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How do Eager Zebra games factor in to building a successful SFI business?

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Mar Fajardo, STL (Ontario, CA) Top Author Forum Guru 10/23/2014 9:25 pm
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The Eager Zebra games are designed to attract and keep you engage in your SFI business. The competition, prizes and display of badges that comes in Eager Zebra games participation will give you a feeling of satisfaction of your accomplishment and the desire to achieve more.

How the Eager Zebra games factor in to building a successful SFI business:

- Your participation will earn you TCredits, MRPs and badges, while having fun at the same time.

-TCredits and MRPs
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Djebah O'vughe , AFF (Nigeria) Top Author Forum Guru 10/25/2014 11:40 pm
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In my opinion, games take about 40-45% of people's time on the internet. Personally before I joined SFI, I used to play online Chess all day. I know that they are a lot of people the world over who spend a great deal of time looking for games online to kill time.

The Eager Zebra games are a big hit and do I need to let you know that they are addictive too? Imagine how much revenue you could drive just by introducing 5 affiliates who are online games freaks like me to TripleClicks
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Andrew Anderson, BTL (Arizona, US) Top Author Forum Guru 10/26/2014 11:53 pm
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Beyond the added TripleClicks sales generated by game players buying additional T-credits there are other benefits for both members and SFI Affiliates alike.

Eager Zebra Games build vital MRP rewards and t-credits from wins that can introduce the prospect to purchasing items or bidding in auctions. Getting something as a bonus for the money and time spent through MRP will raise the perception of value and make them fond of the rewards point system because even fun and games can reward
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Nafisa Patwa, STL* (Kenya) Top Author Forum Guru 10/20/2014 3:00 am
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With the various new developments on TripleClicks including introduction of new games, the rewards for winning the games are plenty and this boosts your business. How?

1. First for participating in T Time and Daily Crown which require no monetary input, you receive T Credits as your prize. T Credits are a useful business boosting tool because they give you Action Versa points (AVP).
AVPs directly impact your position in the business and your perks in SFI

2. The very popular
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Lazar Popov, EA (Serbia) Top Author Forum Guru 10/19/2014 8:11 pm
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There are 8 Eager Zebra games,that can be found here:

Playing games is useful because of following:
1. getting free credits
2. earning commission through promotion
3. getting action VP
4. for relaxing

Firstly,playing games gives you a chance to win a share of daily Zackpot (in most of cases) and earn credits (TC).If you're good in one or more of them,you can easily get extra TC (apart from the
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Diane Allinson, EA* (United Kingdom) Top Author Forum Guru 10/19/2014 6:38 am
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Eager Zebra games, especially Knockout Trivia, have been the BEST way of building my successful SFI business.

For each TCredit you spend, you get 1VP (up to 200/month) and 5MRP, or 10MRP for a Double MRP game. In Knockout Trivia you can earn unlimited MRPs.

If you collect more than 20VP per day, you get an extra entry in Daily Grand.

For me, the best advantage has come from the MRPs. I have earned many thousands of MRPs, allowing me to invest in several $100s worth
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Aina Lia, STL (Malaysia) Top Author Forum Guru 10/25/2014 6:39 am
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How do Eager Zebra games factor in? Here we are talking about getting our action VPs to attain Team Leaders status, which in return will decide how much your pay check, depending at what TL level your are, ie. BTL, STL, GTL or PTL (which we all know comes with different perks).

What are you getting by playing Eager Zebra games?
With lots of improvement and introduction of new games at TC, the rewards for winning the games are plenty and this will boost your progress in doing your
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Osaro Odiase, AFF (Ireland) Top Author Forum Guru 10/19/2014 3:30 pm
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There are 3 ways in my opinion:

1. Recreational

All work are no play makes Jack a dull boy as they say, so I personally see it as part of recreation even if you do not win. The games tend to activate and exercise the brain which are necessary to bring alertness and steadiness into your SFI business.

2. Winning Tcredits

Your participation in Eagle Zebra games opens the way to win possible Tcredits by your personal entry and the possibility of winning matching
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Anel Delalić, AFF (Bosnia And Herzegovina) Top Author Forum Guru 10/19/2014 2:48 am
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Answer is simple. If you are successful in Eager Zebra games you can be in SFI business. For example if you play and win you can earn your EA status easy.

Win in EZ games and earn TC. Average win in games like KO trivia or those NFL games brings you between 40 to 80 TC. Do that three times in a month and spend your TC on double MRP auctions or games and use MRP to buy TC. You will then receive VP that are necessary for EA status.

Look at this simple calculation I made with combination
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Sampath Kumar Srinivasan, EA (India) Top Author Forum Guru 10/19/2014 6:20 am
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Before dwelling on the answer for this question I would like to share the basics of various EZ Games as follows:


TD Tally
• Predict how many touchdowns 20 top NFL players will score each week.
• Finish amongst the top prognosticators to win a share of the weekly TD Tally Zackpot.
• Compete for the top spots on the NFL leaderboard and earn cool badges, too.
• Last week’s winners took home 1,045 TCredits!
• Just 1 TCredit to enter each