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Sample Phone Scripts For Sponsoring Affiliates
The phone scripts included below are samples only. Be sure to tweak them accordingly to suit your own personality, product, and/or service. Don't forget to include appropriate questions to ask your prospects and keep in control of the conversation.

Initial Call Script For Your New Personally Sponsored Affiliate (PSA):

YOU: Hi, could I speak to John (Affiliate's name)?

JOHN: Sure, this is John.

YOU: Hi, John. This is ________ of SFI Marketing Group. I understand that you may possibly be interested in earning some extra income. SFI is a very exciting program, and I think you'll be interested. Would you like to look at SFI's opportunity for a chance to make some real income?

JOHN: Sure.

YOU: Great, John. Have I caught you at a good time?

JOHN: It's okay. I've got a few minutes...[If not, ask him when he would like you to call him back. Be very specific; then be sure to call him back at the agreed-upon time!]

YOU: Great! First of all, John, could I ask you...when you've thought about extra income or your own business, what are some of the things you'd like to accomplish? [Wait for his answer. This is where your new Personally Sponsored Affiliate (PSA) will tell you what they're looking for. Listen carefully. Take notes of what they say here. This is the most important information you can get from your affiliates. They are telling you how to get them excited enough to take action.]

[By this time you should have a feel of the attitude of your team member: positive or negative. Protect your attitude! There are unpleasant people out there. If they are not pleasant now, they won't be later. Don't waste your time or energy on unpleasant people. Move on !!!]

YOU: Well, John. SFI has perfected a system that anyone can be proud of. System is the key word here. Are you interested so far?

JOHN: Well yeah, but how much does it cost?

YOU: OK, well let me tell you about that part of the program. What I'd like to do is introduce you to our system step-by-step so that you can determine for yourself if our method of building a successful business is a good fit for you. To understand how SFI works, just log on to the SFI Affiliate Center ( and follow the directions there. You'll get all the information you need right there to make a decision about whether SFI is for you.

John, the last question I'd like to ask you is this... If you found a program that you really felt you could be a big success in, would you be willing to do the work it took to pull it off?

JOHN: Yes.

YOU: John, I want you to know that I really have a good feeling about our conversation and look forward to working with you. Let's schedule a time to go over what you're going to be reading at the Affiliate Center. Would tomorrow at ___ p.m. or a.m. work for you?

JOHN: Sure.

YOU: Great! I'll give you a call then and we can go over any questions you have and get you moving in the right direction with your home business. [Again, once you've set up a time to reconnect with John, be sure you call at that time. And remember, it often takes multiple follow-up contacts to get a new affiliate to take action!]

Script For Your Voice Mail and/or Answering Machine

Don't let the chance to spread the word about your business go to waste! Make sure that everyone leaving a message on your voice mail or answering machine hears about your home-business opportunity. Try leaving the following message on your machine or voice mail to help motivate potential SFI Affiliates, PSAs, and your team leaders:

Hello, this is ______ _______, a Team Leader/leader/up-and-coming leader with SFI. I am sorry I that I'm not available right now, but I am very excited you called and look forward to speaking with you. Please leave me your name, number, and a brief message, and I will return your call just as soon as possible. [If at all possible, be sure that you return all calls promptly, waiting no more than 24 hours.]

By the way, if you're looking for some extra income through a great home-based business of your own, you owe it to yourself to check us out on the Web at: [Spell out the URL if possible.]

Thank you for calling!