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What are some new, creative ways to sign up TC members?

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Mar Fajardo, STL (Ontario, CA) Top Author Forum Guru 7/12/2015 12:36 pm
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The key to acquiring new sign ups and having a steady flow of them lies in the better understanding of your potential prospects. Although there is no secret magical remedy to this issue, it sure does take a lot of time, efforts and persistence in acquiring new sign ups for TripleClicks.

Key principles that you need to focus when signing up TC members:

- Form meaningful relationship and maintain connection with your prospects and with your existing PRMs.

- Look for
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Osaro Odiase, AFF (Ireland) Top Author Forum Guru 7/13/2015 5:09 pm
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I take cognisance of the fact that you said 'new' creative ways, so I will not bother you with much of the over talked about ways to sign up TC members, but to rather go straight to point some new and creative methods I am currently using as follows:

1. Be prepared to do the unusual in order to attract people to TC, so it may be a newly creative ideal to move away from mass or nationalised prospecting strategy, but to instead localise and personalise your advertisement efforts. Carve out
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Gliceria Pritchard, GTL (Australia) Top Author Forum Guru 7/12/2015 4:33 pm
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The New Wave3 program is the newest and most creative way to sign up TC Members.

This is an expanded version of the old Wave3 used to spread the word about TripleClicks products, games and services to sign up TC Members.

The New Wave3 program is 100% free, no kits to buy, no photo to upload and no monthly re-qualification.

Although the monthly free TCredits and MRPs are no longer available, the new members benefits are more attractive than the lost 5 TCredits
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Chandan Nandi, AFF (India) Top Author Forum Guru 7/12/2015 9:09 am
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There are several ways to sign up new TC members as your PRM's which shall produce effective results:

1. Promote your TC gateway in social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+ and others social/business sites etc. to attract target prospective buyers to one of the largest ECA Store in the world and be a part of it.

2. Promote your EZ games and PB gateway links too in social networking sites, business networking sites, forums to attract game lovers
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Olufolake Stephen Adams, AFF (Nigeria) Top Author Forum Guru 7/5/2015 9:25 pm
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Hello Russel
I'l love to share my recent creative ways i have been using to pull in new Tripleclicks Members including new ECA Prospects to you. It has been phenomenal to me too. The results have been mind blowing. What did i do?:
1. I identified my goals. How many PRMs can i recruit in a month? Last month June i targeted 5, i signed up 6. So my goal was accomplished.
2. I identified my targeted audience. Who am i trying to reach and what do i target for them? Do i want them to bid
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Luis De Gouveia, AFF (South Africa) Top Author Forum Guru 7/5/2015 2:40 pm
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There are 3 main ways for attracting people to a certain area of interest. Target all three to receive maximum results.

1. Advertise:
Make fliers with images of products and a short description of goods that are up for sale.
2. Blog.
You can set up a blog page and discuss the products that's up for sale. Write a short detailed inscription of/about the Tripleclicks store and all the bargains they can pick up.
3. Word of mouth
Tell friends/strangers that you
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Manohar Lal, STL* (India) Top Author Forum Guru 7/5/2015 8:09 pm
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Hi Russel

The real source of income in SFI is the income from tripleclicks.com and its members as one sales occur, we get commissions: 45% or 15% as the case may be. Therefore it is most important ant to get as many TripleClicks Members recruited as possible.

What's more, all you have to do is refer a member once and they become your personally referred member for life! SFI takes care of all order processing, product shipments, and customer service for your customers, at no
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Kay Byers, BTL* (Michigan, US) Top Author Forum Guru 7/11/2015 1:24 pm
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The newest creative way to get people to sign up for TC is the new Wave 3 and it's many parts. I especially like the Friend Challenge. You have to do well at a game and then you are awarded the right to send out challenges to your friends for 10 days. Since these are people whom you already know and have relationships with, they are more likely to take you u on your challenge. When they find out what the stand to gain by sending out challenges and invites, they will also send to their friends and
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Mark Fieldsend, AFF (United Kingdom) Top Author Forum Guru 7/11/2015 5:58 pm
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Hi Russel,

I think I would have to say that the 'new' Friend Challenge in the EZ Games is a fantastic 'new' way of signing up new TC Members.
I have been trying to get new signups for a while with no success. After only my 2nd share on Facebook of the Friend Challenge, I got my first signup and had two other friends say they will join over the weekend.
It was a great 'new' addition for signing up TC Members and you just need to add a 'creative' and catchy caption to go with your
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J.C. M, AFF (Alberta, CA) Top Author Forum Guru 7/9/2015 9:30 am
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Great question - I do not know if the following ideas are new, but I have used them and they all work with the right target audience and setting:

1. Give away items - time limited for new TC members,
2. Offer discount for the first week of 20% or free shipping,
3. Open House Events - use local newsletters, papers, or post personal flyers in local areas that you frequent to inform others about a TC Open House and host an evening with light refreshments for a mix and mingle which