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New To The IAHBE

Successful Consulting Scheme
Many home-based entrepreneurs have accumulated years of experience in a variety of fields. And that knowledge can form the basis for a successful consulting business. A consulting business is flexible, providing part-time as well as full-time opportunities. It is a great sideline business that may come into play as a source of income when a regular business falls on hard times...

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FREE Articles From The IAHBE

GLOBAL FOCUS FROM THE IAHBE: Trendy Ideas For Canadian Entrepreneurs, by Yank Elliott, MBA & IAHBE Staff Writer—The ideas we will discuss aren’t intended to tell you they will work for you or any other small entrepreneur. In fact, many of these ideas are being used by larger well-funded businesses. The point is for you to see what some people are doing and then get outside your comfort zone to find a related niche you can develop using some of the methods these other companies are using but on a scale you can handle. If your business outgrows you, that’s fine; either sell it or hire enough resources to expand! You’ll make money either way!

EXCLUSIVE MARKETING LESSON: Making Money With Blogs, Researched & Written by Karen Barnes—Many network marketers have found ways to use their blogs to earn residual and multiple streams of incomes. They are doing this by stepping “outside the box” and using one of the most on-the-rise trends in marketing. They have found ways of using their blogs for advertising, selling of products, reviews, how-to’s, and much more. In this Tidbits, I will cover several of the ways that marketers have turned this trend into a revenue venue...

EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE: Phishing For Trouble: 12 Tips To Avoid Beging A Victim Of the Internet's Cruelest Scam, by Gobala Krishnan, IAHBE Staff Writer—Online scams have been around ever since people started using the Internet. However, what used to be as "simple" as getting people to give you their confidential information via an e-mail by simply asking for it has, over the years, evolved to beat the technologies that were placed to prevent it, and taken the modern day form of "phishing." In my opinion phishing is perhaps the cruelest scam of all, since it not only deceives you, it does so by manipulating your trust and feeding on your fear. And more often than not, it's difficult to realize that you've been stabbed from behind by an enemy pretending to be your friend...

EXCLUSIVE ARTICLE: The Basics Of Keyword Research For Your Online Business, by Gobala Krishnan, IAHBE Staff Writer—Unlike paid advertising, research has shown that visitors are more open to natural search engine results, and the amount of traffic to natural search engine results is also significantly higher. To get a good search engine ranking, you need to start with the right choice of keywords. Keywords are what people type into search engines to find information. If your site ranks for the correct keyword, your link will be displayed whenever someone uses the search engines. However, it amazes me how little people really know about keyword research; how hard they try to achieve the impossible, and how fast they give up. When you think about it, it’s really a vicious cycle...

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