab: Get all the key statistics, such as the number of PSAs, EAs, and Team Leaders this affiliate has personally sponsored; Versapoints earned this month, to date, last month, etc.; standing order status; power rankings; and actions this affiliate is taking to meet monthly goals. Armed with this information, you've got some powerful insights not only into your affiliate's sponsoring prowess, but also VP earning abilities, priorities, and level of motivation in his or her business.

Upline tab: The Upline section provides you with a listing of the affiliate's sponsor (you), Co-sponsor, and other upline members. Perhaps you're having trouble assisting an affiliate. Since you both share the same upline team members, you can use this section to quickly/easily go upline for help and/or ideas. Provided the affiliate has completed his or herAffiliate Profile, this section also contains information about whether the affiliate has communicated with upline affiliates and a "what my sponsor should know about me" comment. This is something your affiliate has specifically addressed to YOU, so be sure you read this and address it if possible!


To the right in the Contact tab in the Affiliate Manager section is a date that tells you the last time your affiliate logged in. Recent login dates are, of course, good and indicate activity by your affiliate. Old login dates are bad because it indicates the affiliate has not been at the Affiliate Center recently (and it's very difficult to create a successful business in SFI without regular access of the resources at the Affiliate Center).

You'll also notice a small image there indicating at a glance how recently your affiliate has logged in. A GREEN images means your affiliate has logged in within the last 10 days. A YELLOW image indicates it's been 11 to 30 days since your affiliate was last seen at the Affiliate Center. And a RED image means it's been longer than 30 days.

What should you do with these login indications? Here are our suggestions:

• A green image is very good, of course. This is an affiliate with whom you should definitely be in regular communication!

• Yellow tells you that the affiliate's interest may be waning, and you may want to get in touch with him/her very soon. Offer your assistance and try to get this affiliate back on track and/or active once more.

• Red is a challenge. If you've been communicating regularly with the affiliate and he/she still goes red, there may not be much you can do. Always remember, we can only provide a track for people to run on. We can't actually make them run or cross the finish line. They have to want to do that themselves.

That said, we're not suggesting you give up on your red affiliates! Stay in touch with a weekly (or monthly) newsletter. Eventually, if the login date lags many months behind, you can consider removing this affiliate from your mailing list.


• Click the blue TeamMail icon () next to the affiliate's e-mail address to send a TeamMail message directly to your affiliate's SFI Message Manager.

• Your affiliate's e-mail address is listed both in the header and the Contact Info section. Clicking either one will automatically pop up a pre-addressed e-mail window for sending quick, individual messages.

• Yes, e-mail is extremely convenient and easy, but consider using the phone or sending a letter/postcard, too. It's a great way to stand out from the crowd and make an positive impression with your affiliates.

• Look for *TIP* links throughout the Affiliate Manager for popups with helpful information.

What else would YOU like to see in the Affiliate Manager to make it even better? Submit your suggestions here.
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