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Why SFI Works For Some
& Not For Others
Which will it be for you?
Thanks to Bill Alland

When listening to other SFI affiliates on forums, conference calls, and e-mail, you hear SFI success stories and you hear wailings of dismay.

Which ones are true? Both!

Here's why:

SFI works, if you...yes, YOU...

A. Do a little work,

B. Make a tiny commitment, and

C. Do your small part each and every month.

Simple as A, B, C!

Don't follow this simple plan, and you'll find yourself among the wailers.

Commit your efforts to your SFI business and, very soon, you could have your own SFI success story to share with others.

That's because you'll have a plan, a pattern to go by.

Follow the path, the instructions, the recipe, and consistently and persistently duplicate the efforts of others who succeed...and the chances are excellent that you too will succeed!

Don't do your small part, and you're on your own. And it's quite likely you will fail.

Why? People who join an opportunity and then sit back without putting forth the effort are what the industry labels "lookie-loos" or "tire kickers." They walk around the system, check it out, form their opinions, and come to their premature—and often incorrect—conclusions.

And that's OK. After all, it's human nature to want to check something out before jumping right into it. What's NOT OK is when these same people fail to consider there's a better way. They don't stick around long enough to understand and learn about the opportunity sitting right in front of their faces. They then go off on their own without ever realizing that there are literally hundreds of people who have been where they are and who can show them exactly what to do and how to succeed.

They make the BIG mistake of never trying out SFI for themselves, of never following the pattern, the plan, the path already laid out and marked for them. They never commit themselves to success or the SFI home-business system. They don't do their small part. And what happens? They come to the incorrect believe that SFI can't do anything for them. Or, they simply sit back and watch, waiting for others to do it all for them.

Either way, they fail!

But you don't have to be one of them. The fact that you're reading this right now proves that you're ready for success and are willing to put forth the effort to get it.

So, what IS your small part? What can you do NOW to help ensure your home-business success?

Simply this:

1) Find someone—anyone—who wants Security, Freedom, Income, or ALL THREE. Chances are, you know dozens, maybe even hundreds, of people that fit in this category, people who are desiring these things in their lives right now. Just pick ONE.

Then introduce yourself. Get to know that person and let him or her get to know you. Make sure they're in the market for the things you have to give away and sell. Don't mention SFI yet. Instead, focus on the benefits: the tons of free training materials, courses, articles, etc.; the great features of the SFI home-business program; and the quality products and services available.

After you've begun to build a relationship of trust and mutual interests, then—and only then—introduce them to SFI and let the program close the sale for you.

It's at this point that one of three things will happen:

  • Your prospective customer will not buy into SFI and will go on to something different,

  • The prospect will like what he/she sees and become a customer of yours and SFI's,

  • He or she will join you and the SFI global opportunity...or better yet, both 2 and 3!

Remember the saying: "Some will. Some won't. So what? Next!" Don't spend your time worrying about the "lookie-loos" and "tire kickers." Move on to your next prospective home-business team member or customer!

After you've performed this small task, what's left for you to do?

Just two more things:

2) Set an example for your personally sponsored SFI affiliates by committing yourself to success with SFI. Be sure to retain your EA (executive affilate) status each and every month to maximize your earnings.

3) Let your personally sponsored affiliates know that they too must commit to SFI and do their small part to reach success. It's the way folks succeed with SFI and make money. In other words, these new folks must do as you have done...or fail.

It's called Teaching and Duplication.

Tell your team members what you know and show them where you found that information. Then, simply repeat the process again with another person...and keep on doing it.

It's that simple: 1, 2, 3. Nothing else. Following this simple recipe, you can now refuse to wail in dismay and separate yourself from the "tire kickers" and "lookie-loos"...the people who never get it, and who never do it. People who will always be wondering how others have succeeded and who will never make it anything, ever.

The bottom line? Take charge of your SFI business now, and join the people who get it!

And remember: "If it's to be, it's up to me!"