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Building Your Business With Conference Calls
Conference Calling can be a most effective way to keep in contact with all team members and new affiliates...Just set up your own conference line and have a meeting at least once a week with your team. Share recruiting ideas and results from using and selling the products. Make this an actual team effort and let your team members know that they don't have to be alone!

Teach your team members to send prospects to a special "briefing" call where you can give them a full overview of SFI. Then tell those on the call to get back in touch with the person who referred them.

Many successful network marketers have used this exact, proven method to build their teams. The key is human contact. The spirit of the human voice is amazing in what it does for convincing people to take action.

To get people to join you on these calls, simply use this phrase:

If I could honestly show you a way to create an ongoing residual income working part-time from home—for NO initial investment— would that be worth 30 minutes of your time at [Date and Time]?

That phrase will work nearly EVERY time. If they want more information and ask you questions, simply tell them:

Those are very great questions and I'm sure you'd like some detailed answers—unfortunately, I have another meeting and must go right now, but if you would be so kind as to write those questions down and bring it to the call on [Date and Time], I will be very happy to answer them to your 100% satisfaction! Thank you for committing your time! I look forward to speaking with you on [Date and Time] [Name]!

The call should be a briefing call overview of SFI, the opportunity, and the products offered. Write your own call outline or script in your own "voice" using plain language. And be sure to use YOUR testimonial—this is your greatest asset!

Next, have a weekly call with all the members in your downline. E-mail them using an autoresponder to remind them and talk about current events and new ideas. In addition, maybe once or twice a month a "how to build your business" call for everyone would be helpful...even for those who are not yet signed up. That extra bit of information could be what compells them to take action!